Folksy, fun, and overall incredibly sweet, Golden State is full of acoustic softness and lyrical poetry. The first song, Simple Harmony, is exactly as advertised, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Be ready to perhaps shed a tear while listening to the truths of adult life juxtaposed against gentle childhood sounds. […]

A fresh, dream pop single from new Toronto-based band SWiiMS. Keep an ear out for catchy melodies, lethargic vocals, and a driving tambourine beat. Play! FCC: Clean

Remo Drive’s newest album, A Portrait Of An Ugly Man, doesn’t shy away from self reflection and talking about subjects such as mental health and self worth. These thoughtful lyrics are presented on a backdrop of catchy hooks and songs that flow effortlessly into one another. Overall, an enjoyable listen. Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 2, […]

Gravelly vocals, wailing guitars, and a relentless bassline come together for a track to head bang to from Noi!se. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Street Dogs, Dropkick Murphys, Rancidi

A beautiful album of new age folk fueled by horns, strings, and backup vocals. Mountain Time’s complex lyrics ask us the big questions about life. You’ll hear the influence of 60s and 70s sounds, such as those of Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan. Layered vocals, complex rhythms, and gorgeous guitar make for a […]

Dark and moody, Prism Tats’ (aka Garrett Van Der Spek) rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche” features powerful guitar and foggy vocals. Though Van Der Spek first deliberated releasing the song at this moment in time, he ultimately decided that music is his “greatest contribution to change and that should not waiver.” One hundred percent of […]

An energized and spirited track from Pillow Queens, featuring robust vocals, strong lead guitar, and a catchy chorus. Play for a bouncy, head-banging good time. FCC: Clean RIYL: Moses & The Burning Bush, Junior Brother, Bleeding Heart Pigeons

A new passionate single from Hey, King! The song has hints of Arcade Fire, Fiona Apple, and even Tom Petty. It shares a message which the songwriters wanted to send to their younger selves- a message of love and acceptance, that it is all going to be ok. Soaring vocals, an explosive string section, and […]

A gorgeous new single from Glen Hansard, created during his time in quarantine. Hansard himself says it best when he says, “All a song wants is to be heard. I hope something in this music can be of use to you. I know it has been of great use to me to make it. Beauty […]

Disheveled Cuss is the debut solo album of singer and guitarist Nick Reinhart. The sound of the record is 90s pop-rock inspired, and features some melancholy melodies, but lots of fun rock hooks. The entire album encompasses a wistful feeling for the past, and is worth a full listen. Play! FCC: 5, 7 TRY: 4, […]

Philadelphia-based Commonwealth Choir shows pop-punk and classic rock influence in their latest EP, No End. Featuring some jammin’ guitars and driving drums, the record is worth some air time (just watch out for number five). Play! FCC: 5 TRY: 1, 2, 3 RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Archers of Loaf, Balance & Composure, Sebadoh

Erickson’s first single as a solo artist, this song is a candy-coated track full of steady acoustic guitar, complimentary harmonies, and relaxed percussion. A great track for a day of fresh air and sunshine. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Ian Johnson, Elevator Ride, Treize

The newest album from a Chicago blues legend who is still making music in his 90s! Enjoy a record of originals and covers, all played and sung to perfection by Mr. Jimmy Johnson. As is his trademark, many styles are represented on the album, including some reggae (check out track #3!). Enjoy top-notch musicianship and […]

A sweet new single from Andy Jenkins featuring Erin Rae. Keep an ear out for floating vocals, unique chord progressions, and honeyed lyrics. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Erin Rae, Sam Evian, Matthew E. White

An album full of classic blues sound, complete with wailing harmonicas and raspy vocals. Burgin made this album as a compilation of some of his favorite players from his tours in Japan. It offers a peek into the Japanese blues scene, and boy is it hopping! Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 5, 8 RIYL: Breezy Rodio, […]

Welcome to the soundtrack to your next road trip. In his latest album, Robert Francis embraces “heart-on-sleeve, nostalgia-driven rock & roll” to create a masterful compilation of songs to make your heart feel full. The record features strong guitar, pretty harmonies, lyrics from the heart, and an impeccable mix. An album for the open road. […]

The newest album from Los Angeles-based Bad Cop/Bad Cop is full of political statements regarding the current state of the country, with an emphasis on moving past an angry reaction to a more productive response. The record features loud guitars, powerhouse drums, fierce vocal harmonies, and exudes female energy. Play! FCC: 10, 11 TRY: 3, […]

New pop rock single from Vienna-based, all-female band DIVES. Solid indie beat, bold lyrics, and sweet harmonies on the chorus. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: 5K HD, Scheibsta & die Buben, Ant Antic

You’re in for a major funky treat from Smoove and Turrell on their latest album, Stratos Bleu. Featuring a combination of soul sounds and house music influence, the record is full of driving, danceable beats. Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 1, 7, 10 RIYL: Soopasoul, All Good Funk Alliance, Lack of Afro, Flow Dynamics

New from Sammy Brue! This album is diverse, creative, and a solid piece of rock and roll. Featuring energetic guitar picking and thoughtful, storytelling lyrics, this teenager who is transforming the world of rock really hits the nail on the head. Take some time to listen to the full album- it’s worth it. Play! FCC: […]

Originally meant as a way to keep busy when Off With Their Heads was forced to cancel their tour, the band’s new stripped down, acoustic record is truly worth a listen. The album was recorded in a friend’s basement and features originals as well as covers (Shel Silverstein and Shudder to Think). The band describes […]

The latest release from The Claudettes, self-proclaimed purveyors of “garage cabaret” is a vintage-inspired collection of catchy tunes and heartfelt ballads. The album features seductive vocals and is driven by the sparkly piano playing of Johnny Iguana, who also wrote all songs on the album. Enjoy this combination of blues, jazz, and soul. Play! blues-jazz-soul […]

An excellent debut album from The Devonns! Hailing from the streets of Chicago, Illinois, The Devonns are heavily influenced by the classic soul sound. This throwback musical journey of an album features a contemporary twist and will have you swaying and bopping your head through each song. All complimented by strong string and horn section […]

A standard rock single from Archers of Loaf. Not fantastic, but not bad. Give it a listen! FCC: Clean RIYL: Superchunk, Silkworm, Guided By Voices

Fuzzy and bright, this new single from Special Moves reminds listeners to think about past loves (musical or otherwise) with nostalgic lyrics and a living room open-mic feel. FCC: Clean RIYL: early 90s indie rock