SIS/Gnani/Native Cat

Sis is singer and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Gillespie Mason. Founder of Native Cat Recordings, which has released albums by Bay Area artists Luke Temple, Brijean, and John Vanderslice. Inspired by the uncompromising spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane—the kind of music that seems to wordlessly get at a human life’s divine strivings—Mason set out to write a new work to reach that deeper place within herself and to heal. Using vintage keyboards, she sought to weave an intimate but vibrant sound that fuses private psychedelic journeys with the more joyful group-calls of electro-pop. Drawing on her longtime admiration of Four Tet’s synthesis of sampling, loops, and heart-centered compositions, furthered these new sonic explorations. Bringing in the intuitive and fierce playing of Brijean Murphy on percussion, and Doug Stuart on bass, brought Gnani to its fullest expression.

RIYL: Flock Of Dimes, Bedouine, Cassandra Jenkins

Start w/ #1, #2, #4 | FCC CLEAN

(Tori from Tiger Balm)

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