Future Kult – Future Kult [Action Wolf]

From Promoter:” The initial spark of Future Kult caught on in a remote river valley in Hidalgo, deep in the Mexican countryside. For three months in late 2020, film composer Sion Trefor and musician/art producer Benjamin Zombori left their respective lives in Cardiff and Berlin behind and set out to channel the music of the future. Like a trip into a parallel musical universe, the nine tracks of Future Kult are dark, mystical visions of a world coming undone. Unfolding in a mind-bending mass of mangled vocal chants, raw guitars, stark, whipping beats and driving harpsichords, the songs are thematically linked, describing a world in which we are all fighting a battle of retreat against overwhelming technological forces. With a visceral grip and suffused with mystical undertones, this is music that brims with images of fracturing empires and warping masculinity, war, addiction, heroism and doubt; it is uninhibited by desires to pander to algorithms, to appease platforms and the sycophancy of “content.”

RIYL: Gorillaz, Sleaford Mods, Crack Cloud

Start w/ #1, #5, #6, #7 | FCC on #2, “Pissed” on #3″

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