Lost In Stars’ self-titled debut album mixes House, UK Grime, Dubstep and Synth Pop with some experimental aspects mixed in. The music has Pop sensibilities with a little grit mixed in. RIYD: M83, Goldfraapp Tracks: 2,6,10

Electriclines is the debut solo album from producer Joe Goddard. Goddard has been around for awhile (he was a member of Hot Chip, one half of 2 Bears and is a songwriter, producer, DJ and co-founder of the Greco-Roman label). You can hear some of 2 Bears hear, the music is a mix of Synth […]

Without Warning is the Juveniles second effort. The music has a bubbly Synth Dance/Synth Pop vibe similar to The Juan MacLean or !!!(chk chk chk). The music has a clean, elegant sound that draws you right in. RIYD: Cut Copy, Juan MacLean, !!!(chk chk chk) Tracks: 2,4,7,11

Alter is the latest album from The Gift. The music has an 80’s vibe to it mixing New Wave with elements of Synth Dance and Disco Dance. A little dramatic(not bad in this case) with a sound a little different from what’s out there. RIYD: Tom Tom Club, Dean and Britta Tracks: 3,4,8,10

Move On is a single from Thomas Blondet. The disc has the original edit plus three remixes. The music mixes jazzy Synth Dance and Disco Dance for a fun, upbeat vibe. Tracks: All Good

Fire It Up is a track from Compass: Mexican Institute of Sound. The disc has three versions and mixes Latin influences, Reggae and EDM together for a fresh, club friendly sound. Tracks: All Good

The track St. Tropez from The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society has been remixed. The album contains the original edit plus five remixes. The music is rooted in Ambient and has variations that include Ambient Dance and Ambient Dub. There are also some mellower, lazy tracks. Overall a good chill out album. RIYD: Tycho, The Orb […]

Alive with drums (Nelsen Rios) and dancing rhythm, Rushingwind and the Native Groove (the band) gifts us with Fuego, the latest release with multi-award winning Native Flute Player, Steven Rushingwind (Cahuilla/Opata).  Call it World Beat or Native Fusion and play all these instrumental tracks for best results!!

Dave Hartley, member of The War on Drugs’ project Nightlands explores 70’s radio rock territory but never leaves the psychedelic too far behind. The album cover does a good job of summing up the central vibe of this album, “coastal dusk”. The twinkling synths and keys sparkle like twilight stars against layered vocals and warm […]

Strong early effort by this outfit from Philly, the current center of all fuzzy DIY indie-rock. Unlike other bands of this ilk, Loose Tooth has strong instrumentals and tight playing from all members. The loud guitars, drums and bass will remind you of Dinosaur Jr. but the vocals and jittery core lean towards Dismemberment Plan. Slacker rock […]

Cold War Kids return with their first album since 2014’s Hold My Home, which contained their biggest hit to date “First”. That song spent a whopping 64 weeks on the Billboard Alternative charts. On LA Divine, which is inspired by their hometown of Los Angeles, they bring more of their piano-driven, bluesy pop-rock led by […]

We All Want the Same Things is the third solo album from The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn, and his most fully realized solo release to date. Holden is known for his witty lyrics that often tell stories of working class people in the city. This album mainly focuses on personal relationships, and codependency is […]

Star Stuff is the result of a collaboration between Chaz Bundick (from Toro Y Moi) and jazz duo The Mattson 2. A set of psychedelic, more extended jams than you usually hear from Toro Y Moi. Some of the songs are instrumental, other songs have lyrics and aren’t too off from Toro Y Moi’s more […]

Closure is the third album from Swedish singer-songwriter Adna. Dark, theatrical pop, interchangeably using piano and guitar, with strong marching band-like percussion. Places more focus on the lyrics, rather than the ethereal, reverb-filled approach that other similar artists take. Heartbreak is a theme across the album, with the last song reaching an emotional climax. Definitely […]

Morning Report is the latest album from Hamilton, Ontario’s Arkells, a very popular rock band in Canada who have won several Juno awards, yet aren’t well known outside their home country. They are looking to change that with this album and have recently been touring with Frank Turner. Their newest release has a fairly mainstream, […]

Pinegrove has been making music for years, releasing and LP, some EP’s, and a few singles featuring their signature emotional folk-rock style which has been evolving overtime with more interesting instrumentation and lyrics near to poetry. Before the release of their debut album, Cardinal, they made a compilation of essentially everything they had released up to that […]

The product of a collaborative musical residency hosted by this Brooklyn-based artist collective and involving musicians from Pakistan, India, & America. Running through the tracks are influences from all of these places: Sufi Ghazals, Bengali & Tamil folk tunes, & even Appalachian fiddle. Celebrates our common humanity. Fantastic music!

Subtle, plaintive, acoustic masterpieces with smoky vocals from this Portuguese singer, songwriter, guitarist, & poet. Traces of fado, ladino, flamenco, & more contribute to this quiet Iberian gem. Check it out!

Folksy East LA Latin band that mixes traditional and modern Mexican/Latin influences while singing about their largely immigrant community and the challenges they face in achieving their dreams in today’s America.

La Unico Constante means ‘The One Constant.’ Smooth, mostly acoustic, folksy Latin songs with longing, soulful vocals in Spanish. Might some think of him as the John Denver of Havana?

Italian songs from the 1950s, 60s, and a few newer tunes that were inspired by these traditions. Possibly a good soundtrack for an Italian dinner party.

Unearthly Trance– Stalking The Ghost Release date: 2017Feb24 Label: Relapse Rating: 5/5 Two words come to mind: night terrors. Into The Spiral dominates, acidic drumbeats, searing every inch of your being. Dream State Arsenal like a hellwolf, plodding with cavernous bass, encrusted drums. Famine drones into existence with lethargic licks. Lion Strength conjures thoughts of Saint Vitus, […]

Welcome to Heathered, the synth-heavy debut EP from electronic duo darkDARK. According to the band, the record is about relationships. “Everything from the first moments with someone, which can be so amazing and fleeting, to the times where you’ve forgotten who you both are, change, and evolve […]” darkDARK recently told Consequence of Sound. Haley Bonar’s […]

Take a trip into Latin Folktronica with Argentinian born singer-songwriter and an actress Juana Molina. Having not heard of Molina before, it’s unknown what differentiates Halo from her previous six albums.  Tracks like “Los pies helados,” “Cosoco,” and “Cara de espejo” are upbeat and catchy, but the album’s general demeanor is pretty cloudy. The nearly 57 minutes of echoing vocals and […]

Ryan Pollie is the sole creative genius behind LAPD. He has released one full length and a handful of singles before signing to Anti Records. This latest release, the first released on Anti, dips heavily into elements of psychedelic indie-pop with some surf pop vibes. Occasionally, like on track 3 and 4, he even crafts […]