NAILBITER – Brace // Hand Drawn Dracula

From promoter: “Nailbiter is the alter ego of Josh Korody, Toronto’s studio guru and producer (known for his work with shoegaze bands WISH and Beliefs). Following his critically acclaimed EP Waveshaper, Korody dove face first into the Techno scene, focusing his creative energy on experimentation rather than form. His next release, Brace (out October 30) is a collection of freeform ideas, experimental sounds, and pulsing rhythms that create an all-encompassing, heady atmosphere of an underground rave. Ambient, dark and electrically charged, Brace is an analog-synth experience that probes into the electronic psyche while creating a soundscape of industrial desolation. Ranging from off-kilter funk beats (“Driving”) to anxiety-ridden dystopian vignettes  (“LXD”), Brace is an immersive techno experience.”

Label: Hand Drawn Dracula

Play: 1, 7, 11, 15

RIYL: Coil, Vatican Shadow, Psychic TV, Blanck Mass


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