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Project W–Works by Diverse Women Composers

With different styles, and rhythms, and from various musical eras, excellent!

Peter Thoegersen–Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality

Radical composer with many layered polymicrotonal synthesizer. Sample.

Matej Mestrovic–3 Rhapsodies for Piano and Orchestra

Slavic and Chinese musical instruments in some of these pieces plus a “New England Rhapsody”–nice!

Music for Solo Clarinet

Fun, abstract and rhythmic solo clarinet works for bass, demi, B flat and E flat bass clarinets, mostly modern. Play!

Suenos de Espana–Spanish Art Songs

Art songs from late 18th to early 19th century Spain. All very Romantic! Play!

Poetry of Places

Nadia Shpachenko continues her pianistic explorations with new works about particular places and their traits. Some strident and abstract, others lyrical. Play!

Songs Without Words

Pieces based on songs with words or not, interesting mix of cello, bassoon and piano, some well-known pieces. Play!

Anton Dressler–Livemovement

Classical yet electronic clarinet works, echoing, lyrical. Excellent!

Le Rossignol en Amour

Harp works from the Classical era to modern–Hindemith’s especially nice! Play!

Erik Lund–Memos

Seeking to translate ideas into sound, these are highly abstract, intense works for a great variety of instruments and rhythms. Play!

Martin Ptak–River Tales

Pieces telling the story of the Danube river, minimal, varied rhythmically as water can be. Play!

David Rosenboom–Deviant Resonances

Experimental music, soundscapes with instruments/electronics, ambient and machine-like. Sample.


Beautiful Romantic and modern flute and piano pieces. Play!

Dutch Cello Sonatas

From two Dutch/German composers Witte and Hutschenruyter, lovely, Romantic pieces. Play!

Zibuokle Martinaityte– In Search of Lost Beauty

Ominous, droning strings, soundscapes, ambient for piano, cello and violin. Play most!

Borodin, Weinberg, Shostakovich

String quartets by 3 composers performed by the Dragon Quartet, from the Romantic and modern eras. Weinberg’s String Quartet No. 5 in B fl maj. particularly lovely. Play!

Louis Karchin–Dark Mountains/Distant Lights

A mix of abstract pieces, solos, duets, trios, both strident and lyrical. Play most!

Gernot Wolfgang–Vienna and the West

Fun, varied pieces for piano, winds, strings–some jazzy. Play most!

British Guitar

Modern/contemporary British works for solo guitar–short and sweet! Play!

Scott Wollschleger–American Dream

Abstract, meandering, ambient pieces for solo piano or a mix of percussion, vibraphone, bass. Play!

Catherine Lamb–Atmospheres Transparent/Opaque

Sonic and tonal explorations,  intermingling, droning, expressing how sounds can be difficult to individualize, just like the color spectrum and its shades. The Dedalus Ensemble performs (elec. guitar, winds, strings, voice).

Uri Caine–The Book of Days

Prism Quartet performs these 7 movements, sonically  expressing each day of the week, telling a story with jazzy inflections. Play!

Chen Yi–Ba Yin (The Eight Sounds)

The Prism Quartet with the Conservatory Wind Symphony Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City perform this Asian-influenced work, both lyrical and dissonant.

Joel Grare–Des Pas Sous La Neige

Very interesting percussion works (cow bell, cymbals drums, etc.)–lyrical, and delicate predominantly. Play!

Tchaikovsky and Dvorak–Serenades

One serenade each of these composers, both formal, well-known and gracious performed by the Archi di Santa Cecilia. Play!