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From promoter: “Rap’s beloved creative powerhouse BROCKHAMPTON finds order in chaos with latest release Ginger. The album sees the group at their most serious and lovelorn, featuring slow ballads and gospel-influenced tracks with themes of spirituality, loss, and loneliness – but still maintain the striking writing and intricate production that made them a cult favorite.” […]

Adam and Cuth — “Actual Cake” [SELF-RELEASED]

Delicious low-tempo, relaxed and groovy hip-hop. Rich with samples and clever wordplay, each song paints a picture of contentment, or at least only mild disgruntlement, mainly aimed at Brexit.     Label: self-released FCC: 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 Start with: 1, 3, 5, 14 RIYL: Moon Dials, Frankie Stew, Teej, Edward Scissortongue, Ty

Bobby Feeno – A Late February [Mass Appeal]

From promoter: “In 2016 Arian Foster retired from the NFL on a high note! Now he’s releasing a new EP, featuring Xavier Omar and more, on Mass Appeal Records.” Label: Mass Appeal Start w/ 1, 2, 3, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: J Cole, Chance the Rapper, Mos Def


Kevin Abstract of BROCKHAMPTON has released third full studio album, ARIZONA BABY- produced by Jack Antonoff and fellow BROCKHAMPTON member Romil Hemnani. ARIZONA BABY, which he has said he made “out of survival,” is a loose document of an artist who has weathered life’s bruises and is ready to reckon with his religious past. The […]

GRIZ – Ride Waves

With his first album since a 3 year hiatus, GRiZ re-enters the scene with a major hit. Ride Waves is filled with an hour of funky, soulful electro-rap beats that are all a must-play. With this new album, GRiZ features a jam-packed lineup of collabs with artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, DRAM and so […]

RITE HOOK – Modify // Leedz Edutainment

This album has a ton of energy. Rite Hook presents hip hop in a fun light adding an R&B/ rock edge to the songs on the album. Most songs violate FCC but the ones that don’t are must plays for an energetic playlist. The Rain features Sadie Vada and is a personal favorite on the […]

THE ALLERGIES – Steal The Show // Jalapeño Ltd.

The Allergies’ newest album “Steal the Show’ blends Big Band instrumentation, ragtime piano riffs, upbeat and positive lyrics, jazz vibes, and old-school rap. There is versatility threaded throughout this album ranging from the fast paced rap lyrics of ‘Run it Back’ to the sultry sounds of ‘Big Bad Woman’. Each song brings something new and […]

DEVON GILFILLIAN – Get Out and Get It [Single]// Capitol

Devon Gilfillian’s new single “Get Out and Get It”takes the soulful, syncopated grooves of 70’s Nigerian psychedelic afro-funk, and places it directly into the context of 2019’s urban experience. Produced by Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, The War on Drugs), the new single paints a tone reminiscent of The Hygrades by way of Curtis Mayfield, with […]

RAY-EYE – Full Swing // iLL Dust Entertainment

A great new album from an underground hip hop rapper, RAY-EYE, with good rhymes and beats that is definitely worth a listen! This album is unique in the realm of hip-hop but also reminiscent of the old school 90s rap we all love. “Full Swing” should be on your list of things to listen too, […]

MARC PAYNE – Payne to Fame // AMG Records

Marc Payne definitely isn’t reinventing the genre or anything here. Payne to Fame is a pretty solid, if not somewhat banal, pop trap album. Payne’s lyrics feature a lot of the usual subjects: money, sex, partying, etc. But, his flows are competent, some of his hooks are catchy, he has a few funny punchlines here […]


Kenyan-Canadian MC Shad’s latest release is a concept album in the vein of To Pimp a Butterfly, complete with recurring poetic interludes and phrases. The album’s story focuses on a (semi)fictional world in a constant state of war, and the various factions within, but it isn’t necessary to understand the overarching story in order to […]


This “6 track-masterpiece flows between infectious grooves and features from the likes of Sampa the Great and Baro. Remi is firmly placed at the top of Australia’s soul and hop hop spectrum, having performed sold-out tours across Europe/Australia as well as shared the stage with the likes of Joey Bada$$, Danny Brown, and De La […]

Raiza Biza & Remi – Black Hole Sun [Low Key Source]

From promoter: “It’s a fiery Antipodean showcase produced entirely by Danny Brown collaborator Black Milk. Black Hole Sun works as much as a showcase for Australia and New Zealand’s immense rap talent as it does as a display of the two-star rappers’ lyrical dexterity and intense charisma.” Label: Low Key Source Start w/ 1, 3, 4 […]

Shreya Pretty – Encore [Self-Released]

From promoter: “Shreya Pretty is a Minneapolis/Chicago based indie R&B songwriter. This is her second, self-released album.” Label: Self-Released Start w/ 1, 2, 5 FCC: 4 RIYL: Janelle Monet, BANKS  

Georgia Anne Wuldrow – Overload [Brainfeeder]

Pitchfork: “The restless avant-garde soul singer is still reinventing rhythm and blues for the future, now more than ever on the most pop-focused album of her prolific career.” Label: Brainfeeder Start w/ 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 FCC: 2 RIYL: The Internet, Nao, Jamila Woods

Peace to Mateo – “Some Strange Reason

Very electronic and dreamy, but the album seems to lack a sense of direction. The DJ and producer clearly is talented but it feels a bit mainstream and oversampled. That being said, Peace to Mateo has all the ingredients to be a great DJ. It doesn’t need all of the fluff he tried to add to […]

“Crazy Rich Asians” Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack to the biggest romantic comedy of Summer 2018. Includes covers of Western pop hits, traditional Chinese music, R&B, and jazz.  I enjoyed the covers of Coldplay’s “Yellow” [12] and Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” [10]. The other covers I didn’t care for. The jazz songs by Jasmine Chen are all excellent […]

DJ Taye – Still Trippin’ [Hyperdub]

Originally a mere rapper and beat maker, DJ Taye’s newest release has something for everybody. Tracks 11 and 12 have infectious hooks comparable to mainstream pop tunes, while other tracks are more rap-focused, spitting creative lyrics and boasting features from a myriad of artists. Track 2 contains hints of electronica and dare I say…psychedelia? This […]

Dreamkeepers- N’we Jinan and Indigenous Youth

Each track from a different First Nation in British Columbia produced with artist musician Davis Hodges and First Nation’s youth.  With small groups of students writing their own songs and David produces electrifying and meaningful work.  He uses traditional language and makes music videos with the students as well. Play All!

Porter Ray – Watercolor (Clean)

I’m overcome with deep, raw, colorful, genuine vibes from this album. It touches every part of me. The storytelling, talks of demons, culture, loss, run-ins with the police, relationships… Dreams. Goals. Porter Ray’s Watercolor is filled with dark, lush, colorful synth waves, slappy 808 drum patterns, and fat, grounding bass lines complementing the vocal cadences […]

Mr. Lif & Brass Menazeri (Waxisimili) Resilient

Mr. Lif & Brass Menazeri (Waxisimili) Resilient- Great combo of Lif’s cool lyrical styles and Balkan Beats and accents. All good! Try: 6,10,4,3,7 RIYL: Mr. Lif, Balkan Beat Box, Nas, Eastern European Vibes, Klezmer, Conscious Hip Hop. FCC: 1, 2, 8

Rapsody (Roc Nation) Laila’s Wisdom

HOT new album from badass hiphop wizard Rapsody! Well-crafted, seamless lyrics are definitely the best part of the album, Rapsody explores being a black woman, modern day racial issues on tracks like “Power,” and brings it all together over some funk, soul, and mellow beats. Also check out all the AMAZING features. Seriously play all […]

Bingx (AVJ Records) My E.G.O

Journey through the good and bad parts of love with solo artist Bingx, with a couple good features. Some haunting/ sing-y vocals and hot fast verses, mix of romantic and aggressive lyrics. A little something for everyone. FCC: 5 Tracks: 1, 7, 8, 12 RIYL: Mac Miller, Watsky, Eminem, Post Malone

Savant x DMX (Self Released) Get It Get It Single

New single by Norwegian rapper Savant. Well produced heavy beats and fast tempo, features by Snoop Dog and DMX, like a cross of house music with an old Snoop song. RIYL: Snoop Dog, Diplo FCC: Clean version

21 Savage – Issa Album (Epic Records)

This project is likely the closest 21 will get to mainstream appeal. The album overall is a lot more consumer friendly than Savage Mode, but that’s not to say this album doesn’t have its fair share of Bangers. Defiantly worth a listen even if you weren’t a 21 fan at first. Favorites: 1, 2, 9, […]