The Valery Trails – Buffalo Speedway

The Valery Trails are a band out of Houston, TX who play a style of rock that sounds like it came from the 90’s (or a band who became popular in the early 90’s and are still putting out music today). Their new album Buffalo Speedway was recorded in Australia, where two of the members, vocalist/songwriter Andrew Bowers and his brother, bassist Sean Bowers, are originally from. Their music has the right combination of grit and jangle, reminiscent of Bob Mould/Sugar or REM’s earlier work. Some good anthems on “Starsong”, “Children” and “Fragment Hanging”. “There is Love” is an upbeat pop song with keyboards, and the title track brings to mind The Clash.

RIYL: Bob Mould, Sebadoh, REM

Play: 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 6

FCC Clean

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