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Joseph Sheehan & KINETIC (Ansonica) Songs of Lake Volta

“Ghanaian Traditional Music Reimagined.” Beautiful arrangements. Enchanting Strings! Heavy jazz backbone to this whole album, especially with the female vocals. Try: 1,3,5,8  RIYL: Esperanza Spaulding, Smooth Jazz FCC:Clean Advertisements

“Crazy Rich Asians” Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack to the biggest romantic comedy of Summer 2018. Includes covers of Western pop hits, traditional Chinese music, R&B, and jazz.  I enjoyed the covers of Coldplay’s “Yellow” [12] and Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” [10]. The other covers I didn’t care for. The jazz songs by Jasmine Chen are all excellent […]

EOS Guitar Quartet–20+

Covering 20 yrs of recordings, these include a variety of genres: Jazz, New Age, world, avant and classical. Play most!

Steve Tibbetts–Life Of

Quiet, ambient guitar with cello and percussion, jazz based with classical elements. Nice!

Hungry March Band (Imaginator Records) Running through with the sadness

Spirited brass with a BIG sound! Elements of Dub, NOLA Funk, Ska, Klezmer, OomPa bands, jazz, and punk. Try: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 ALL! RIYL: Danny Elfman, What Cheer? Brigade, Sun Ra Arkestra, The Skatalites, Fanfaria Ciocarlia, Slavic Soul Party, Antibalas FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Molly Tigre (Very Special Recordings) Molly Tigre

Inspired free jazz with African elements and funky soul – a big sound! All instrumentals backed by a talented drummers (Joey Abba from the Ramones & Kolipe Camara from Guinea. Try:ALL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   RIYL: Greyboy Allstars, Skerik, Karl Denson, Funky Jazz FCC:Clean *TB Favs

The Eloquent Saxophone

A collection of pieces for sax/piano or transcriptions, revealing the varying styles the classical saxophone can perform. Play most!


Robert Young and group performs abstract, contemporary pieces that are a mix of classical, jazz and avant-garde. Play most!

Keeper Of Secrets-Steven Rushingwind

In this solo album from Steven Rushingwind we are appreciating his flute playing as it travels with wind and stirs the heart-felt emotions.  Play all tracks on this album for the beauty and gentle notes of the native flute from Steven dedicated to his family of Cahuilla Peoples.

Inside The Tank-Mysteries Of The Night

John Soloman described this album, an empty steel water tower turned music venue .. boasts an abundant amount of resonance, making it one of the state’s standout places to perform and record music. Flautist James Marienthal recorded Alive Inside the Tank there with Mysteries of the Night, his duo with vocalist and percussionist Sarah Gibbons, […]

Thomas Stronen–Time Is A Blind Guide

Classical and jazz/avant-garde–ambient, flowing strings, drum and piano. Nice!

Maykel Elizarde Group (Ansonica) South County Music of Cuba

Great Latin Jazz tunes here, with about half female vocal tracks – I like the instrumentals best. Try: 2, 4, 5, 7 RIYL: Latin Jazz, Buena Vista, Celia Cruz, Latin Jazz Fusion…

Phil Scarff (Galloping Goat) Ragas on Saxophone

Sounds exactly like you would think- traditional Indian Ragas with a Soprano sax solo. Bhushan Parchure on table and percussion really holds it all down here. Try: 7, 8 RIYL: Classical Indian music, Raga music, Ravi Shankar, Saxy Jazz…

Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation–Rite Through an Eclectic s

The Rites of Spring in Pritsker’s wildly creative adaptation–raucous, jazz/classical/avant/rock.

Julius Eastman–The Zurich Concert

74 min. improvisational solo piano performance recorded in 1980. Starts quietly, builds up.


The moment you hit ‘play’ on this album, you will instantly be captivated, in love, and blown away. The sheer energy and musicality of the composition, production, arrangement, and musicians involved in this jazz record will have you appreciating every single moment. For some people, Mario Cruz doesn’t immediately ring any bells. However, if you […]

Dee Dee Bridgewater – Memphis… Yes, I’m Ready

If you’ve been out there searching for a new modern Jazz, R&B and Soul record that maintains a vintage quality feel, then look no further. Without a doubt, Dee Dee Bridgewater is a jazz vocal powerhouse, and her latest record, Memphis… Yes, I’m Ready, honors the legacies of many of our favorite jazz, blues and […]

Luca Bash – Keys of Mine

This is Luca Bash’s lastest self released album “Keys of Mine.” The album is jam packed with songs pertaining to the jazz and rock genres. Each song contains great solos both from guitar and bass and the occasional solo from the saxophone is a great touch worth listening. The songs are well composed and have […]

Keith Jarrett–Tales from Our Time

Acclaimed pianist Jarrett performs his own works, more classical than jazz, but a melding of the two.

Sameer Gupta (SR) A Circle Has No Beginning

Really fun jazzy tunes with many other styles represented as well. Some are pop-like vocal trax, some are full on jazz odyssey, and most have some kind of Indian raga fusion. Great strings, table, horns, and flute! This is special music…Try: 3,4,5,8,12. RIYL: Wild Indian fusion, jazz, Raga, Ambient… *TB Favs

Keyon Harrold – The Mugician [Legacy Recordings]

Keyon Harrold takes jazz to another level in this amazing album. Harrold’s new album features instrumental, lyrical, and spoken word jazz music, which all draw influence from rock, hip hop, soul, and blues music. Label: Legacy Recordings Start w/ 3, 4, 5, 8, 11 FCC: Clean RIYL: Gary Clarke Jr., Guy Torry, Josh David Barrett

Chuck Owen and the Jazz Surge-Whispers on the Wind [Mama Records]

A full array of sounds from composer/arranger Chuck Owen.  Harmonica, violin, accordion, hammered dulcimer, dobro – unusual instrumentation adds to the interest here.  Try #2,5 – try any.

Charles Thomas-The Colors Of A Dream [Sea Tea Music]

All songs but #5 are written by bassist Charles Thomas.  Good driving energy throughout here.  And even if they aren’t old, these are old pros at ease and enjoying themselves.  Play them all and enjoy!  The only vocal:  Charles Thomas singing “My Foolish Heart.”

Robinson Morse’s Sounds of Mind-Enough Is Plenty [Recombination Records]

Rich orchestral sound with a dose of fusion, ethnic stuff (2), .  Good title cut, also #1,8.

Dave Potter-You Already Know [Summit Records]

Drummer Dave Potter knows how to put together a great ensemble – full-bodied classic jazz, a tight sound with stop-on-a-dime precision.  Vibes add a nice touch (Jason Marsalas).  Check out cuts 3,6,7.