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Mister Heavenly- Boxing the Moonlight

Six years after their debut release, supergroup Mister Heavenly, comprised of Ryan Kattner (Man Man), Nick Thorburn (The Unicorns, Islands), and Joe Plummer (Cold War Kids, Modest Mouse), return with their sophomore follow-up Boxing the Moonlight, a wonderfully-fun record that proves to be just as enjoyable as their debut. Their sound is perhaps a bit gritter […]

Destroyer- Ken

This newest album from the prolific Destroyer finds Dan Bejar exploring his synthier side. Concise, though not entirely cohesive, this album does seem to run a trend taking influences from new wave, and synth-rock, with Bejars classic vocal delivery pulling it all together. If you are a fan, this is a another great addition to […]

The Rural Alberta Advantage- The Wild

This is some of the best indie folk rock you’ll here this year! The male/female vocals blend well together with the guitars and punctuated by the awesome drumming from Paul Banwatt. Admittedly track 3 pushes the limits of the singers vocal range, and the album is not as lengthy or epic as their earlier works, but […]

Nooky Jones- Self Titled

From the promoter: Minneapolis band Nooky Jones’ “… debut album relies on each musician’s unique style as a critical part of the overall sound. Atop airtight yet comfortably loose drum and bass grooves often reminiscent of ’90s R&B and hip hop, layers of harmonically complex piano, organ, and Fender Rhodes create a lushness associated with […]

Bind Boys Of Alabama- Almost Home

The Blind Boys of Alabama are back with another great album. With their first album released in 1948, the boys are approaching 70 years of stellar music that has seen five Grammy Awards and one Lifetime Achievement award. They have also entered the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and worked with Marvin Stables, Stevie Wonder, […]

Wolf Parade- Cry Cry Cry

From the promoter: “The soaring choruses, rousing anthems, sprawling guitars and chaotic keys that make up Wolf Parade are on proud display over the course of Cry Cry Cry, the band’s thunderous first album in seven years.  That unique combination of sounds and influences, spearheaded by electric co-frontmen Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner-a complex yet relatable, […]

Marvelous Liars- Self-Titled

The first release from Connecticut based group is a conglomeration of so many classic and awesome sounds brought together. It has a heavy undertone of metal or punk, but sometimes takes on this classic western vibe, and has sweet little balladoius moments. Overall a great rock album for folks who like their rock on the […]

Queens of the Stone Age- Villains

New Queens album is a pretty rollicking good time. They still have there classic heavy sound though this time around they have stripped down some of the orchestration in favor of a simpler, more paired down, sound. The album starts off great and has some awesome tracks, but also has some slower less enticing numbers […]

Shabazz Palaces- Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star and Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

The new Shabazz Palaces release is actually a double header. The first album introduces us to the character of Quazarz, and the spacey, sparsely populated world in which he lives. The first album is admittedly bland, with few if any solid beats to grab the listener. the lyrics are classic shabazz delivery but does little […]

Beth Ditto- Fake Sugar

Beth Ditto’s Fake Sugar released to some rave reviews from places like NPR and Pitchfork, and with good reason. The album is very much a pop album with a country influences, full of catchy hooks, and foot stomping beats. the album spins of tale of love loss, and self acceptance. Label: Virgin Records Play: 1, […]

Night Drive- Night Drive

This is a great little electro-pop album. With a bit of the old 80’s style synth’s and some lyrics about love, Night Drive has created a sound that will have traveling down the backstreets of all your favorite old sci-fi movies. It’s a lot like synthwave, if synthwave had lyrics. Label: Roll Call Records play: […]

Cowbell- Haunted Heart

Who needs more Cowbell? You do. Trust me. This is a rock album with heavy western stylings. Though nothing here is anything new or genre redefining, everything on this album from the guitars to the synthy accompaniment oozes with style. A lot of blues influences, and head banging beats makes this a great partner for […]

Thunder Dreamer- Capture

A great little Indie CD full of crisp guitar licks, soft pacing and vocals, piano back-up. At times very reminiscent of Real Estate and even early Shins. If you like your indie rock slower, more serious and soulful, you’ll enjoy this.   Label: Tiger Bomb Play:2,3,4 FCC:clean

Dream Machine- The Illusion

New collaboration from Matthew Melton of Warm Soda fame, this time with his wife Doris. Together the two have created an banging album which hearkens back to some of the glory days of classic rock. Matt’s great guitar solos and Doris’ ripping organ combine with psychedelic vocals to make an album that would appeal to […]

Dion Lunadon- Self-Titled

  This is the debut solo album for the bassist from A Place To Bury Strangers. It is a hard, loud, pounding blend of garage, punk, and psych rock from start to finish. At times a little clear and concise, at others muddy and screechy but a great listen for fans of the genre. Label: Tiger […]

Sylvan Esso- What Now

The eagerly anticipated sophomore album from Sylvan Esso delivers! Amelia Meath’s soft vocal’s weave in and out of the heavy intricate synths that drive throughout the album. With a lot of easily accessible beats, and intricate instrumentation, their is a lot here for fans and newbs alike. RIYL: tune yards, overcoats, future islands Label: Loma […]

Blondie- Pollinator

Blondie newest album is a great addition to the band’s catalog. Immediately recognizable with pounding drums, those classic rock guitar riffs and signature vocals the band still manage to keep it fresh. Lotta good tracks on here for anyone into rock and roll. My only complaint is that lyrically every song is about love. whether its […]

Overcoats- Young

The debut full-length album from New York based duo Overcoats is a pretty awesome little electro/alt-pop album. The solid drum machine beats, and drony synths underlay the vocal interplay beautifully. The vocals themselves combine elements of soul, gospel, and and folk with these sometimes robotic undertones to make a really absorbing sound. Highly recommended!   […]

King Ropes- Dirt

Dirt is a indie-psych-rock album full of distorted guitars licks, and dreamy drifting tracks. this album starts out hard and heavy and slowly drifts into slower, more reflective sound. Not a bad album, but not enough for me to sink my teeth into. RIYL: Roky Erickson, The Black Angels Label: Self- Released play, 1, 2, […]

The Black Angels- Death Song

Death Song, is an awesomely psychedelic rockin’ journey.  Full of fuzzy guitars that often hit hard, but sometimes drift off with the dreamy synths, into a sort of gypsy madness. If you are a fan of King Gizzard’s more recent works, you will probably enjoy this album. RIYL: Roky Erikson, KGLW, Tame Impala Label: Partisan […]

The Weeks- Easy

The Weeks deliver a solid rock album with hints of southern upbringing, and some interesting musical accompaniments (secret brass and organ sounding synths), this album brings some great bangers.   RIYL: Deer Tick, The Whigs, Cage The Elephant Label: Lightning records Play: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 FCC: clean

Those Lavender Whales- My Bones Are Singing

This album was born from the frontman’s struggle to understand his existence in the face of a life threatening brain tumor. After learning the news, he turned to music and wrote this album. What i admire most about this album is that he doesn’t directly reference his cancer, he talks about the struggles that we […]

WHY?- Moh Lhean

I’m not really sure how to classify this album. The promoter’s material calls it indie hip-hop, but this is pretty far removed from any hip-hop i’ve heard. The lyrics are quite poetic, and at times the instrumentation really quiets down leaving only a  simple beat allowing us to really focus on the vocal delivery. The […]

Ty Richards- Zillion

Steady, grooving bass lines blend with smooth synths with mellow vocals of both tongue-in-cheek social commentaries and the personal uncertainties Ty faces. Remember Beck’s-Guero? Well, that is pretty much what this album pulls from. Not in a bad way, just surprised me how many times i had to check and make sure was not Beck i was […]

Windigo- Magic EP

Mellow vocals (mostly about light), over smooth rhythms, and artsy (kinda spacey?) guitars. a good little ep! RIYL: Artic Monkeys, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club Label: Self- Released Play: 1 FCC: clean