The Heart Collectors – Timeless Space (Spins the Gold Records)

The new EP from Australian folk group The Heart Collectors is truly emotive of joy, nostalgia, and a whole collection of other feelings. But that is just a happy side-effect to the true showcase of this release: the beauty of music, specifically acoustic instrumentation and the human voice. Written during the pandemic, Timeless Space is a soft, reflective release, with tracks such as Eyes Wide Open and Inside Out showcasing this approach. Finger-plucked guitar, lush cello, reserved melodic phrasing, and beautiful harmonies all combine to create an ethereal/folky atmosphere. Standout tracks include Sirius, with probably the best hook on the EP, and Pieces II, which brings it to a close by moving away from the reflective toward the inspiring. In all, The Heart Collectors have created a piece filled with emotion and beautiful music.


FCC: Clean

RIYL: Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac

Track Picks: 5, 2, 1

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