MARC PAYNE – Payne to Fame // AMG Records

Marc Payne definitely isn’t reinventing the genre or anything here. Payne to Fame is a pretty solid, if not somewhat banal, pop trap album. Payne’s lyrics feature a lot of the usual subjects: money, sex, partying, etc. But, his flows are competent, some of his hooks are catchy, he has a few funny punchlines here and there, and his vocal delivery is somewhat unique and flamboyant. All of this is backed by ritzy, expensive sounding trap beats, which do feature a few interesting production choices, such as the steel drums on track 4 (“Skinny Dippin”) and the thick, overpowering, groovy bass on a number of tracks. If you’re in to trap or hip hop generally, you can do worse than giving this album a spin.

Label: AMG

Start with: 5

RIYL: Lil Uzi Vert, Childish Gambino, Migos, Young Nudy

FCC: ALL but #5 

(5 contains drug references)

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