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Native Music of Northwest Mexico

All the instruments are wonderfully home made and this presentation is from a public dance at the Heard Museum recorded in the 1970’s.  Vocals, rattles, violins and flute and drum.

Traditional Gourd Dance Singers- Kiowa Traditional Songs

Recorded in 1977 with Bill Koomas, Sr. who revived The Gourd Dance in 1941.  Songs are sung in community and the 49 songs are sung after hours at a social event like a Pow Wow.

Traditional Lakota Songs- Porcupine Singers

This was recorded in 1977 on the Rosebud Reservation. These Pow Wow songs sung by one of the most popular pow wow groups has been remastered to honor these songs to be remembered and sung by the future generations.

Spirit Of A Woman-Radmilla Cody

Its a wonderful CD from Canyon Records of contemporary and traditional songs in Dineh language and english.  Radmilla Cody shares her gift/voice with great backup musicians too.

Seed Of Life- Radmilla Cody

Canyon Records produces this album with Radmilla Cody in traditional language, songs of the Elders she has learned them from as traditional teachings of way of life and “natural law”.  Radmilla is thankful for her gift of voice and these songs is her gift in motion.  Play All!!

Its A Cree Thing-Northern Cree

Round Dance Songs from a special group that is fabulously popular across so-called Indian Country, Northern Cree.  These songs and dances are social dances and often are sung in vocables or the Cree Language.  The group are playing hand held frame drums.  Play All!!  Canyon Records has been recording and supporting Native American music since […]

K’e Hasin-Radmilla Cody

“K’é (kinship), the foundation for Diné identity and survival as a people, transcends immediate family and extends in relationships ranging far across Navajo society. Featuring new songs by Herman Cody and Radmilla Cody, K’é Hasin (Kinship and Hope) honors the unifying force of Diné culture and community and includes Navajo and English lyrics..”   With […]

Encore!- Gabriel Ayala

“A member of the Yaqui people of southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala(Guitarist) is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans making a career performing classical music.”  In this CD Ayala does what he does best Guitar-playing.  This is a Live performance of Gabriel Ayala and friends produced on Gabriel’s record company […]

Native American Music Awards Winners Sampler-Various Artists

A sampling of the many music categories of the annual Native American Music Awards.  Thanks to NAMA for the sampling.  From Rap to Native Heart to Flutist of the year 2016.

The Wilderness Within-Khueex

“Khu.éex’ translates to “potlatch” in the Tlingit language. Using Alaskan Tlingit music as inspiration, the band performs contemporary funk/jazz improvisations to lay a foundation for traditional vocals which are layered and interspersed with spoken word and storytelling.” website:   With a new CD in the works for 2017 this Seattle, Washington based band, Khueex  and The […]

Flight- Cindy Paul

From Alberta, Cindy Paul is Metis and Cree and has a beautiful creamy voice that wants to sing you a country song.  Her title track has enthralled many and quickly became a favorite of Moccasin Tracks.  She sings to contemporary issues like Somebody’s Daughter speaks to gender violence.  play all.

Somewhere In There-Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Jazz and Contemporary Lakota Flute with Tiokasin Ghosthorse and friends.  Tiokasin is from the Cheyenne River Lakota.  Joyful Moon track has children’s voices and there is a track with a greeting from Tiokasin that includes his native language.  Enjoy this upbeat instrumental with flute including horns, keyboard, banjo and more.  Play all.

Water Is Life I- Various Artists

In this CD produced by Native American Music Awards 16 artists contribute to this CD called Water Is Life I.  Inspired to contribute to the Oceti Sakowin and their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline that would bring crude oil under the Missouri River,water Protectors are included in this CD as well as NAMMY 2016  […]

Dreams from The Grandfather-Robert Tree Cody

Both an educator and counselor Robert Tree Cody has taught folklore, crafts, music and traditional ways.  In this CD from 1993 Canyon Records Tree gifts us with voice and flute playing. Vocables in track 3 and voice in track 5 greets the 4 directions.  Moonlight dance is drum with the flute in beautiful harmony of […]

Breathe Deep the Dusk Fall- Louie Gonnie

Sung in traditional style with rattle and drum we are gifted with the feelings of gratitude for this beauty and feelings of humble existence s Louie says in the notes for Track 7, Transcendence and the Drum, ” a new dawn reflecting our yesterday.  Hearts on fire with spirit s blaze in tranquility.  There is […]

Roman Orona- Circling Spirits; Contemporary Apache Songs

Most of the songs are sung in Apache and vocables with Roman Orona in the lead vocals and playing drum, bells and sometimes his voice is also the backing vocals with each track giving the experience of feeling part of the round dance happening with this music in the circle of life with the indigenous […]

The Fifth World- 7th Generation Rise

Goodshield Aguilar,(Writer of the songs,Producer and Injuneer) shares this “Indigenous Soul” music with messages and guests that include John Trudell (Track 7), Mignon Geli (flute player) and Linda Faye Carson. (track 3)  Spoken Word and stories and current news clips pepper the songs  Seven,The Fifth World, Sierra War Cry.  Its FCC clean so play all!!

Horses Are Our Journey- Jay Begaye

Beautiful traditional songs sung by father and daughter of the Dine Nation about horses.  Each song in the Dine language gives a story of the relationship between human and horse.  Track 4 you hear rattle and drum and Tiinesha (Jay’s daughter) singing harmony.  Tiinesha contributes songs to this album as well in tracks 8,9 and […]

The River-Robert Mirabal and Ethel

From classical music show The Floating Head Of Zsa Zsa we are gifted with a copy of River recorded at the home of Taos Pueblo artist/musician Robert Mirabal with classical musicians.  Instrumental CD with exceptions  Tracks 3 and 7 when Robert recites his poetry.  some vocables throughout and fine flute playing with Robert Mirabal.  Surprises include  […]

Ethel + Robert Mirabal–The River

A collaboration between Ethel (string quartet) and the Native American flutist/drummer Mirabal, celebrating water (the Rio Pueblo). Poetry + music or instrumentals. Play!

Dream Weaver- Harmonic Earth (Matthew Thoma)

In this CD (Dream Weaver) with composer and arrangement/producer Matthew Thoma of Harmonic Earth we are gifted with gentle flute music with background ambiance of Nature and the most wonderful blend of sitar, percussion and guitar.  Each track is part of a series of three, with title track Dream Weaver tracks 7,8,9.  Other Worldly may […]

Earth Beat-Harmonic Earth (Matthew Thoma)

Track 8 includes Seagulls songs and there is a sense of being there on the beach with nature and the beat added is an opportunity to just listen how and where the music takes you.  In all this CD you can imagine sweet Mother Earth and although meditative there is sometimes a sweet dance beat.  […]

Tales Of Future Past- Matthew Thoma

World Beat featuring the Native American flute played by Matthew Thoma.  All music is played by Matthew with guests vocals on tracks 5 and 7 (Zefora)  basically an instrumental CD.  Summer Rain has a beautiful piano intro (track 4) Harmonic Earth is the musical project of Matthew Thoma who is from Ohio and of Seneca […]

The N’we Jinan Tour is a music initiative that brings a mobile recording studio into schools and community centres across First Nation communities in Canada. The tour is a collaborative project commissioned by the Cree Nation Youth Council in Quebec. The program is aimed to create an environment where youth can express themselves musically and […]

Wash It Away-Nahko And Medicine For The People

A single from Nahko and Medicine for The People with lyrics that speak from the heart of this indigenous creative troubadour based out of Oregon.  Wash It Away speaks to the prayers to Mother Earth and the cleansing she bestows.  enjoy this 9 + minute song as medicine for the people.