Cardinals Folly- Our Cult Continues!

Cardinals Folly
Our Cult Continues!
Shadow Kingdom Records

Cardinals Folly
hail from Helsinki, Finland and were once known as The Coven (2004-2007). Don’t let the subject material fool you for they are not mere followers of  the “occult rock” trend. “Chant of Shadows” chills the spine with layered guitars and bass set against plodding drumbeats. “Morbid Glory” and “Sighisoaran” eschew the sinister pace for a progressive, melodic soundscape ala Cathedral. “The Black Baroness” stands out in contrast with gritty, discordant bass licks. “Fallout Ritualist” lays waste to everything else with somber instrumentation. There’s nothing that really grabs one by the ears  other than the tracks I’ve mentioned. Worth checking into if you prefer to disregard silly trends.

FCC: Check
Try: 1, 2,3,5,8
RIYL: The Coven, Cathedral

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