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Reveries – Innervoice [2814962]

Really enjoyable electronic duo that reminds me of M83, Postal Service, and Alvvays. Short EP that packs a punch!

Turnstile – GLOW ON [Roadrunner]

Pretty intense vibes here that do not fit the happy-go-lucky pink puffy cloud art on the cover. Great stuff nonetheless with some solid drumming and swampy guitar playing.

Joe Taylor Sutkowski – Of Wisdom & Folly [Danger Collective]

Bon Iver-esque finger picking with a Jerry Paper-esque vocals. Dig.

The Beths – Aukland, New Zealand, 2020 [Carpark]

Really hype and rocky live show from “New Zealand darlings” The Beths. Reminds me of the Cranberries with different subtleties and complexities.

Deafheaven – Infinite Granite [Self-Released]

Heady, densely constructed, and swirling. Shoegaze-y, too, which I dig quite a bit!

Madi Diaz- History of Feeling [Anti]

Absolutely gorgeous folk music. Expressive voice that is superficially reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers. Chords choices are excellent FCC: 1,5,7,10

26 BATS! – Portal Party

From promoter: “Songs about magic, anarchy, and yearning by Bailey Cogan (they/them). The album “is a departure from the heavy jazz and R&B sounds that once defined the band’s music, introducing more experimental song structures, drum machines and synths.” Being unmoored to any one genre puts the group in a unique spot, allowing them to […]

Wednesday – Twin Plagues [Ordinal]

From promoter: “Beneath a wall of overdrive, distortion, and reverb, songwriter Karly Hartzman processes memory with power and tenderness through flashes of vivid, raw imagery and emotionality. In this follow up to 2020’s I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone, an undercurrent of the Southern Gothic permeates Wednesday’s unique synthesis of shoegaze, grunge, and […]

ALEXALONEWORLD – alexalone [Polyvinyl 2021]

From promoter: “alexalone is fronted by Alex Peterson (they/them), who has played in Hovvdy and Lomelda’s live bands, and alexalone will back Lomelda and embark on a joint tour in January. The sounds of alexalone will usher you into warm, fuzzy, lonely spaces, then shock you alive with pulsing energy. ALEXALONEWORLD, their debut album, isn’t […]

Sonny And The Sunsets – New Day With New Possibilities – [Rocks In Your Head]

Cute and folksy but has some edge to it. Gives me Weezer vibes (in a good way) w/ a pretty typical vocal sound. Enjoyable.

Emilie Khan – Gemini [Secret City]

Kind of in the outsider vein, vocally speaking. Funky, warbley instrumental as well. Fans of Bjork and Joanna Newsom will enjoy.

Rostam – Changephobia [Mastor]

Indie darling of the great Vampire Weekend. What’s not to dig. Really nice production on this one – vaguely lofi.

Theory of Why – Pomegranate [Self Release]

From promoter: “Some bands break up when members move across the country. Other times people embrace the distance. Theory Of Why is a cross country project that brings together two musicians who now live two thousand miles apart. The breathy guitar playing and the driving bass of Anton Kropp’s instrumentation and the ethereal, yet hopeful, […]

The Zolas – Come Back to Life [Light Organ]

Cool, crunchy music that’s got that HAZE. Check it out.

GROUPLOVE – This is This [Canvasback]

From promoter: “GROUPLOVE surprises the world with the secret release of their new album, This Is This. It is everything that fans of the band could hope for, incorporating all of GROUPLOVE’s best traits: relentless chaos, powerful rushes of instrumental, and an all-around cheery attitude that makes for an uplifting listen. The excitement is present […]

Alan Braufman – The Fire Still Burns [Valley of Search]

After the alto saxophonist recorded his debut record in 1975, he went into a period of sideman work and eventually reemerged with this 2020 effort including original pianist Cooper-Moore. Out of the world, fiery barn burners are juxtaposed with sweet melodies. Well rounded and a beautiful work!

New Life Trio – Visions of the Third Eye [Early Future]

Reissue of a monumental trio date, recorded in 1978 in Putney, VT. The synergy and soundscapes that these 3 musicians make is absolutely staggering. Recommend the tune “Sculpture” or the beautiful “Empty Streets”. One of my favorite records ever!

Guzy/Hools – Eroica[Dunkleheit]

Fans of dance/electronic music are sure to enjoy this. Real cool Euro Beat vibe to it. Play loud!

Fiddlehead – Million Times[Run for Cover]

Classic fuzzy Indi-pop and exciting to see Fiddlehead release something new! Check it out!

Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger – Force Majeure[Int’l Anthem]

Killer bass-harp duo that was recorded over a series of livestreams throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown. The empathy both players have is awe inspiring.

Patricia Brennan – Maquishti [Valley of Search]

Gorgeous solo vibraphone with effects brought forth by Nabil Ayers and Alan Braufman’s new label Valley of Search. Indeed there is a searching element here and what that is so dreamy. Not a dull moment.

Micah Graves – Med Nama: Not for the Ordinary [Self-Released]

Philadelphia-based musician and Temple University senior released this album at the beginning of the year. Intense, highly melodic and beautifully lyrical tunes that have a “pop sensibility”. I believe that everyone can find something they enjoy from this record. Recommended.

R.A.P Ferreira – Bob’s Son [Ruby Yacht]

Incredible poetry-emphasized rap music that has such a unique flow to it. Lots of loops created from interviews of poets as well as Ferreira’s own, warbly piano. Highly recommended.

Putamayo Presents – Brazil [Putamayo World Music]

Really fun Brazilian music. Awesome rhythms that are so infectious.

Rachel Angel – Highway Songs [Public Works]

Country folk music that is reminiscent of Esther Rose. Recommended!