Sunset Honor Unit – Sunset Honor Unit [Marching Bananas]

From promoter: “

Sunset Honor Unit is an underground pop supergroup fronted by primary songwriters Drew Kirby (Mothers, Twen, New Wives) and Jake Chisenhall (Delorean Gray, Fake Flowers), backed by Noah Estrella (Floral Print), Dariush Mirsajedin (Ladrones) and Jason Bronson. The group focuses on classic forms of pop escapism filtered through a modernized, hyper-saturated DIY home-recording ethic. The whole project was tracked by the band themselves, Kirby at the helm, overdubs done at Estrella’s home, all before handing the project over to Andy Lemaster (Bright Eyes) to mix and carry it over the finish line. With an omnivorous palette and enormous appetite for good hooks across a litany of genres, Sunset Honor Unit aims to musically embody the optimism implied in their name and all the space-age nautical aesthetics.

RIYL: Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Pernice Brothers, The Byrds

Start w/ #1, #2, #5 | FCC CLEAN”

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