Jazz/minimalist piano duos, lots of staccato vs. lyrical. Play!

Inspired by Western roads travelled, lovely, quiet guitar pieces. Play!

Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio plays French classical, Romantic and modern pieces, mostly well-known.

Gracious, modern wind chamber pieces. Play!

Transient Canvas performs contemporary, abstract clarinet and marimba pieces. Play!

Armenian composer’s lovely, modern pieces reflecting folk elements. Play!

Transcriptions of classical, modern works plus new works. Play!

Electronic with acoustic insruments, otherworldy, like sci-fi music. Play!

Finnish modern/avant composer–strong orchestral works, play most!

Modern French works for violin and piano, rhythmically varying.

A collection of works for flute, cello and piano from Romantic to modern. Play!

Very abstract, with very slow starting, mostly quiet droning works for strings, electronics or recorder.

Contemporary chamber wind-focused works, forceful and one work by the composer’s student. Play!

Abstract works, some very loud and tense, performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.

Percussionist Bonnie Whiting performs very abstract pieces, with spoken voice, by various composers and one of her own.

Gracious, elegant and contemporary solo piano pieces. Play!

Kuniko Kato performs percussion works by Akira Miyoshi–mostly quiet, abstract marimba. Play!

Wet Ink Ensemble performs very abstract soundscapes with electronics and acoustic instruments. Sample!

Electric guitar quartet Dither performs these minimalist vs loud, aggressive works. Play!

Really interesting, varied pieces for a wide variety of instruments: sax quartet, flutes, double bass, strings, electric guitar…

Beautiful, ambient improvisations and co-compositions for specialty guitars, classical guitar and and flute. Play!

Sarunas Jankauskas performs these varied works by other composers, with a variety of instrumental duos, or voice, including one of his own compositions. Play!

Contemporary works, abstract and interesting exploring the Balkans and musical elements.

Pieces for voice or orchestra or piano. Instrumentals varied and nice! Play!

Overview of some of Lithuanian composer’s works–modern, very interesting mix of instruments and rhythms. Includes chamber music, quartets, and orchestral works. Sample!