Dreamy strings, sounds similar to Weyes Blood. A blend of indie, folk, rock & country. Favorites are 3,5,9, all are clean. Play!

British rap, strong beats with sweet movement. Lyrically revolving around topics of introspection. Recommend track 15, featuring Obongjayar, 15, 17 clean. Play!

Eerie & evocative, beautifully composed with heavily emotional lyrics. The soundscapes are cavernous, layered with synths and grievously grey chords. Blakes voice holds the kind of resilience that comes from deep pain. Play tracks, 1,2,4,9,12.

Murmured, experimental spoken word. Lots of gritty distortion, lots of squealing brake disc noises. One track sounds like a theremin involved in a road traffic accident. One track is covered in bees. Challenging and mildly disturbing, in a way that’s hard to pin down. FCC: Clean GMR Artist: No Play: 2, 4, 7 RIYL: Aaron […]

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the erstwhile hero of early 2010s chap hop, Professor Elemental. He’s back, and this new album catapults us right back to the world of time-traveling, trouser-exploding, tea-drinking, knee-worshipping whimsy. In the vein of earlier albums like “The Indifference Engine”, “Father of Invention”, and “School of Whimsy”, this one tells […]

For clarinet/strings/piano, lyrical, contemporary works. Play!

Somewhat intense, modern works for strings.

20th century bassoon pieces, varied, with symphony. Play!

Classical era, lyrical, lively works, some Romanticism.

On her debut album, Lily Seabird reveals herself as one of Burlington’s best current singer-songwriters. Her detailed and emotionally grabbing lyrics and distinct twangy voice stand out over a backdrop of creative, fuzzy alt-rock sounds. Track Picks: 1, 3, 4 FCC: 6 RIYL: Breeders, Wilco, Big Thief, Courtney Barnett, Dinosaur Jr.

Britain’s first millionaire composer of very popular “light” classical works, disparaged by the critics–solo piano, highly lyrical, gentle mostly.

Abstract, contemporary/modern works by James Ricci and Arnold Schoenberg for solo piano, some jazz elements.

Really interesting contemporary chamber pieces, unusual instrumental combinations for some. Play!

Abstract works, mostly slow, for solo sax or up to 4 saxes. Play!

Dale Kavanagh performs her solo, classical guitar works–gracious and modern. Play!

Soundscapes with electronics and “sensory perception” drums–ambient.

A mix of classical/jazz/folk, some with voice–for piano, drums, clarinet, voice. Quiet and slow, mostly. Exploratory music by Stronen, Tanaka & Lee, the performers.

Really cool, interesting harmonies, and in the orbit of Stephen Steinbrink so you know that it’s gonna be hip. Pretty vocals! RIYL: Bachelor, Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Girlpool, Jay Som, Andy Shauf, FloristTRY: #4, 3, 9, 1

Nice heavy stuff with cool riffs. RIYL: The Replacements FCC: All tracks explicit

The vibe of the Dan is strong in this one. Funky with nice electric piano work, which is always a plus. RIYL: Steely Dan, The Walters FCC: Clean

New release that sounds maybe similar to some folks like the Lumineers or maybe Turnover? I enjoy the guitar riff in the chorus and hope you do as well! RIYL: Lumineers, Turnover FCC: Clean

Burlington’s Eric George is best known as a folk musician, but on this latest release he takes a dive into garage rock. Seven tracks of rapid-fire blues-based loudness over good-time grooves are squeezed into less than 15 minutes. Just in time for Spooky Season, George’s lyrics this time around focus on ghosts and ghost stories […]

Interesting pairing of instruments, abstract and modern. Play!

Excellent sax duos and some electronics, varied composers. Play!

Classic tango works with bandoneon and chamber orchestra. With works by Juanjo Mosalini, the bandoneon musician performing.