Monthly Archives: July 2009

Black Unstoppable

Chicago based AACM member, flutist, leader, composer leads group on originals that encompass blues, avant garde, R&B, modal and postbop. Exciting arrangements, inspired playing.

Live @ Green Mill

A lesser-known saxophonist from Chicago leads small groups in passionate extended originals. Nice work on ballads, solo development by veteran.

Pearls Before Swine

Guitarist leads modern creative group in tunes with many twists and turns, a Beatles and Monk cover. Very interesting.


Guitars, cello, reeds on short moody atmopsheric pieces to artsy explorations all with a creative twist. Not mainstream jazz.

Circle The Path

Violin, bass, drums on avant/modern creative tunes, some edgy scraps-bangs-plucks on violin. Great bass lines by Joe Fonda. Some subdued.

Panta Rhei

Top Danish keyboardist on brilliantly realized solo piano improvisations. Inventive, passionate and gorgeous.

Sharp Turns

French brothers on bass and drums lead group through tightly performed postbop, modern mainstream originals and 1 Coltrane tune.


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