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John Zorn–Cat O’ Nine Tails

As is the norm for Zorn, dissonance, cacophony vs silence and lyricism.

John Zorn–The Mockingbird

Inspired by the character Scout in “To Kill A Mockingbird”, this is yet another exquisite & gorgeous release from Zorn, featuring the Gnostic Trio (harp, guitar, vibraphone). PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

John Zorn–James Moore Plays Book of Heads

Begun as a ten year old, Zorn’s explorations of the great variety of sounds that can come out of a guitar  with a great variety of tools: balloons, metal rods, violin bows, cymbals, etc.–very short etudes. Wild!

John Zorn–Transmigration of the Magus

Written for Lou Reed to help him on his spiritual journey after death, these are lovely pieces for guitar, vibes etc. Some of the pieces are more electric, more intense. Play!

John Zorn–The Testament of Solomon

Continuing with his cycle of music for the Gnostic Trio (B. Frisell–guitar, C. Emanuel–harp, K. Wollesen–vibes) covering Jewish themes, this is yet another gorgeous, highly lyrical disc with jazz, classical and folk elements. Absolutely play!

John Zorn (Tzadik) “In the Hall of Mirrors”

Music composed by the prolific Mr.  Zorn for piano trio, here expertly rendered by a protean threesome of players.  Beauty, mystery, dark rumblings…. An intriguing and rewarding listen if you leave your preconceptions at the door.

John Zorn (Tzadik) “Alastor: Book of Angels vol. 21”

Avant-garde composer Zorn and his band Masada take another step into the world of new Jewish music.  Influenced by Ornette, this radical and powerful music transports one to the Holyland. It has a classical feel that reveals more with each listen.     (DC)      

John Zorn–In Lambeth

Yet another lovely CD from Zorn, with his preferred trio of Bill Frisell, (guitar) Carol Emanuel (harp) & Kenny Wollesen,(vibraphone, bells)  inspired by the works of William Blake. Classical/jazz with some electric guitar occasionally adding a harder edge. Play!