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Tombstones In Their Eyes – A Higher Place (Kitten Robot Records)

Tombstones In Their Eyes’s A Higher Place is a solid shoegaze release. Its psychedelic droning entices you to vibe out while simple, ear-wormy, and laid-back melodies provide the hook. Sonically, its multi-layered production is not dissimilar to the drone of My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive, or the subtle aggressiveness of Ride or Catherine Wheel. The […]

The Heart Collectors – Timeless Space (Spins the Gold Records)

The new EP from Australian folk group The Heart Collectors is truly emotive of joy, nostalgia, and a whole collection of other feelings. But that is just a happy side-effect to the true showcase of this release: the beauty of music, specifically acoustic instrumentation and the human voice. Written during the pandemic, Timeless Space is […]

GA-20 – Crackdown (Karma Chief Records)

Boston blues band GA-20 have come out with their new album Crackdown. A crushed production approach gives this Chicago Blues release a definite blues-rock sound, a real nostalgic-feeling drive. Fairweather Friend starts this off with a modern Black Keys-eque sound, whereas Easy On the Eyes, Be My Lonesome and, I Let Someone In, amongst others, pull […]

Dead Horse One – When Love Runs Dry [Requiem Pour Un Twister]

When Love Runs Dry is this French heavy shoegaze band’s first EP since 2012. It features five tracks (first three heavy, last two somber) in a very satisfying release from Dead Horse One. An excellent “wall of sound” production style is utilized to great effect, pushing the gritty instruments beyond heaviness into more lush orchestral […]