Ghost- Prequelle

Release date: 2018Jun01
Label: Loma Vista
Rating: 5/5

Papa Emeritus III has fallen, bringing the rise of the mysterious Cardinal Copia.

Ashes scatter ominously, growling drumbeats. Rats scurry into the night, his wrath set against a melodic dirge. What’s a plague without dance? He scorns with conviction as Faith is his alone. He implores one to See The Light with a touch of sickly sweet pop.  Miasma permeates, suffocating the senses. Danse Macabre seduces in an upbeat manner, display of his never-ending love. Pro-Memoria a somber reminder, you will die. Witch Image, death riding in on a pale horse. Helvetesfonster tempts with sin, soft skin. Life Eternal brings the darkness to light, his final edict.

FCC: None
Try: ALL

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