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Night Drive- Night Drive

This is a great little electro-pop album. With a bit of the old 80’s style synth’s and some lyrics about love, Night Drive has created a sound that will have traveling down the backstreets of all your favorite old sci-fi movies. It’s a lot like synthwave, if synthwave had lyrics. Label: Roll Call Records play: […]

Cowbell- Haunted Heart

Who needs more Cowbell? You do. Trust me. This is a rock album with heavy western stylings. Though nothing here is anything new or genre redefining, everything on this album from the guitars to the synthy accompaniment oozes with style. A lot of blues influences, and head banging beats makes this a great partner for […]

Thunder Dreamer- Capture

A great little Indie CD full of crisp guitar licks, soft pacing and vocals, piano back-up. At times very reminiscent of Real Estate and even early Shins. If you like your indie rock slower, more serious and soulful, you’ll enjoy this.   Label: Tiger Bomb Play:2,3,4 FCC:clean

Dream Machine- The Illusion

New collaboration from Matthew Melton of Warm Soda fame, this time with his wife Doris. Together the two have created an banging album which hearkens back to some of the glory days of classic rock. Matt’s great guitar solos and Doris’ ripping organ combine with psychedelic vocals to make an album that would appeal to […]

Dion Lunadon- Self-Titled

  This is the debut solo album for the bassist from A Place To Bury Strangers. It is a hard, loud, pounding blend of garage, punk, and psych rock from start to finish. At times a little clear and concise, at others muddy and screechy but a great listen for fans of the genre. Label: Tiger […]

Sylvan Esso- What Now

The eagerly anticipated sophomore album from Sylvan Esso delivers! Amelia Meath’s soft vocal’s weave in and out of the heavy intricate synths that drive throughout the album. With a lot of easily accessible beats, and intricate instrumentation, their is a lot here for fans and newbs alike. RIYL: tune yards, overcoats, future islands Label: Loma […]

Blondie- Pollinator

Blondie newest album is a great addition to the band’s catalog. Immediately recognizable with pounding drums, those classic rock guitar riffs and signature vocals the band still manage to keep it fresh. Lotta good tracks on here for anyone into rock and roll. My only complaint is that lyrically every song is about love. whether its […]

Overcoats- Young

The debut full-length album from New York based duo Overcoats is a pretty awesome little electro/alt-pop album. The solid drum machine beats, and drony synths underlay the vocal interplay beautifully. The vocals themselves combine elements of soul, gospel, and and folk with these sometimes robotic undertones to make a really absorbing sound. Highly recommended!   […]

King Ropes- Dirt

Dirt is a indie-psych-rock album full of distorted guitars licks, and dreamy drifting tracks. this album starts out hard and heavy and slowly drifts into slower, more reflective sound. Not a bad album, but not enough for me to sink my teeth into. RIYL: Roky Erickson, The Black Angels Label: Self- Released play, 1, 2, […]

The Black Angels- Death Song

Death Song, is an awesomely psychedelic rockin’ journey.  Full of fuzzy guitars that often hit hard, but sometimes drift off with the dreamy synths, into a sort of gypsy madness. If you are a fan of King Gizzard’s more recent works, you will probably enjoy this album. RIYL: Roky Erikson, KGLW, Tame Impala Label: Partisan […]

The Weeks- Easy

The Weeks deliver a solid rock album with hints of southern upbringing, and some interesting musical accompaniments (secret brass and organ sounding synths), this album brings some great bangers.   RIYL: Deer Tick, The Whigs, Cage The Elephant Label: Lightning records Play: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 FCC: clean

Those Lavender Whales- My Bones Are Singing

This album was born from the frontman’s struggle to understand his existence in the face of a life threatening brain tumor. After learning the news, he turned to music and wrote this album. What i admire most about this album is that he doesn’t directly reference his cancer, he talks about the struggles that we […]

WHY?- Moh Lhean

I’m not really sure how to classify this album. The promoter’s material calls it indie hip-hop, but this is pretty far removed from any hip-hop i’ve heard. The lyrics are quite poetic, and at times the instrumentation really quiets down leaving only a  simple beat allowing us to really focus on the vocal delivery. The […]

Ty Richards- Zillion

Steady, grooving bass lines blend with smooth synths with mellow vocals of both tongue-in-cheek social commentaries and the personal uncertainties Ty faces. Remember Beck’s-Guero? Well, that is pretty much what this album pulls from. Not in a bad way, just surprised me how many times i had to check and make sure was not Beck i was […]

Windigo- Magic EP

Mellow vocals (mostly about light), over smooth rhythms, and artsy (kinda spacey?) guitars. a good little ep! RIYL: Artic Monkeys, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club Label: Self- Released Play: 1 FCC: clean

Joseph And The Beasts- Gold Light

This album took me a little while to get into, but once i did i found it to be really sonically satisfying. Every song starts out slow, and simple but builds into a sometimes guitar driven, sometimes synth driven crescendos of rocking goodness. There’s lots layers in these songs and the ever constant building makes the […]

Flagship- The Electric Man

From the Promoter: ” delivers atmospheric rock with passionate vocals, pop-minded melodies, rapturous orchestral soundscapes, and themes that run the gamut from love and loss to fear and despair to hope and happiness.” I really couldn’t say it much better….. RIYL: Arcade Fire, Devotchka, The National Label: Bright Antenna Play: 1, 3, 8 FCC: Clean

King Woman- Created In The Image Of Suffering

Slow sludgy guitars, with an almost drone-like quality, layered over ethereal female vocals. This is metal lite, for folks who like something slower and with clearer vocals. Great for any ritualistic plans you may have for the coming solstice! RIYL: Wax Idols, Planning for burial, Whirr Label:Relapse Recommend: 1, 2, 3, 6, FCC: 5

Le Trouble- Making Matters Worse

This Montreal based quintet, a great, banging pop-rock album. It hits hard right from the beginning and apart from the one slow song in the middle, keeps the pace throughout. With the guitars and vocals driving the majority of these songs, using only a scant smattering of sythesizers, these guys create a solid sound for […]

Conor Oberst- Salutations

Another from the ever prolific Conor Oberst, this folk-rock album is a bit of a darker reflection on death and loss. Fans of the Obe will love it, as it has those wavering fragile vocals with some great traditional instrumentation, accordians, harmonicas, violins, and the like. RIYL: Bright Eyes, M. Ward, Jim James Label:Nonesuch Recommend: […]

The Obsessives- Self-titled

A great little indie-rock album, with a lot of fun, catchy hooks, crisp, driving drums, and self referential, often sarcastic vocals that delivers from start to finish. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you’ll be jamming the whole time. Favorite album of 2017 so far!?   RIYL: Thin Lips, Sorority Noise, Pixies, human kitten Label: Lame-O Records […]

Soundgarden- Ultramega OK

A Reissue/remix of Soundgarden’s first album with some early recordings and chaotic noisey interludes sprinkled in for nostalgic purposes. If you are a fan of Soundgarden and other music from the era, your sure to enjoy this. RIYL: Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana Label: Sub-Pop Recommend: 1,2,4,6 FCC: 4, 7

Vagabon- Infinite Worlds

This album is the coalescence of everything Vagabon has been working on for the past few years. Originally putting her music out herself, this album is takes those songs and fleshes them out with some hard hitting drums, synths, and some  sludgy guitars. Not all the tracks are heavy though, some take on a dreamy […]

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard- Flying Microtonal Banana

The psychedelic rock group that brought the looping Nonagon Infinity to us a little less than a year ago is back with a slightly different take on their usual sound. They have switched to microtonal instumentation creating a sound that is a bit hard to get used to, but very rewarding once you do. This […]

St. Tropez- St. Tropez

This self-titled album from this four-piece garage punk band is a fast paced, fun, rocker of an album. From the upbeat poppy openers to the slow droning pace of songs like Order, you always have a lot to sink your teeth into.  great for anyone in need of a punk fix. RIYL: Violent femmes, against me, […]