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Music for Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon

Modern works for wind trio, varying. Nice!

Sankofa–A Spiritual Reflection

Negro spirituals performed by bass baritone (Oral Moses). Beautiful!

Philip Glass–Violin Concerto No. 2 and Violin Sonata

With his signature repetition, the Violin Concerto No. 2  “American Four Seasons” is lyrical and mostly slow, (with orchestra), the Violin Sonata is much faster (with piano). Play!


Mostly recognizable works for violin or transcribed for violin, and orchestra, showing the violin as a singing instrument–Baroque to contemporary.

Doorways–Half-Remembered Music

Comparing and contrasting works for solo piano, demonstrating that while composers seek to create new music, they also look to the past. Play!

Shih-Hui Chen–Silvergrass & Other Orchestral Works

Contemporary works for Chinese traditional instruments with orchestra–rhythmically varying. Nice!

Napoleonian Guitar Sonatas

Early 1800’s guitar works, elegant, Romantic, some with violin. Play!

Heavy Weather–Wind Concertos

Varying, contemporary works for winds, featuring, saxophone (nice!) or other brass. Play!

Pascal Schumacher–Sol

Beautiful vibraphone and percussion pieces, ambient, flowing. Play!

Jackson Greenberg–First Light

Two pieces, the first one ambient and flowing for orchestra, the second for voice, in German, telling the poem of the Panther by Rainer Rilke.

Wolfgang Muthspiel–Angular Blues

For guitar, double bass and drums, mostly abstract, smooth jazz with 2 works vaguely classical. Play!

Ludovico Eindaudi–Seven Days Walking

Beautiful,  minimalist works for piano, some cello, inspired by seven days walking in the mountains. Seven versions of each. Play!

Pantha du Prince–Conference of Trees

Henrik Weber, primary composer of Pantha du Prince, with works for electronics and percussion, variable styles ranging from minimalist to classical. Play!

Pedro Farias Gomes–Chamber Works

Contemporary works for wind and strings. Interesting rhythmic changes! Play most!

Henri Pousseur–Works for Flute

Mostly abstract, lyrical pieces for 1-3 flutes, except 2 works with electronics that are not so lyrical. Play most!

Horatio Radulescu–The Complete Cello Works

Finding connections with music/math and other arts, sound units/vibrations for cello and piano.

The Art of Carol Lieberman Vol. 2–Modern Violin

A collection of widely varying composers, all violin with accompaniment. Nice!

Vicente Asencio– Complete Guitar Music

Lovely, modern works for solo guitar, nice tonal shifts.

Stanley Grill–and I paint the stars with wings…

Lovely, contemporary orchestral works featuring different instruments, some with voice.

Fred Lerdahl–Vol. 6

Really interesting contemporary works for orchestra, some Baroque/Classical elements

Howard Skempton–Preludes and Fugues

Gracious, modern, very short pieces (58!) for solo piano.

Tales from Malaysia–Between Two Worlds

Lovely transcriptions or works for guitar by Malaysian composers or inspired by the music. Gentle, lyrical. Play!

Mark John McEncroe–Musical Images for Chamber Orchestra

Contemporary, mostly short orchestral works, lyrical but not cutesy. Play!

Duality: Works for Tenor Saxophone and Piano

Contemporary and modern works–nice!

Chinary Ung Volume 4–Space Between Heaven and Earth

Cambodian composer seeks to alleviate suffering with his music which he describes as “futuristic folk music”, combining Asian and western elemets. Sample