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Various Artists (Catch me time Records) Gotcha Covered

Famous radio host Chuck Foster brings together reggae artists from all over to re-do some classics. The result is a very diverse album from an all-star crew and some great old tunes re-imagined. Some great dub tracks too! Try: 2,3,4,6,7,8,12,13,14 RIYL: Awesome cover albums FCC:Clean Advertisements

Mellow Mood (La Tempesta Dub) Large

Italian Reggae band delivers a diverse album and danceable anthems. Some are fun, others are songs of protest and solidarity with a + message. Try: 2,3,10 RIYL: Collie Buds, John Brown’s Body, FCC:Clean

Beast from the East (Space Duck Records) Bumpin Uglies

Ska, reggae, punk, humor, and irony all in one! Talented musicians playing a fusion; some end up better than others. RIYL: Spiritual Rez, John Brown’s Body, Twiddle, Nahko, Sublime FCC:Clean

Sting & Shaggy (A&M Records) 44/876

Yes, you read that right, thatSting and Shaggy! It’s straight forward easy reggae, positive, light, as Sting and Shaggy share verses. If you like them, you’ll probably like this! Try: 1, 6, 9, 11  RIYL: Sting, Shaggy, reggae-lite FCC:Clean

Dactah Chando (Soulfire) Global CityZen

Canary Islands native sings reggae in a smooth and easy style. Upbeat, positive, straight forward lyrics in a few languages. Try: 3, 4, 7, 10, 11 RIYL: Matisyahu, Reggae-lite FCC:Clean

Gentleman’s Dub (Easy Star) Dubtopia

Gentleman’s Dub (Easy Star) Dubtopia- Many styles and vocals represented on this album, some better than others.  Try:5,12,7,8,9 RIYL: Eclectic Reggae inspired music FCC:Clean

Holly Cook (Merge) Vessel of Love

Holly Cook (Merge) Vessel of Love- Breathy female vocals with ska, rocksteady, lovers, reggae-lite backbeats. She has a lovely voice! Try:5 RIYL: Hire, Nattali Rize, Protoje. FCC:Clean

Dactah Chando (Self-Released) ansestrel

Dactah Chando (Self-Released) ansestrel- Conscious Latin Reggae all performed by one guy! Like one, you’ll like them all. Try:1,2,4,7 RIYL: Ziggy Marley, Spanish lyrics + positive vibes, Reggaeton. FCC:Clean

The Frightnrs (Daptone) Nothing More to Say

The Frightnrs (Daptone) Nothing More to Say- I listened to this for weeks thinking it was an old Rocksteady record, but after closer review it’s a modern group reimagining an old style. They did the genre justice and kept an authentic sound without sounding like iterative. Heartfelt falsetto male vocals, great instrumentals, and that old skool […]

New Kingston (Easy Star) Come From Far-

Positive vibes on these trax on the sweet and mellow, songs for lovers. Try:2,7,8,10. RIYL: Tribal Seeds, Protoje, Chronixx, Steel Pulse

Soja (ATO) Poetry in Motion-

“An uplifting meld of reggae, go-go, D.C. hardcore, Latin rock, and hip-hop.” Positive & empowering blend of many styles here. Good instrumentation, great horns, and a fav of the summer festival circuit. If you like one, you’ll like them all. RIYL: Twiddle, John Brown’s Body, Nahko, Reggae-lite

The Green (Easy Star) Marching Orders

Positive vibrations and diverse collection of reggae infused pop music. Many vocalists on this album, some distorted & auto-tuned some more traditional. 11 is a great version of 7 Nation Army. Try: 11,4,7 RIYL: Modern Fusion Reggae, Ziggy Marley, Easy Star All Stars, Pop-Reggae FCC: 3

Various Artists (VP Records) Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston

Various Artists (VP Records) Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston- All star musicians collaborate to bring Cuban and Jamaican Music together. The result is a fantastic album, maybe a little heavier on the Cuban, but all great! Try: 1,4,5,7,9,12,14,15. RIYL: Buena Vista Social Club, Cuban Music, Reggae-like music FCC: Clean

Thunder Body (Rootfire Cooperative) Solstice

Mellow upbeat positive soulful reggae-lite. Great instrumental trax, I wish there were more. Try: 6, 7, 2, 3, 5. RIYL: John Brown’s Body, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Matisyahu, Spiritual Rez FCC: Clean

Various Artists (Reachout International Records) Essential Dub

Great modern Dub styles from many renowned artists. All Good! RIYL: Dub FCC: Clean?

Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Soundsystem (Subatomic) Superape Returns to Conquor

81 YO Perry joins forces with contemporary dub pros to give us this incredible mix of old skool and new. Phat modern basslines infuse this whole album. All good- check the dubstrumentals too! Try 1,3,4,10, 13. RIYL: Dub FCC: Clean

Christos DC (Honest Music) Tessera

Positive, Heartfelt, Conscious, and Upbeat Tunes from Greek-American Producer. Try 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 12 but they are ALL GOOD! Sly & Robbie on Drums & Bass and they show their skills on this album. Different Vocalists provide a unique feel to each track and some are better than others. Try 6, 7, […]

King Schascha (Self) Rudeboy Skankin

Solid Skankin tunes from legit sounding dudes. Upbeat, happy, & positive tunes! I liked 1 & 3

Kabanjak-Dubs and Downs,

Kabanjak’s most recent release is titled Dubs and Downs. The album has a straight forward Reggae sound with a smooth mellow vibe to it. Perfect to chill to with a cold drink on a hot summer day. Tracks: All Good

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Project-1000 Watts

1000 Watts is the latest work from the Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Project. The music is pretty much a mix of Reggae and Dub. The album is breezy and has been described as “a sun-drenched record”. Tracks: All Good

Cuicani – Now & Then (Bantu)

Two CDs with songs from 3 recording sessions from this five-member band from LA. CD1 (Then) is earlier material with classic reggae, dancehall, & cumbia, while CD2 (Now) includes folk, soul, blues, & pop.

Jah9 – New Name (Rorystonelove)

Jah9 (Janine Cunningham) grew up as the daughter of a Baptist minister; first in rural Jamaica, and later in the heart of Kingston. Always sensitive to injustice, she gravitated toward the Rastafarians in college. There her talent as a singer & poet merged with a new-found love of roots reggae & dub. The results are […]

Nappy Riddem-Fort Knox Records

Rock Steady is an EP from Nappy Riddem. The music is Reggae with touches of Electronica. The tracks and vocals are sunny and upbeat with a positive vibe infused into the music. Label: Fort Knox Records Tracks: 1,2

Breathe&Flow- Wade Fernandez

“Soaring From the Menominee Indian Reservation roots to rock all original by Wade Fernandez.   Track 6 begins with Flute Playing by Wade and words that describes the choices “Black Gold” soars with electric while the words speak from the heart “steal from our Mother to make our poison..” Track 9 traditional language.  Now is […]

John Brown’s Body – Kings and Queens

Group’s seventh and latest full-length studio album and first since Amplify in 2008. Future roots, reggae, and dub with intricately balanced weaving of vocals, percussion, keyboard, bass, guitar, and stunning 3-piece horn section. Album begins dark and heavy (lyrically, rhythmically, and instrumentally) as dub goes and progresses into the sublime sounds characterized by JBB’s unique […]