Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Mark Cameron Band–Live! at Blues on the Chippewa

Mostly originals, one cover, nice harp, slide and electric guitar. Play!

Tommy Castro and the Painkillers–Stompin’ Ground

Mix of covers and originals, rocking to slow, some soul. Play!

Doug MacLeod–Brand New Eyes

2011 release of this great finger pickin’ story teller, wit, intelligence and sincerity. Play!

Chuck Owen and the Jazz Surge-Whispers on the Wind [Mama Records]

A full array of sounds from composer/arranger Chuck Owen.  Harmonica, violin, accordion, hammered dulcimer, dobro – unusual instrumentation adds to the interest here.  Try #2,5 – try any.

Charles Thomas-The Colors Of A Dream [Sea Tea Music]

All songs but #5 are written by bassist Charles Thomas.  Good driving energy throughout here.  And even if they aren’t old, these are old pros at ease and enjoying themselves.  Play them all and enjoy!  The only vocal:  Charles Thomas singing “My Foolish Heart.”

Robinson Morse’s Sounds of Mind-Enough Is Plenty [Recombination Records]

Rich orchestral sound with a dose of fusion, ethnic stuff (2), .  Good title cut, also #1,8.

Dave Potter-You Already Know [Summit Records]

Drummer Dave Potter knows how to put together a great ensemble – full-bodied classic jazz, a tight sound with stop-on-a-dime precision.  Vibes add a nice touch (Jason Marsalas).  Check out cuts 3,6,7.

Markley And Balmer-Standards And Covers [Soona Songs, Inc.]

Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer both play guitar.  Markley sings.  Her voice and style will grow on you – unaffected simplicity, no flashy gizmos.  Favorites:  #6,7,8,9.  Note:  #5 is another title? for “A Day in the Life of a Fool.”

Gerald Beckett-Oblivion [Summit Records]

Very Brazilian sounding and relaxed and hip.  Beckett is a great flute player.  Favorites:  cuts 2,3,5.

The U.S. Army Blues-Swinging in the Holidays [Summit Records]

Classic Christmas tunes, lush orchestral sound, dynamic arrangements and swinging in the right places.  Nice vocals (Christal Rheams).  Enjoy!

Stephanie Patton-A Breath of Spring [Summit Records]

Nice smoky quality in Patton’s voice and a great selection of classic jazz tunes.  Favorites:  cuts #7,5,6.

Keith Karns Big Band-An Eye on the Future [Summit Records]

Big band, good energy, outre arrangements by Karns.  Check it out!

The Four Seasons for Three Pianos

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons transcribed/changed by composer Mestrovic + 3 pianos. Play!

Jesse Jones–Ephemera

Varied pieces for different instrumental combos + voice in some–lyrical or somewhat eerie. Sample due to length.

David Virelles–Gnosis

Hard to describe as this CD has pieces that are equally both classical, jazz and avant in both, with elements of Cuban music. Play!

Saint-Saens–Organ Symphony & Carnival of of the Animals

Two known pieces. Carnival of the Animals has witty,  short pieces. Play!

21st Century Spanish Guitar Vol. 3

Recent works by Spanish composers, abstract, not typical guitar.

Mara Gibson–Sky-Born

Abstract, staccato-stopped pieces for piano, or sax or strings.

In Search of Freedom

Modern works transcribed for sax quartet, all European pieces. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Works for Saxophone

Quite a mix of varied pieces–original works and transcriptions for sax quartet–abstract, lyrical. Play!

Poppy – “Poppy.Computer” (Mad Decent) [Review]

Avant-Garde bubblegum pop. Fun, catchy and creative. RIYL: J-Pop PLAY: All songs are good, but especially 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

West Meets East

These are abstract pieces by Western composers, contemporary, both lyrical and less so. Play!

Doug Bielmeier–Betty and the Sensory World

Described as electronic music for meditation. Too loud in my opinion, but each to his own. Sample.

Afierossis–Solo Cello

Somber, elegant and modern pieces for solo cello by Ligeti, Sallinen, Rozsa and more. Play!

Empyrean Atlas–Poly Rush

Really cool works for electric guitar, minimalist with African rhythms, spacey sounds and more! Play!