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We Are Hex – W.D.M.R.S. / Tongues 7″ (Latest Flame)

Indianapolis foursome whose Facebook info defines their genre as “stop it” and their current location as “BEWARE.”  Post punk, noise rock, doom metal: this four-track CD is densely layered, spooky, intense.  The first track (“W.D.M.R.S.”) refers to the song “Withcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls” from the 1960s band Coven (who apparently signed their record […]

The Order of Israfel- Wisdom

The Order of Israfel Wisdom Napalm Records 2014-08-29 4/5 The Order of Israfel hail from Gothenberg. Press release talked them up as the rightful successors to Cathedral. “Wisdom” delivers soft doom riffs set against a rich vocal backdrop. “The Black Wings A Demon” and “Born For War” eschew the plodding pace of the latter with […]

Lonely Kamel- Shit City

Lonely Kamel Shit City Napalm Records 2014-08-29 3/5 Norway’s Lonely Kamel return with their unique take on hard rock. “Shit City” and “I Feel Sick” evoke classic balls-to-the-wall NWOBHM with plenty of tasty drum hooks and nasty lyrics. The structure of “White Lines” is highly reminiscent of Ugly Kid Joe. Others that stood out: “Freezing”, […]

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Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword of Understanding

Opium Warlords Taste My Sword of Understanding Svart Records 2014-05-30 4.5/5 Sami Albert Hynnien returns in majestic form with tales of death and glory . “The Sadness of Vultures” echoes against a macabre soundscape. “The Self-Made Man” flows softly set against piercing drums and a voice that cries out,  I am sealing my destiny..To become […]


Northern Crown- In The Hands of the Betrayer

Northern Crown In The Hands of the Betrayer self-released 2014-10-14 5/5 I thought I had heard it all regarding doom. I really did. That’s until Northern Crown popped up on my radar. “In The Hands of the Betrayer”  throws out hook after blackened hook set to thundering drumbeats. I bang my head so fucking hard […]

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The Sabbathian- Ritual Rites

The Sabbathian Ritual Rites Svart Records 2014-09-05 5/5 The Sabbathian make their debut, formed by Chad Davis (Hour of 13), featuring Joey Downs (Altar Blood) and Anette Gulbrandsen (Leave’s Eyes, Nattsol, Mäctätus). “Ancient Curse” is fucking macabre. Candlemass comes to mind. “Ritual Rites” manages to top the former, annihilating your ears with visions of a […]


Corrosion of Conformity- IX

Corrosion of Conformity IX Candlelight Records 2014-07-01 3.5/5 Corrosion of Conformity return with their latest release since 2012’s Corrosion of Conformity. For those not familiar, CoC blends heavy metal with southern rock and blues. That’s as basic as it gets. “Brand New Sleep” heralds said return with riffs dripping with catchy sludge. Mike Dean’s bass […]


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