VERZACHE – Messed Up [SINGLE] // self-released

From promoter: “On his latest single, “Messed Up,” Toronto-based producer Verzache sings about the turbulent mindset that follows a break-up. Starting out producing trap-inspired beats, Verzache has recently leaned into more lo-fi production, bridging acoustic sounds and laid back electronic production in a way that feels as organic as it does synthesized. This duality lends itself well to the subject matter of “Messed Up.” “All messed up, a little mad/ I’ve been losing my mind since the start, baby/ i’m fed up, a little sad” sings Verzache on the track’s chorus. This song is as internal as it is external, as personal as it is universal, and as acoustically intimate as it is electronically engaging.”

Label: self

RIYL: rei brown, Meltycannon, moow


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