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Arlene Sierra, Vol. 3–Butterflies Remember a Mountain

Contemporary, abstract, somewhat tense works for strings and piano. Play! Advertisements

Karim Al-Zand–Studies in Nature

Very interesting, varied pieces for a variety of instruments, voice. Play!

Allen Shawn–Five Piano Sonatas

Abstract, somewhat staccato and lyrical solo pieces.

The Compassion Project

An idea originated in 1993, in response to world atrocities–pieces expressing compassion from composers throughout the world. Play most!

War to Peace

Works for violin and piano by Prokofiev, Ferguson and Messiaen, inspired by WWII and the Holocaust. Somber, beautiful! Play!


Lovely pieces transcribed for harp and flute, some well-known. Very restful! Play!

Musica Incognita–20th Century Sonatas for Horn and Piano

Brassy or quiet pieces, by Eureopean and American composers. Play most!

Stephen Dodgson–Chamber Music with Harp and Guitar

Gracious, elegant, modern works. Play!

Philip Glass–Three Pieces in the Shape of a Square

Transcribed pieces for trumpet, “minimalist” but also older pieces that are quite varying. Play!

Maithree–The Music of Friendship

Indian instruments influence some non-Indian pieces, or perform modern Indian works. Play!

Brahms/Carter Clarinet Quintets

Interesting combination of classical vs. abstract and modern clarinet quintets. Play!

Serenades & Sonatas for Flute and Harp

Gracious works from different eras, inspired by English Gardens. Play!

Ingrid Stolzel–The Gorgeous Nothings

Beautiful, gracious, contemporary music, some with voice, varying instruments. Play!


Mellifluous saxophone quartet pieces, all contemporary. Play!

Stefano Scodanibbio–Alisei

Mostly slow, quiet works (some long) for double bass and strings. “Due Pezzi” faster. Play!

American Souvenirs

The Blue Violet Duo (piano and violin) perform a nice mix of works with classical, jazz and blues elements. Play!

Silent Voices–Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Lovely chorale works with texts from a great variety of sources and beautiful musical accompaniment performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble. Play!

Boundless–American Works for Solo Piano

All contemporary works with highly varying styles–play!

Blues Dialogues–Music by Black Composers

Blues-based works, 1920’s to contemporary, performed by renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine. Play!

Portraits in Music–For Oboe, Bassoon and Piano

The Iowa Ensemble performs modern to contemporary pieces. Nice!

John A. Carollo–Music from the Ethereal Side of Paradise

Interesting mix of pieces for various instruments (guitar, violin, orchestra, flute) with some voice. Play most!

Russian Trumpet Sonatas

Modern, Russian trumpet works with piano, varying in style, play!

Luca Lombardi–Music for Solo Flute

Avant yet accessible peices for solo flute (alto, bass) Play!


Abstract, lovely works for marimba, including works by the performer, all composed from 1990’s on. Play!

Los Angeles Brass Quintet

Brass works through time–Baroque and on. Modern pieces nice!