Get Over It!

Care Bears On Fire are described as a pop-punk and the band is headed by Sophie (guitar and lead vocals), Izzy (drums and backing vocals) and Jena (bass and backing vocals). The music is sugary pop-punk with a good dose of the Go-Gos meets The Donnas. Vocals are somewhat cloying but otherwise, the drums and bass are right where they should be for the style. The tracks I like most are Superteen (which has a bit of a Ramones feel to it), Barbie Eat A Sandwich (has a decent pause between drums and bass a la The Donnas) and Gym Class Haze (again, a decent Ramones-like feel).

If you can get past the fun name and silly lyrics, you’ve got an interesting album from a band that obvious has decent influences. Again, the vocals might need a bit of work but if they stick around long enough, they could enjoy a bit of success. After all, music is supposed to be fun and this certainly isn’t rocket science. Check it out.

FCC: None
Recommended Tracks: 2,4,7
RIYL: Go-Gos, Donnas, Ramones, Lunachicks

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