Label: Merge Records RIYL: Cass McCombs, Wilco FCC: Clean Powerful vocals and instrumentals of increasing intensity come together to create this soft-rock dad jam. The Clientele evokes a feeling of nostalgia mixed with surprising twists that come towards the end of the song. Very cool listen!

Label: Asthmatic Kitty RIYL: Ethan Gruska, Bright Eyes, Whitney, Bon Iver FCC: Clean This single from April 2023 is an instant classic indie love song. Reminiscent of 2010 heartbreak anthems, this song is slow, melancholy, and tugs at your heartstrings. Definitely take a listen!

Label: Shag on a Rock Records RIYL: Matthiew Boogaerts, Orlando Weeks FCC: CLEAN Focus: 2 This 2023 French-electronic-techno-jazz album is an immersive experience that explores new genres and connects cultures. The three songs on this single release all tie together perfectly and tell an interesting story. It’s very upbeat and the instrumentals take over in a […]

Release date: February 10, 2023 RIYL: Oneida, Teen Mortgage, Ausmuteants Track picks: 4, 8, 10 FCC: None High-energy driving rock out of Melbourne, Australia that brings a classic punk/krautrock sound. You can hear some Beatles/60s psych-rock influence as well. Cool stuff!

Release date: January 27, 2023 RIYL: Pretty Sick, Bad Nerves, Wine Lips Track picks: 2, 3, 6, 10 FCC: 5 Dude Safari’s first full-length release! An energetic blend of indie rock, garage rock, and post-punk featuring driving rhythms and lyrics that explore themes of anxiety and finding meaning in a chaotic world. Perfect for reminiscing […]

Label: Spikerot Records Release Date: March 24, 2023 Italian gloom purveyors, Shores of Null, submerges listeners with tempestuous and turbulent riffs. The band continues to hone its sound and take its melancholic dark metal to new heights. The Last Flower is downright catchy, as great leads and haunting vocals provide a focal point that makes for […]

Dozer– Drifting in the Endless VoidRelease date: 2023Apr21Label: Blues Funeral RecordingsRating: 5/5 I’ve been looking forward to reviewing the newest Dozer. Mutation/Transformation thunders to life with an old-school guitar/bass attack. Ex-Human, Now Beast is dominated by frantic drums. Dust for Blood makes me bang my fucking head off as if it were a Kyuss track. […]

Void King– The Hidden HymnalRelease date: 2023Apr07Label: Self-releasedRating: 5/5 The Hidden Hymnal is the newest release from Void King, whom I’ve reviewed in the past (Barren Dominion and There Is Nothing). Egg of the Sun unfolds into a masterclass dripping with sludgy hooks. The Grackle hits fast and furious with punk-ish drums blending into head-banging […]

Warcoe– The Giant’s DreamRelease date: 2023May12Label: Helter Skelter ProductionsRating: 4.5/5 Warcoe hail from Italy and are described as either traditional doom or proto-metal. Giant’s Dream is an old-school doom stomper that perks my ears. Cats Will Follow sounds like an outtake from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Omega Sunrise is slow and melancholic. Other tracks that caught […]

label: Saddle Creek Indigo DeSouza’s new album is fast-paced and full of rage and reflections. All of this will end is a nice follow-up to DeSouza’s previous albums and has the same tones. Great listen! RIYL: Samia, Slow Pulp, Wednesday, Lucy Dacus Start With: 4, 5 FCC: 1, 2, 6, 7 (must censor if played)

Label: Paper Cup Music. Laveda’s newest release is lyrical angst layered over dreamy synths and grunge era guitars. It’s emotionally charged, with nods to the lead singer’s own coming of age experiences. At the same time, the indie-pop tracks are fun and danceable. FCC: 1 Start with: 3, 4, 10 RIYL: Soccer Mommy, Boy Genius

Label: MergeRIYL: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Quasi, TMBG (kinda)FCC: 1 Good new Superchunk, interesting grungy guitar and driving beat – play track 2!

Label: Nettwerk Music Group Matt Maltese’s newest release, Driving Just to Drive, is full of purposeful lyrics and strong vocal melodies. The tracks are super catchy and easy to listen to, while also attacking deep themes. Lots of low piano chords and leading drum beats. RIYL: Billie Marten, Father John Misty, Lizzy Mcalpine, FCC: 6 […]

FCC: Clean RIYL: Pixies, Soundgarden, Minor Threat Album combines classic 90s grunge with a heavier, fast paced punk sound and ideals. Really tight album with a diverse sound catalog Track recs: 6,8,11,13

Label: 22Twenty The Oracle Sisters’ new album features strong, tinny piano and doubled vocals, all contributing to retro 70s-rock-esque ballads. Strong rhythmic drum fills and dancy electric guitar is also included on most tracks. Super fun album ranging from deep, reflective tracks to dancy, jam tracks. FCC: none! RIYL: Drug Dealer, Flyte, Peach Pit Start […]

Label: Run For Cover RIYL: Deafheaven, Darkthrone, Have a Nice Life FCC: Clean Start With: 2, 3, 6 Based out of Austin, Texas, Portrayal of Guilt takes a really unique and creative look at the world of black metal. On the ten-track EP, there are only 5 unique songs, with the last 5 being orchestral […]

Label: self-released RIYL: Conan Gray, Phoebe Bridgers, Isabel Pless, Lizzy Mcalpine  FCC: 9 Start with: 1, 5 Incredibly honest and emotional EP from singer/songwriter Kevin Atwater. Downer’s Grove brings clean layered harmonies to sharp beats, synth, and guitar. The songs center around Atwater’s experience growing up in his hometown. According to an Instagram post from […]

Label: Self Released RIYL: Cait Fairbanks, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kacey Musgraves FCC: Clean Chloé Caroline gained a steady following of listeners from sharing her music on Tiktok and Instagram. This EP is 6 songs of pure fun pop music! Worth a listen, especially if you’re into pop artists like Carly Rae Jepsen.

Label: Refresh RIYL: American Football, Tigers Jaw, Foxing FCC: Clean Check Out: #1, 2, 8, 9, 10 From Promoter: “The band are settling into 2023 with their sights set on a metamorphosis, driven by a desire to forge themselves into something bigger and brighter than ever before. Step forth new album ‘Elysian Skies’. Recorded with […]

Label: Ba Da Bing! RIYL: Neil Young, Madison Cunningham, Laura Marling FCC: Clean Check Out: #1, 2, 6, 11 From Promoter: “New Zealand based Tiny Ruins released their fourth album, Ceremony. The record is exportive in character, delving into various moods and sounds – songs like ‘Diving & Soaring’’ are simplistic and emphatic, with a […]

French Romantic organ works by Franck and Vierne.

Contemporary works for a variety of instruments/combos. Play!

Romantic and modern works for orchestra including the lovely Tallis Fantasia. Play!

Label: Ninja Tune FCC: Clean RIYL: Beach House, Grimes, Broadcast Focus: Dreamer, SunflowerA mix of shoegaze, indie-pop, and space-pop. Each track has a varying influences of each, so they all have their own experience!

In her latest single, Karaoke Song, Emerson achieves a catchy, masterful sound featuring layered electronics and instrumentals paired with a smooth, dreamy voice. In a press release, Emerson speaks of the single, saying, “‘Karaoke Song’ is the wondering and not wondering that fills in the gaps where all those little things used to live.” FCC: […]