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Do you ever find yourself saying, “That last part of the song was really good. I wish they kept that going”? Well 3 minutes and 23 seconds into the opening track EVER is your wish come true. That word “Forever” reaches crescendo, and slowly fades out on repeat over the next several minutes for maximum […]

Apparat – LP5 [Mute]

A lot has changed for the Berlin based musician since the release of his last studio album in 2013. His collaborative work as Moderat with members of Modeselektor has been a commercial and touring hit, in some ways eclipsing Apparat’s success as a solo artist. And while Moderat goes for big, arena filling kinetic dance […]

Big Wild – Superdream [Counter]

Hip Hop beat maker turned vocalist Jackson Stell has released his debut album following the streaming success of his first EP as Big Wild in 2017. This is not your average big body EDM. Stell is an artist; blending the ethereal floating points of progressive house with punchy bass lines and intelligent drops. Some seriously […]

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Believe [Ninja Tune]

If you’ve found British electronic-duo The Cinematic Orchestra too safe, predictable or just plain boring in the past, their first album in 12 years is sure to change that. With features from several different artists like Dorian Concept and Roots Manuva, the album explores the timeless question of what to believe in an era of […]

Muldue – A Place Both Foreign and Familiar [Hush Hush]

The third album and Hush Hush label debut from UK-based musician Max Ramsden. Gentle piano hymns, simple guitar riffs and hazy vocals mark this very mellow 5 track EP. It’s baked in gray, and good for a rainy afternoon. Release Date: 3/1/2019 Play: 1, 3, 4 RIYL: Suplington, Craun  

Louis Futon – Way Back When [Self Released]

Where did this guy come from??? Philadelphia. He was a bedroom producer, with a background in Jazz, and is now combining hip hop, electronic and soul music together on his self released debut album. It’s big band behind vocal talent for very loud play. Release Date: 2/25/2019 RIYL: KAYTRANADA, FKJ, Kasbo Play: 2, 4, 7, […]

Johnny Jewel – Home OST [Italians Do It Better]

The latest original motion picture score from Italians Do It Better mastermind Johnny Jewel. Dark, drooling synth pop from Chromatics and Symmetry (Jewel is a member of both) are featured on the first half, with ambient compositions to close it out. Fantastic. Release Date: 2018 Play: 2-6, 10, 11, 12, 14 RIYL: Chromatics, Kavinsky

Manics – Binary EP [Dim Mak]

Straight out of new wave nostalgia we have Manics, a duo from San Francisco mixing indie pop vocals with melodic dance music. Don’t let the cover art fool you into thinking this is album yearns for simpler times– a lamentation of days gone by. Oh no, the analog synthesizer and hooks on Binary EP connects […]

Octo Octa – For Lovers EP [Technicolour]

You are welcome to heal yourself with the absolute pleasure of house music on this 3 track EP from NYC’s Octo Octa. As her “most vulnerable work to date”, it might also be some of her best. Layered, dubby, progressive– a workout waiting to happen. Release Date: March 1, 2019 Play: ALL RIYL: Jacques Greene

Weval – The Weight [Kompakt]

Amsterdam-based duo Weval‘s sophomore release is heavy on skill, soft on vocals, and emotionally dark. This is the kind of genre-blending electronic music for people that don’t like electronic music. Progressive, groovy and properly mellow. Release Date: 3/1/2019 Play: 1, 3, 6, 9, 10 RIYL: TENDER,

Tourist – Everyday [Monday Records]

Another beautiful electronic dance record from Will Phillips, his second full length release and follow up to the 2016 debut album U. It alternates between spacey, ethereal sounds and more dance-able, upbeat techno. There is love in this one. Release Date: 2/15/2019 Play: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 RIYL: Maribou State, Kasbo

Jesus Velasquez – Escaping The Storm [Self-Released]

His name is Jesus Velasquez, and here is his latest project for your consideration: an interesting combination of hip hop beats infused with bits of lo fi & jazz. The production here is well polished, which is no surprise considering that Velasquez has been producing musical content at least semi professionally for many years. Don’t […]

Suplington – After Life [Youngbloods]

What’s up Burlington. What’s up. Sup. While the origins of Suplington remain unknown, this is a fantastic start-to-finish ambient album from the British composer. Total peace. “A curious glance beyond the veil of waking life into what epilogues we might encounter, a siren’s song calling to the horizon of our inevitability.” Release Date: 3/15/2019 Play: […]

Rhye – Blood Remixed [Loma Vista Recordings]

Rhye’s 2nd album gets a proper electronic remix treatment with collaborators including Washed Out, Tensnake, Moon Boots, Jacques Greene, Littel Dragon and more. More blazing dance floor hits than misses on this one. Release Date: 11/26/2018 Play: 2, 6, 7, 11, 12 RIYL: See above…

Pye Corner Audio – Hollow Earth [Ghost Box]

Analog synth music doesn’t get much better than this, the 3rd album from Martin Jenkins on Ghost Box. Where his 2016 release Stasis was conceived on notions of “cosmic explorations,” his sequel Hollow Earth is all about the subterranean and “submerged psychologies.” It is probably the most accessible Pye Corner Audio project to date, and […]

James Place – Still Waves to a Whisper [Umor-Rex]

This ultra progressive album from New York native Phil Tortoroli is in it’s own world. Repetitive and noisy at first, but layered with enough density to keep listeners intrigued. No bangers or sweat breakers here. Just hypnotic, dreamy techno that straddles sonic dimensions. Release Date: 2/8/2019 Play: 1, 4, 6 | FCC: 2 RIYL: Seefeel, […]

Jacques Greene – Fever Focus EP [LuckyMe]

  Canadian producer Jacques Greene closes out 2018 with an expansion of last year’s full-length debut Feel Infinite. This excellent 6-track EP is everything Greene is known for: warm, melodic dance music with touches of acid house and ambient vocal loops. You will move to this. Release Date: 11/15/2018 Play: All RIYL: George Fitzgerald  

TENDER – Fear of Falling Asleep [PTKF]

Psychological struggles can make it hard to sleep. When the body tires, but the mind simply will not, our anxieties or fears may heighten to cause sleeplessness or insomnia. Fear of Falling Asleep from British-duo TENDER deals with the kind of prolonged introspection that would occur during this experience. The result is an honest, engaging, […]

ford. – (The) Evening [Foreign Family Collective]

Recorded around the world from 2016 – 2018, (The) Evening by Utah-based producer Luc Bradford is must listen. Soft pianos, beautiful vocals, flutes, layered drumming, soothing melodies and the faint scratching of a record needle– it’s all here and all good. This is an impressive debut album that is logical and complete, with individual tracks […]

Nicola Cruz – Sika [ZZK Records]

Fun Fact: The siku is a wind instrument of Andean origin, made of two parts and represents duality. You can hear it on this record, which was made entirely on the road as Cruz traveled from city to city. The Ecuadorian producer’s second full length album is heavy on Latin American rhythm and sound, but […]

Brainfeeder X

It’s 10 years of Brainfeeder! This double disc (4 LP) compilation celebrates the best of the label’s past, present and future, which includes 22 brand new and previously unreleased tracks. There is no better description of this album than the one provided direct from the Brainfeeder website: “A glowing neon helix of hip-hop, house, jazz, […]

Craün – III [Hush Hush]

Do you like ambient music? This 5 track headphone cinema from Australian-based musician and sound designer Aris Hatzidakis is a good test. Composed as a musical gift to his daughter, the title reflects his growing family: husband, wife, and now child. This stuff is pure relaxation. Music for knitting, naps, or petting cats. Enjoy. Release […]

The Samps – Breakfast [Gloriette Records]

What a bizarre amalgamation of mashups there are on this debut album from California-based trio The Samps. So many genres have been fused together here to form a strangely cohesive, hypnotic and pretty epic listening experience. It’s like Jackson Pollock for your ears. Release Date: 11/28/2018 RIYL: Washed Out, Oneohtrix Point Never, The Avalanches, Toro […]

Maya Jane Coles – Waves & Whirlwinds EP [I/AM/ME]

More wavey gravy from the beautiful house music veteran Maya Jane Coles. This 5 track EP is filled with deep bass, and drifts between a feeling of eerie weightlessness on “Isolate” to a rug cutter like “Visionary.” Overall, solid. Release Date: 12/24/2018 Play: 1, 2, 4 RIYL: Ian Pooley, Nina Kraviz,  

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Venus Flytrap Exotica [Editions Gravats]

The name alone makes for an intriguing proposition: Venus Flytrap Exotica by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. Do I really want to know more? What the heck is this gonna sound like? With only two tracks, the total run time here is just over 7 minutes, but that’s still enough to whet your appetite for weird voodoo […]