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Nice mix of pieces for classical guitar, Romantic to modern, various composers with different styles. Play!


Works for piano windtet by Dorman, Beethoven and Von Herzogenberg, covering modern, classical and Romantic eras. Play!

Thad Anderson–Lines & Spaces

Compositions for percussion, strings, live processing using his “duration lines” theory–building layers of sound–ambient, minimialist, nice!

Hindemith, Heiden, Skolnick–Works for Violoncello and Piano

Unknown, or rarely performed pieces. Skolnick’s particularly wonderful! Play!

Richard Aldag–Broadway Boogie-Woogie

Title is for one piece, not necessarily indicative of the “post tonal”, not atonal, rather lyrical pieces for various instruments, most compositions within the last 6 yrs.

George Enescu–Works for Violin and Piano

Works composed throughout his life, 1890’s up to 1940. Modern!


Lovely works for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, Romantic to modern. Wonderful sonority. Play!

Full of Hell – Weeping Choir

Release date: May 17, 2019 Label: Relapse Records  Full of Hell brings us a new album combining grindcore with death metal riffing. Burning Myrrh was the first single released off the album and the band takes themes of religion and hatred and sets them ablaze. On Haunted Arches, Full of Hell unleashes an insane mix of crushing drums and organized chaos. Thundering […]

Firemakers- N’we Jinan and Youth Artists

with producer David Hodges, this is Vol 7 of songs youth of various Nations wrote lyrics for and produced this amazing collection with hip hop beats and heart-felt words often sung in traditional languages.  also on

From The Continuum- Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Intuitive Intuitive flute playing with Tiokasin Ghosthorse, master player.

Bunniez n’ Bearz- Wanbli Ceya

Hip Hop from Pine Ridge and young singer/ songwriter Wanbli Ceya.  Songs are about his life desires.  Living on the Rez is his theme and returning to traditional culture as well as youth and sexuality.  His public service announcement (track 7) is called Practice Safe Sexuality..find more info at his Ceya and his performance […]

beric. – Irregular In Shape [Hush Hush]

The 6-track debut album from Amsterdam-based electronic producer Tim Roosen is a charming endeavor into atmospheric soundscapes. Meditative at it’s core, this is complex enough for deep listening while maintaining the soft repetition of background music. Own the purple tint tape today for only $5. As to what it all means, Roosen had this to […]

Emancipator & 9 Theory – Cheeba Gold [Loci]

… And that’s exactly that this album is: friggin gold. Forget about what else is going on right now and just pick a track from this 4-song collaboration between two very accomplished artists. Press play. Hear those zips, horns, strings, subtle vocals, and sweet hip hop beats. You can’t miss. Release Date: 3/22/2019 Play: All […]

Fennesz – Agora [TOUCH]

If you’ve heard anything from experimental electronic musician Christian Fennesz before, then you already know that this is going to get weird. It can be a fine line sometimes between great and total crap, and this has to be one of the most engaging ambient music releases of 2019 so far. Sweepingly soft, distorted, and […]

Robert Palmer–Piano Music

Modern works by a forgotten American composer, irregular rhythms. Play!

Clemens Christian Poetzsch

Based on piano, electronics, some strings, these are ethereal, flowing and mostly quiet works. Play!

Truman Harris–A Warm Day in Winter

Contemporary, rhythmically varying pieces with interesting instrumental combinations. Play!

Alex Weiser–All the Days Were Purple

Lovely pieces of poetry in Yiddish, by both Jewish and gentile poets, with strings, percussion and piano. Play!

Helms Alee – Noctiluca

Release date: April 26, 2019 Label: Sargent House  Shortly after the release of Stillicide, I got to see Helm’s Alee open for The Melvin’s. They stole the show. If this band isn’t on your radar, you’re making a big mistake. With Noctiluca, we see Helms Alee stretching their limbs and showing us new wrinkles to their sound that we’ve not heard before. […]

CHELOU – Out of Sight // Concrete Dog

A fantastic album overall! A great mix of rock and psychedelic music. It also has almost a lo-fi feel to it. His music sounds a little similar to Bon Iver. Chelou creates a unique sound, and Out of Sight is an album worth listening to. Label: Concrete Dog Records Start with: 5,9, 12 RIYL: Bon […]

AMERICAN FOOTBALL – American Football LP3 // Polyvinyl

This alt/math rock LP has complex instrumentals with nice lyrics. It features vocals that emit strong 90s alternative vibes. He uses simple but not tired harmonies, allowing the instrumentals to take the spotlight. It’s warm, smooth, bright and progressive. Enjoyable listen! Label: Polyvinyl Records Start with: 3,4 RIYL: The Mountain Goats, Clever Girl, This Town […]

LUKE SITAL-SINGH – A Golden State // Raygun

Luke Sital-Singh’s third album, “A Golden State” features whimsical tracks, riddled with melancholy and joy. His first release since relocating from the UK to California, the album sounds like sunshine, with tones of underlying sadness. The first track, “Lover” is a great start to the album, and worth a spin. Label: Raygun Records Start with: […]

JACKIE MENDOZA – LuvHz // Luminelle

The 26-year old makes her debut to the music scene with LuvHz, a Latin-infused electronic indie-pop album. She combines ukulele strums with psychedelic sounds to carve her own place in the bedroom pop genre. Growing up in Chula Vista, California but now Brooklyn-based, her heartfelt lyrics shift from English to Spanish effortlessly. In Jake Mendoza’s […]

The Budos Band (Daptone)V

Reminds me of the great psychedelic music from around the world in the 60s-70s. Funky fuzzed out guitar and great horns really make this an amazing album. TRY: 1,3,4,5, ALL!! RIYL: Soweto, Funky Lagos, World Psyheledic, Jazz FCC:Clean          *TB Favs

Nicola Cruz (ZZK) Siku

Organic Andean dance with traditional and electronic instruments that has “…hints of electronica. Studies of the samba, cumbia and rhythms of African, Andean and Hindu origin…” Great stuff! Try: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10 RIYL: Nicolas Jaar, Chancha Via Circuito, Four Tet, John Talabot, El Boho FCC:Clean          *TB Favs