Poison Season-DESTROYER (Merge)

With a large presence in the indie rock world as a part of the New Pornographers, Dan Bejar’s work as Destroyer has been equally acclaimed. The new album, Poison Season, is no different as the catchy sound of the New Pornographers is embraced while adding a more 70s style rock that adds a E Street-style backing to Destroyer’s sound. Volume is very cleverly used in this album as the first track paints a quiet picture and really embraces Bejar’s songwriting until the next track comes sprinting in with loud energy and a big band sound. The rest of the album explores the capabilities of a large band in regards to volume. The inclusion of multiple takes of Times Square is a fun look into the creative process of Bejar as he explores different styles with the same song.

TRACKS: 2,4,5,7,9

RIYL: Bruce Springsteen, Hunky Dory, The New Pornographers

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