Some very nice contemporary works for oboe! Play!

The McCormick Percussion Group performs these fairly abstract works, some with slow start, most longer than 5 mins. Play most!

Contemporary string quartets performed by the Carpe Diem String Quartet, intense and interesting!

Contemporary works and first recordings by Spanish composers, all varied some more abstract, one with voice. Play!

First recorded in 1984, a live performance of electronic music instruments, improvising with computer.

A variety of solo horn works, contemporary and lyrical, one with voice.

BTV’s beloved surf punks have gone through some changes in sound and personnel since their debut album. This record is a much fuzzier and more psychedelic record than their first, with more complicated song structures and a lot of horror allusions, but the core of their sound – chiming surf riffs and confessional, emotionally forthright […]

A mix of works, electronic, acoustic and/or voice–varied rhythmically.

Abstract, contemporary works for violin/piano/cello–lyrical but also tense. Play!

Romantic era piano for 4 hands, gracious, lyrical. Play!

Poetry put to abstract music with 43 tone tuning…

Two long string quartets inspired by walking the world–droning, ambient.

Release date: March 19, 2021Label: Anti- Shores, Fleet Foxes fourth album, demonstrates the progression and maturity of a songwriter. After returning from a long hiatus with brooding and confrontational Crack-Up, Shores is a wall of sound full of grace. The album opens with several tracks that are likely to get stuck in your head. Sunblind is […]

The 2nd album from Winooski’s Clever Girls amps up their sound, featuring both catchy indie-pop numbers and massive, distorted grunge ballads. Many of the lyrics are inspired by frontperson Diane Jean’s journey to self-acceptance, self-understanding, and coming out as non-binary.  Track Picks: 3, 5, 8, 9 FCC: 7 RIYL: Phoebe Bridgers, Hop Along, girl in […]

Flute Soundscapes is an apt titel for these ambient pieces, from Baroque to impressionistic. Play!

Very interesting, lyrical and flowing works for chamber, small orchestra. Play!

Singer, cellist, composer, collaborator, these are ambient works, some voice and electronics.

Ambient, yet intense works, interesting with voice.

Percussionist/composer Hepp performs these abstract works.

Composed from 1940 to 1960, varied pieces, modern, one jazz.

Contemporary works for flute & piano, lilting & abstract. Play!

Baroque era works by French composer, lilting, dancing.

Mostly modern pieces for cello and violin by eastern European composers, with folk elements. Ravel’s particularly lovely.

Modern/contemporary works for viola & piano by Chilean composers, varying rhythmically. Play!

Very lyrical, impressionistic and minimalist piano pieces.