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Dirt Woman- The Glass Cliff

Dirt Woman– The Grass Cliff Release date: 2020Mar13 Label: Grimoire Records Rating: 5/5 Dirt Woman hail from Ocean City, Maryland, forming in 2017. Lady of the Dunes greets the ears with an intoxicating haze of thundering drums. Creator drips with a sinister drone. Sleep and Electric Wizard come to mind due to the commanding influence […]

Den- Iron Desert

Den– Iron Desert Release date: 2019Nov22 Label: Corpse Flower Rating: 3/5 Den hail from Chicago. Pyrite stomps along with sludgy notes. Svalbard slows the pace with soft, sorrowful noise. Bone & Flies focuses more on the soft, atmospheric side of their footprint. Iron Desert is a somber piece that ties together elements of their sound. […]

Monolord- No Comfort

Monolord– No Comfort Release date: 2019Sep20 Label: Relapse Rating: 5/5 Monolord hail from Gothenburg, Sweden. The Bastard Son evokes a sinister plod. It’s one of my favorite tracks. The Last Leaf is a stone groover. Larvae bleeds of harmony and sorrow. Skywards is unabashed bluesy. Alone Together feels so profound that I can’t do it […]


Pinewalker– Migration Release date: 2019Sep06 Label: Self-released Rating: 3.5/5 This is the first time I’ve heard of Pinewalker, who hail from Utah. Sentinel intensifies with ba-da-dum drums, evil bass hooks. Burning Earth is somewhat like dirty thrash meets muddled bass. Maelstrom adds a touch of melody that gives way to thunderous sticks, while Space Witch takes an onerous approach. The Thaw […]

Wykan- Brigid- Of The Night

Wykan– Brigid- Of The Night Release date: 2019Jun07 Label: Self-released Rating: 3.5/5 Wykan hail from Montreal, QC with their newest release. Imbolc (The Cleansing) is full of soft vocals set to foreboding drums, breaking into an epic bass dirge. Breo Saighead drips of hazy doom, thunderous riffs following. Rei-Luil Bride eschews the softness with pounding heaviness. I […]

High on Fire- Electric Messiah

High on Fire– Electric Messiah Release date: 2018Oct05 Label: Entertainment One Rating: 4/5 It was a busy 2018 for Matt Pike, with new releases from Sleep and High on Fire. Spewn From The Earth roars forth with thundering drums. Steps of the Ziggurat/House of Enlil is full of sinister earth-shattering bass licks. Electric Messiah wrecks the soul with rapid fire […]

Ghost- Prequelle

Ghost– Prequelle Release date: 2018Jun01 Label: Loma Vista Rating: 5/5 Papa Emeritus III has fallen, bringing the rise of the mysterious Cardinal Copia. Ashes scatter ominously, growling drumbeats. Rats scurry into the night, his wrath set against a melodic dirge. What’s a plague without dance? He scorns with conviction as Faith is his alone. He implores […]

Dopethrone/Fister Split

Dopethrone/Fister– Split EP Riff Dealer Release date: 2016May11 Rating: 4/5 Dopethrone hail from Montreal, QC with fuzzed out sludge. Fister hail from St.Louis, Missouri. “Host”(Dopethrone) comes at you dripping with bleak sludge. It could have been recorded a decade or two earlier. “The Failure” (Fister) sounds (and probably tastes) like what blackened doom would be. […]

Witchcraft – Nucleus

Witchcraft– Nucleus Release date: 2016Jan15 Label:Nuclear Blast Rating: 4/5 Newest release from Swedish hard rock greats Witchcraft. Longer review coming soon. Picks: 1,4,7,10 FCC: None  

Valkyrie – Shadows

Valkyrie– Shadows Release date: 2015May12 Label: Relapse Rating: 5/5 Valkryie is a four-piece formed in 2002 featuring Alan Fary (bass), Warren Hawkins (drums), Peter Adams (guitar/vox) and Jake Adams (guitar/vox). “Mountain Stomp” opens with solid organic hooks that channel Black Sabbath. “Golden Age” is the yin to the yang of “Shadow of Reality”, the former […]

Cardinals Folly- Our Cult Continues!

Cardinals Folly Our Cult Continues! Shadow Kingdom Records 2014-08-19 3/5 Cardinals Folly hail from Helsinki, Finland and were once known as The Coven (2004-2007). Don’t let the subject material fool you for they are not mere followers of  the “occult rock” trend. “Chant of Shadows” chills the spine with layered guitars and bass set against […]

Brimstone Coven- Brimstone Coven

Brimstone Coven Self-Titled Metal Blade Records 2014-08-05 5/5 Brimstone Coven hail from Wheeling, WV, with a form of  retro-doom/occult rock that is  similar to Orchid and Uncle Acid. The opening drums on “Cosmic Communion” drift into psychedelic guitars/bass, mimicking the chops of Led Zeppelin . “Behold, The Annunaki” opens on a somber note, drifting into […]

Honor Found In Decay

Neurosis– Honor Found In DecayRelease date: 20120ct30Label: Neurot RecordingsRating: 4/5 Formed in 1985, Neurosis originally started out as a hardcore punk band. Over the years, their sound evolved into a mix of post-metal and/or sludge with some folk elements. It would be criminal to let Honor Found In Decay slip through the cracks. “We All […]


The Sword– Apocryphon Release date: 2012Oct22 Label: Razor & Tie Rating: 3/5 Apocryphon is the first album that doesn’t feature  original drummer Trivett Wingo, as well as their first release on Razor & Tie.  “The Veil of Isis” further reflects the move away from their doom metal slumber, showcasing the drum hooks of Jimmy Vela. […]

Red Over Red

Bathroom Rehab Corporation– Red Over Red Release date: 2013Jan22 Label: The Telegraph Recording Company Rating: 4/5 Originally released back in January (but did not receive until recently), Red Over Red is the debut album from CT duo Adam Wutjewicz (bass & vox) and Meghan Killimade (drums). Their sound is described as being similar to Kyuss, […]