Mike Block’s exploration of Bach and other composer’s Bach-like pieces. Play! Advertisements

Jazz inflected , contemporary works for flute, strings and piano. Nice!

Five marimba pieces, varying in style and length. Play!

With Baroque instruments, (baroque oboe, viola da gamba and harpsichord) Songs from theBaroque to pop  and modern interpreted

The Jerusalem Quartet performs two string quartets, both recognizable and wonderful, by Ravel and Debussy. Play!

Collegiate chorale group performs contemporary works, some with musical accompaniment and electronics.

Witchthroat Serpent– Swallow The Venom Release date: 2018Nov23 Label: Svart Records Rating: 4/5 Witchthroat Serpent hail from Toulouse, France. Feu sacré sears the soul. Lucifer’s Fire rages, bleaker than fuck. Pauper’s Grave plods eerily in unison. The Might of the Unfall is fierce with thunderous riffs. Scorpent Serpion is infectious, thumping the eardrums. Red Eye […]

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats– Wasteland Release date: 2018Oct16 Label: Rise Above Records Rating: 5/5 Uncle Acid return to torment ears and minds. I See Through You with urgent, dystopic beats. Shockwave City, an earth-shattering ride through a sea of trash and vermin. Blood Runner moves to pulsating drumbeats.  There’s No Return from hazy, eerie riffs. […]

Mostly short orchestral pieces, contemporary. Play!

TV and movie theme songs performed by sax with harp and electronics. Lots of ambient, meandering pieces by well-recognized composers–Glass, Richter, Des Plat, Zimmer…Play most!

Songs from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, gracious classical with native musical elements.

From 1940’s through the 50’s, these are modern sounding, abstract works for winds, strings, piano. Play most!

A collection of pieces for trumpet with percussion, ranging from abstract, to highly lyrical marimba! Duddell’s and Brostrom’s works particularly nice!

American narrative songs from Chicago, most composed in the early 1900’s, with piano.

For percussion and clarinet, one piece 24 mins. long, lyrical, ambient.

Release date: September 14, 2018 Label: Napalm Records Conan has been blowing up recently. I don’t want to hype Existential Void Guardian too much but it snuck into my top metal albums of 2018. Existential Void Guardian is doom at it’s finest. The album starts with Prosper the Path and the pummeling never lets up. Eye to Eye to Eye threatens to crush […]

Mostly slow, quiet and abstract works for marimba and bass clarinet. Play!

Modern works for flute, harp and strings. Play!

Early 1900’s works, clearly Impressionistic, gracious, lovely flute pieces. Play!

Bach works for guitar or transcribed. Nice!

Unusual combination of sax and harp, beautiful modern/contemporary pieces. Play!

American works for ensemble with strings, flute or oboe. Play!

Finnish composer uses harmonics, microtones–abstract, wandering. Play most!

Works both composed but with improvisation by musicians, very abstract. Each performance is different.

Beautiful Slavic works for string orchestra. Dvorak’s well known. Play!