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Void King- The Hidden Hymnal

Void King– The Hidden HymnalRelease date: 2023Apr07Label: Self-releasedRating: 5/5 The Hidden Hymnal is the newest release from Void King, whom I’ve reviewed in the past (Barren Dominion and There Is Nothing). Egg of the Sun unfolds into a masterclass dripping with sludgy hooks. The Grackle hits fast and furious with punk-ish drums blending into head-banging […]

Parra for Cuva–Belle de Nuit

Minimalist, lyrical solo piano pieces.

Aspen Jacobsen – Arsonist Daughter

Arsonist Daughter, the first full-length album of Aspen Jacobsen, is a display of wisdom. With Americana-style guitar and dream-like folk influence at the core, her lyrics offer insight into relationships, religion, and more. Label: Aspen Jacobsen Music Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Noah Kahan, Big Thief, Leith Ross

Absence of Thought – Darelle Wonder Forver (Side B) [Bragala Records]

Absence of Thought creates lush soundscapes on Side B of a wonderful ambient, electronic, and beatless split project. Darelle Wonder Forver is the debut project for the label Bragala Records with artist SSJ4Weed on Side A. Bragala Records is an independent label based out of New York. The label’s Bandcamp page features the description: “Electronic […]

The Wolf in Our Own Backyard – Carrion Songs, Vol. 1 [Records DK]

The Wolf in Our Own Backyard returns with a fantastic 5-song EP. This project showcases the artist’s fantastic acoustic guitar (and banjo!!) playing and songwriting. It is an incredibly beautiful, cohesive, and stripped-down collection of mellow folk songs that sound especially wonderful in the morning. If you buy this EP on Bandcamp, you can choose […]

Immy Owusu – Mantra [Single], Hopestreet Recordings

Immy Owusu, a multi-instrumentalist from the Australian Surf Coast, has released his first single with Melbourne label Hopestreet Recordings, Mantra. Immy’s ‘Afrodelik’ style to music, which encompasses psychedelic rock, funk, and West African roots, is captured in Mantra, a dreamlike slice of his music. While exhibiting an atmospheric and psychedelic unique afro-funk sound, it’s clear […]

Demonio- Electric Voodoo

Demonio– Electric VoodooRelease date: 2021Dec18Label: self-releasedRating: 4/5 Demonio hail from Italy and their sound has been described as psychedelic doom. From the Grave is chock full of distorted fuzz. Acid’s Dream is sonically similar to a certain Monster Magnet track, which I enjoy. Tracks that stood out were Evil Pleasures, Ritual of the Knife and […]


Burlington-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jessica Amelia’s new 11-track album is delightfully quirky and still punk af*. It’s heartfelt, somewhat atonal DIY with unusual toy instruments and, if I’m not mistaken, actual wood-working tools, along with Amelia’s own unmistakeable voice. The songs all largely deal with issues of queerness, harassment and spaces — some safe, […]

Stonemongers- Join the Trip!

Stonemongers– Join the Trip!Release date: 2021Jul07Label: Self-releasedRating: 4/5 Stonemongers hail from Russia and play music that reminds me personally of bands like Nebula and Fu Manchu. Fuck, we got on wrong planet struts with commanding riffs set against an avant-garde soundscape. It’s just all over the place but I love it. Cryogen takes you straight […]

Oscar Rossignoli–Inertia

Lyrical, solo piano works, contemporary and a little minimalist.

Cortege- Capricorn

  Cortege– Capricorn Release date: 2019Sep27 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Cortege is a duo from Austin, TX with a strong focus on atmospheric, instrumental drone-doom. Each track is unique, building upon the last. Aurora ripples gently against the shore, whistling and flourishing. The Watch gurgles to life with somber strums and sorrowful noise. Occultation rumbles softly. Capricorn expresses […]

Void King- Barren Dominion

Void King– Barren Dominion Release date: 2019Sep13 Label: Off The Record Rating: 5/5 Void King return with their second full-length release. A Lucid Omega thunders to life, a thick slab of foreboding doom. Leftover Savages has impeccable, precise drums with a touch of psychedelia. Burnt At Both Ends plods to somber vocals. Of Whip And […]


Pinewalker– Migration Release date: 2019Sep06 Label: Self-released Rating: 3.5/5 This is the first time I’ve heard of Pinewalker, who hail from Utah. Sentinel intensifies with ba-da-dum drums, evil bass hooks. Burning Earth is somewhat like dirty thrash meets muddled bass. Maelstrom adds a touch of melody that gives way to thunderous sticks, while Space Witch takes an onerous approach. The Thaw […]

Wykan- Brigid- Of The Night

Wykan– Brigid- Of The Night Release date: 2019Jun07 Label: Self-released Rating: 3.5/5 Wykan hail from Montreal, QC with their newest release. Imbolc (The Cleansing) is full of soft vocals set to foreboding drums, breaking into an epic bass dirge. Breo Saighead drips of hazy doom, thunderous riffs following. Rei-Luil Bride eschews the softness with pounding heaviness. I […]

Elektric Mistress- S/T

Elektric Mistress– S/T Release date: 2019Jul19 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Elektric Mistress roared out of Halifax, Nova Scotia to bring you this excellent EP. Turn to Grey comes to life, soft spoken vocals, descending into hazy, sunburnt guitar. Cuba Time chugs sludge with reckless abandon.Meeting of the Minds is full of enough riffs and hooks to […]

Mourn the Light/Oxblood Forge- Death Is Lurking

Mourn the Light/Oxblood Forge Death Is Lurking Split EP Release date: 2019Sep13 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Mourn the Light hail from Norwich, CT. Lost All Control lurks in the darkness with tortured vocals set to sludgy riffs. Drags Me Down plods through the swamp. Bewitched is an excellent cover of the Candlemass track at a slower pace. Oxblood Forge hail […]

Andrew Shapiro– Solo Piano Highlights

Lyrical, gentle (mostly), mininamalist and ambient piano pieces. Play!

Alberto Giurioli–4 songs

Four songs from composer Alberto Giurioli from his upcoming 2019 album, piano with computer and instruments, minimalist.

American Souvenirs

The Blue Violet Duo (piano and violin) perform a nice mix of works with classical, jazz and blues elements. Play!

Hitman- The Offering: Side 1

Hitman– The Offering: Side 1 EP Release date: 2018Sept14 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Curtain Call hits fast with dirty riffs. Under The Weight crushes, throbbing drums with a hell of a swagger. Nero tears it up, thick massive licks, romans ablaze. Enchanted Wizard/Hail The Outro charges forth, taking no prisoners as it lays waste to the landscape with […]

Northern Crown- Northern Crown

Northern Crown– S/T Release date: 2018Oct12 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Second release from Fort Lauderdale’s Northern Crown. I Am Your Slave throbs sorrowfully, reminding of subservience. Merciless, They Let You Suffer in Cathedral chains, infernal noise. Chasing The Sun, soulful voice punctuated with thunder. The Desert and The Wind, a melodic twist, light and crisp. Righteous & Pure, yet cannot […]

Empress- Reminiscence

Empress– Reminiscence Release date: 2018Feb12 Label: Self-released Rating: 5/5 Empess are comprised of members of Seer and Craters, inspired by obscure (to me) doom group Elder. The Offering is a wall of sound unto itself, raw and visceral. Immer projects eeriness flowing into thick bass hits. Baptizer is fucking killer, starting off with dank bass echo giving way to dirty […]

Ruby Bones – Ruby Bones

Debut album from New Jersey band Ruby Bones. 11 tracks of energetic, catchy garage rock with pop hooks and saxophones giving it a nice touch. Unique lyrical style but can get a bit repetitive since a lot of the same themes show up through different songs. The album’s biggest flaw is that it can get […]

David D’Anglo-Born In Paradise

Born In Paradise is an album from David D’Angelo. The music is a mix of Electro R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop sensibilities surrounded by Ambient soundscapes. A very smooth debut album. RIYD: DJ Frane, Taylor McFerrin Tracks: All Good

Howling Giant- Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 EP

Howling Giant– Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 EP Release date: 2017Aug25 Label: self Rating: 4.5/5 Follow-up to Part 1 from nearly a year ago. Henry Tate drones slightly, giving way to a thick, psychedelic essence. The Pioneer has sabbath-esque hooks, pleasing the ears. Visions of lush, mellow guitars, set to a gentle breeze. The Forest Speaks softly with […]