Guitarist/vocalist Allman (son of Gregg) with a mix of Southern Rock/Blues. Play!

Froth manage to breath new life into the sometimes stale genre of shoegaze. The band hail from Los Angeles and they capture some of the sun and sea in their music. Outside (briefly) is a blend of 60’s inspired surf rock, psychedelia, indie rock and shoegaze influences. Label: Wichita Play: 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 FCC: clean RIYL: Twin Peaks, […]

On his debut EP, In Loving Memory, Saro puts forth an impressively crafted thematic flow with a solid composition. The EP is a musical representation of the path traveled by those mourning the loss of a love, ending with in my opinion his most realized track, “Rampart”. Label: Mateo Sound Play: 2, 4, 5, 7 FCC: clean RIYL: The xx, […]

This album is the coalescence of everything Vagabon has been working on for the past few years. Originally putting her music out herself, this album is takes those songs and fleshes them out with some hard hitting drums, synths, and some  sludgy guitars. Not all the tracks are heavy though, some take on a dreamy […]

The psychedelic rock group that brought the looping Nonagon Infinity to us a little less than a year ago is back with a slightly different take on their usual sound. They have switched to microtonal instumentation creating a sound that is a bit hard to get used to, but very rewarding once you do. This […]

This self-titled album from this four-piece garage punk band is a fast paced, fun, rocker of an album. From the upbeat poppy openers to the slow droning pace of songs like Order, you always have a lot to sink your teeth into.  great for anyone in need of a punk fix. RIYL: Violent femmes, against me, […]

Backlash is a really nice blend of rock, soul, and funk. There’s a lot of great guitar riffs,  brass accompaniment, and bumping beats to satisfy most anyone. The track Shadow People takes on this great garage element with powerful fuzzy intrumentals, but is followed immediately by this James Brownian ballad. This Album has a little […]

The Molochs new album is at once reminiscent of all the plucky classic rock sound that made Bob Dylan so famous. With the harmonica accompaniment and guitar riffs, even the vocal delivery has a laziness to it that reminds of Bob’s more famous works.  A great album if you are ever driving across America, need […]

Built on traditional “bubu music” with roots in Sierra Leone, and still authentic, but re-imagined with trancey, pumping rhythms, samples from African bubu horns (like flutes), deep bass, & Janka’s signature vocals with chorus embellishments. Excellent music!

Tuareg rock ‘n roll, with beautifully intertwining bass & rhythm guitars, lilting beats, & plaintive vocals about the pains and joys of the Tuareg people. Recorded in Bamako & named after the band’s Sahara Desert home in southwest Mali. Nice Tuareg music! More here:

Lively music originating with those who fled tumultuous times (1973-1988) in this former Portuguese colony, an island 350 miles off the coast of West Africa, who preserved Afro-Iberian music but adopted electric instruments along the way. Lots of electric accordion, guitar, fast percussion, & soulful vocals. Fun!

Title translates “Real Dream” …a reference to Flavia’s journey from the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro to her successful musical career in Paris. Brazilian flavors mixed with reggae, ska, & a bit of French pop.

Title translates “Dear World.” Here are original Latin folk songs of love & protest, gently sung in Spanish by this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter with the instrumental support of some of her closest musical friends.

Lovely pieces by Schubert, Brahms and one contemporary piece by Del Tredici.

Nice collection of contemporary pieces for trumpet and piano. Some lovely pieces here!

Abstract, variable pieces for piano, strings, inspired by Native Americans and New Mexico. Play!

A mix of instrumental and voice, more tense and edgy than quiet, interesting!

Lush, Romantic pieces. Play!

A mix of piano pieces with piano and voice, lots of American works.

Gratitude: Native American Flute Healing has the ability to transport so hang on as the flute concert begins. With gratitude Jonah plays beautifully. The only track with vocals is Windspirits. The occasional drum adds a depth. play all.

This was recorded in 1977 on the Rosebud Reservation. These Pow Wow songs sung by one of the most popular pow wow groups has been remastered to honor these songs to be remembered and sung by the future generations.

DISCO3 is HEALTH latest and third remix album. The music has a fairly dark and experimental streak to it put still has a Pop element to it. It’s definitely different from your usual Pop and quite honestly it’s a little jarring and annoying to listen to. Tracks: 4,8

Max Cooper’s second album is titled Emergence. The album has an Ambient Dance vibe to it giving it that “upbeat yet dreamy” sound. A solid sophomore effort. Label: RIYD: Jon Hopkins, Throwing Snow Tracks: 4,6,7,10

Can You Ever Really Know Somebody is a single from The Juan MacLean. The original edit has a Deep House vibe that’s full of bounce and of course is anchored by Nancy Whang’s deadpan yet sensual vocals. The remixes have a similar feel but with a little more Techno grit. You can’t go wrong with […]

Pick A Piper’s latest album is titled Distance. The album has a Downtempo Dance vibe to it, dreamy yet upbeat. The artist often tours with Caribou to give you an idea of what he sounds like. RIYD: Caribou, Gold Panda, Four Tet Tracks: All Good