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Hear in Now–Not Living in Fear

Nice melding of jazz, classical, avant and some folk, each piece composed by one of the trio (violin, cello, double base, some voice). Varying in tempi. Play most!

Ensemble Novo – Who Saw You Then, Who Sees You Now (Frosty Cordial)

Talented quintet from Philadelphia covers Brazilian gems from the late 60s & early 70s bossa nova era. Arrangements lean toward mellow jazz, with guitar, vibraphone, tenor sax & flute, bass, & percussion.

Ferenc Snetburger–Titok

Contemporary, gracious, jazz pieces for guitar, double bass and drums. Play!

Tarek Yamani – Peninsular (Edict)

This Lebanese jazz pianist & composer explores the music of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, khaleej music with roots in African polyrhythm, like jazz has. These mostly original tunes reconnect Arabic, African, & western jazz while preserving Arabic quarter tones & styles, with pleasing effect. All good…Wonderful music! Filed in World section

Fuego- Rushingwind and The Native Groove

Alive with drums (Nelsen Rios) and dancing rhythm, Rushingwind and the Native Groove (the band) gifts us with Fuego, the latest release with multi-award winning Native Flute Player, Steven Rushingwind (Cahuilla/Opata).  Call it World Beat or Native Fusion and play all these instrumental tracks for best results!!

Stefan Aeby Trio–To the Light

A mix of somber, quiet classical/avant + jazz. Nice!

Mariah Parker – Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert (Ancient Future)

The vibrancy of live music, the poignancy that flows from an ensemble of top-tier musicians led by this gifted composer/pianist, the spice of musical traditions from places far away with hot climates…it’s all here. All compositions by Mariah Parker. Filed under World/International

Ralph Towner–My Foolish Heart

This is a gorgeous album by Towner, known for his elegant guitar work especially in the jazz world. Here, he seems more classical, perhaps because he’s using either classical or 12-string guitar. Play, play, play!

Blair Crimmins And The Hookers- You Gotta Sell Something

The third full album from Blair Crimmins and The Hookers is a fresh and modern take on the old ragtime sound. Featuring catchy beats, bumping brass, and the kind of upbeat stylings you would expect from a lively speakeasy. This album is fun, and immediately danceable. RIYL: PostModern Jukebox, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Big Bad Voodoo […]

Encore!- Gabriel Ayala

“A member of the Yaqui people of southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala(Guitarist) is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans making a career performing classical music.”  In this CD Ayala does what he does best Guitar-playing.  This is a Live performance of Gabriel Ayala and friends produced on Gabriel’s record company […]

The Wilderness Within-Khueex

“Khu.éex’ translates to “potlatch” in the Tlingit language. Using Alaskan Tlingit music as inspiration, the band performs contemporary funk/jazz improvisations to lay a foundation for traditional vocals which are layered and interspersed with spoken word and storytelling.” website:   With a new CD in the works for 2017 this Seattle, Washington based band, Khueex  and The […]

Henry Kaiser–Playola

“A collection of curiosities for airplay–1977-2002”. Guitarist Kaiser and his many collaborators here perform something for everyone–rock, avant rock, jazz, avant jazz, blues, folky, with humor. Play!

Somewhere In There-Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Jazz and Contemporary Lakota Flute with Tiokasin Ghosthorse and friends.  Tiokasin is from the Cheyenne River Lakota.  Joyful Moon track has children’s voices and there is a track with a greeting from Tiokasin that includes his native language.  Enjoy this upbeat instrumental with flute including horns, keyboard, banjo and more.  Play all.

Lang Lang–New York Rhapsody

Ever popular pianist Lang Lang pays tribute to NYC through this mix of broadway, classical and jazz. Too pop-like for me…

Echoes for Sonny

Covering the gamut from raucous  electric rock, to lyrical. Play!

Big Gigantic – “Brighter Future”

Live electronic duo Big Gigantic from Boulder, Colorado are back at it again with some sweet electro-funk. “Brighter Future” reflects that even if life may get hard, there are beautiful and fantastic things in this world, just like the music on this album! With some big names like Waka Flocka Flame, Logic, and ROZES this […]

Roberto Fonseca – ABUC (Impulse!)

Great Cuban music from a fine pianist, composer, producer & Grammy winner; some big band, some great vocals, orchestral pieces, & lots of great percussion, basically sampling the breadth of Cuban music (read the title backwards). Includes several notable guests.  

Dominique Pifarely Quartet–Trace Provisoire

Avant-garde works equally jazz and “classical”, abstract, meandering with violin, double bass, drums & piano. Play!

Gwendolyn Dease–Beguiled

Classical marimbist Dease here performs works by jazz-associated composers. Play most! Suitable for jazz programming!

Sinikka Langeland–The Magical Forest

An interesting mix of traditional-sounding Finnish pieces (kantele + vocals) with jazz/classical elements. A bit eerie, floating. Play!

Tigris Hamasyan/Henriksen/Aarset/Bang–Atmospheres

A lovely mix of, as the title suggests, quiet, ambient works of Armenian folk tunes infused with jazz and classical improvisations. Play!

Mats Eilertsen–Rubicon

Mix of classically tinged jazz and quiet jazz pieces with saxes, clarinets, guitar, marimba and others. Nice!

James Collier-In My Room

The latest album from London-based artist James Collier is titled In My Room. The music is Electro-Jazz with a blend of upbeat Funk, mellow Folk, and Downtempo. Tracks: 2,3,8

The River-Robert Mirabal and Ethel

From classical music show The Floating Head Of Zsa Zsa we are gifted with a copy of River recorded at the home of Taos Pueblo artist/musician Robert Mirabal with classical musicians.  Instrumental CD with exceptions  Tracks 3 and 7 when Robert recites his poetry.  some vocables throughout and fine flute playing with Robert Mirabal.  Surprises include  […]

Journey Home-Raphael Groten

  As Raphael suggests,” close your eyes and journey within.” original music with acoustic guitar to open your heart and be calm.  A local Vermont artist Raphael is a UVM graduate and plays fantastic guitar.  Play all and check out the website at