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Louis Karchin–Five Compositions

Varied, contemporary works for symphony, solos or duos. Play most!

Amelia Kaplan–String Music

Expressive contemporary works for strings with piano and/or clarinet.

Curtis K. Hughes–TULPA

Ranging from strong vs. lyrical, abstract pieces for percussion, string ensemble, winds. Play!

Vagn Holmboe–String Quartets Vol. 1

Strong, vibrant string quartets, all modern

Kalevi Aho–Solo

Modern and contemporary works for solo winds or strings, otherworldly, meandering, abstract and mostly lyrical.

Jeremy Haladyna–Pok-Ta-Pok

Subtitled “Sky Games from the Mayan Cycle’”, these are pieces inspired by the composer’s Mayan studies, and quest for Mayan music. Abstract, some eeriness, with percussion, organ, piano or harpsichord.

Sound Visionaries–Debussy, Messiaen, Boulez

French composers linking impressionism, mysticism and modernism. Boulez’ more abstract.

French Duets

Pieces probably written for children or to invoke childhood—impressionistic, lovely!

The Sound of Black & White

Armenian & American works for piano, many recognizable and popular, by Khatchaturian, Gershwin and Levant.

Dark Matters–Carillon Music of Stephen Rush

Carillon bells & other instruments making really interesting and different sounds. No church bells ringing here! Play!

William Schrickel’s Heavy Rescue

Modern works, varying rhythmically for double bass, strings and some clarinet. Laura Karpman’s inspired by Jaco Pastorius. Play!

Joseph Fennimore–Blow

Music for winds & piano, from mostly older recordings, so some sound tinny. Sextets to duos with various combinations of instruments. Play!

The Isolated Cellist

A collection of solo cello works from Baroque to contemporary. Nice mix of European/Great Britain traditionals and compositions.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor–Uncovered

Afro-British violinist/composer born in 1875, these are gracious string quartets influenced by Brahms & Dvorak, with piano. Play!

Nate Wooley–Mutual Aid Music

Varied works inspired by people helping each and the ensemble musicians helping each other–for strings, vibraphone, percussion, trumpet and others.

A Clarinet in America

Modern, gracious works for clarinet & chamber orchestra by Copland, Bernstein & Rozsa. Excellent!

Alien Stories

Highly varying works–loud and squeaky to melodic. Play most!

Robert Pollock–Entertwined

Very interesting, varied instruments, abstract, over a period of 50 yrs. Play!

Eric Lyon–Giga Concerto

A rewrite of Brahms op 105–jazzy, with drums and violin duo.

Simone Piraino–Verso la luce

Highly lyrical, mostly slow pieces for strings and piano. Play!

Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson–Moonbow

Abstract, slow works for strings and winds–interesting!

British Guitar Music

Gracious works, from Baroque to modern.

Lo & Behold

Percussion works (mostly drums) and accompaniment. Play!


A highly varied collections of pieces–lyrical to soundscapes, for strings, winds and electronics.

Douglas Boyce–The Hunt by Night

Abstract works, mostly intense but not all, for strings and piano, one with guitar.