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SUSPENDED YOUTH – HEATERS [Beyond Beyond Is Beyond]

Suspended Youth is filled with the psychedelic indie rock sound that is so commonly found nowadays. Dreamy sounding guitars matched with airy vocals that are soaked in reverb. Nothing too unique here, although some of these tracks are exciting, like Monolith. If you’re a fan of the familiar indie rock sound, you might find some […]


Producer John Maus’ latest project Screen Memories is a terrific experimental album that is unable to be labeled as one particular genre. Each track is a unique mix of musical elements such as psychedelic-style synths, fast beating basslines and drowned out vocals. This album has a terrific range of styles as there are elements of […]


The upcoming band The Sherlocks latest LP “Live For the Moment” is an exceptional alternative rock album that is reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and The Clash. However, the Sherlocks definitely have acquired their own niche with their creative lyrics and explosive instrumentation. The majority of the songs off of Live for The Moment are upbeat […]


Decent Criminals latest album “Bloom” is charged with the sound of California surf punk. Decent Criminal mashes catchy guitar riffs and pop elements with the raw elements of punk which give them their own separate sound. Any fan of punk rock, power-pop or alternative rock should find a song they enjoy on this album. FCC: 5 […]


Memory of a Cut Off Head is a laidback folky sounding project by OSC. Existential lyrics and drawn out string melodies through this album are bound to put the listener into a trance. A great album to relax and unwind to. FCC: Clean Try: 2,3,7


Black Magic Moments is a four-song Goth Country project. Airy vocals and darkly toned guitar riffs across each song give this project a dreary tone. This is a great small lo-fi style project, perfect to play on a rainy day or late at night. FCC: Clean Try: 1-4


Holy Moly & The Crackers new album Salem is a cohesive blend of dark lyrics and heavy instrumentation. Each song has a dark texture to it and the majority of the songs are upbeat and energetic. The combination of string instruments and organs alongside strong guitar riffs make this a truly unique album. Salem is […]


Reptaliens new album FM-2030 is a blend of synth pop and psychedelic rock. Analog synths and crisp electric guitar fill this album with psychedelic dreamscapes. Great music to kick back and relax to. FCC: Clean Try: 1,4,8


A Swedish post-punk band, Makthaverkskan released their latest album III. A cohesive album with thought-provoking lyrics. The lead singer Maja Milner echoes her way through the album in a refreshing and original manner. FCC: Clean RIYL: Savages, Priests TRY: 3, 5, 6


Cartwheel by Kirk Ross is an album consisting of love songs. Soulful acoustic guitar on each track. Ross dedicates this album to his wife Patricia Liverman. FCC: Clean RIYL: Damien Jurado, A.A Bondy PLAY: 1,4,7


Cold Speaks new album Fools Paradise is a very soulful and personal album. Each song has an emotional feel that paints a vivid picture. Perfect to play on a rainy day. FCC: Clean RIYL: Feist, Tash Sultana PLAY: 2, 6, 9


Goofy Christmas songs related to politics, mental health and breakups. Play to give your listeners a laugh. FCC: Clean PLAY: 1, 4, 8, 9

Mickey Hart – RAMU

Funky grooves throughout this album. Filled with exotic jams and ambient sounds. Each track is an adventure and unlike anything I have ever heard. FCC: Clean PLAY: 8,9,12


Repeat repeat blends together the vibe of new age garage rock with the elements of sixties pop in their new album Floral Canyon. Upbeat happy jams throughout this album, bound to lift your mood. FCC: Clean


Mike Gordon’s new album Ogogo is an experimental blend of psychedelic pop. A refreshing and innovate project, Ogogo is a great album to play at any time. Gordon has made an album that can’t be put into a box, a variety of different genres blended into one impressive album.    FCC: Clean

Chad Vangaalen – Light Information

Chad Vangaalen’s new album, Light Information, is a refreshing blend of organic sounds accompanied by psychedelic textures. Thoughtful lyrics and catchy guitar riffs shine through this project. Vangaalen presents clever lyrics that present deep and existential ideas. The warm and vintage sound of this album is ideal for a rainy or snowy day. FCC: Clean

Warpaint – “Heads Up”

Warpaint is an all female indie-rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Their new album Heads Up marks their fourth full studio album release. Heads Up combines vast indie rock elements, moody and mellow vocals and unique guitar chords all in one. The songs on this album are relaxing and casual but some songs also […]

True Widow – “Avvolgere” (Relapse Records)

Packing deep, dark and mystical sounds into a beautiful album comes the Texas based band True Widow. Avvolgere marks their fourth studio album. Avvolgere takes the listener on a euphoric journey of distorted vocals and strong guitar riffs. True Widow touches all the spectrums of rock in just one album with many elements that are […]

The Shondes – “Brighton” (Exotic Fever Records)

The Shondes are a Brooklyn, New York based band that mash together soulful harmonies with energy enticing lyrics. Their new album Brighton marks their third release under Exotic Fever Records and their fifth studio album total. It is clear the Shondes are a force to reckon with as they provide punk, pop and political activism […]