TEEN- “Carolina”

“Harmony-driven psych pop with an emotional intensity”

Following the release of their 2012 debut, In Limbo, Brooklyn quartet TEEN is back with a five-song EP, Carolina. The band, started by Teeny Lieberson in 2009 (which also features Teeny’s sisters Lizzie and Katherine and local musician Jane Herships), wanted to focus on creating a new sonic environment, with Teeny singing in a higher register inspired by Kate Bush and Al Green. In addition, the four-piece wanted to capture their dynamic live show and aimed to write songs that also retained their signature harmony-driven psych pop sound. Tracks like sing-songy pop gem “Cannibal” show this new simplicity the band has achieved while “Glass Cage” portrays a previously unheard emotional intensity.

play ALL:  1-5

riyl: Zola Jesus , Lykke Li

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