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ANTH: Salsa – The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Salsa (World Music Network)

The artistic impact of the psychedelic 60’s was felt around the world, and had a strong impact on Latin music. Here are examples of the era’s impact on salsa music, including classic tracks and new interpretations by some of the big names in the genre. All very danceable …if you know the steps! CD booklet […]

ANTH: Africa – The Rough Guide To African Rare Groove (World Music Network)

The crate-diggers have raided Africa again! Here’s a collection of obscure African soul & funk, rhumba, & highlife infused with synth, horns, & fuzz guitar, all deemed worthy of a world audience. Many gems! (I love #4.) CD Booklet with details here

ANTH: LATIN – The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove, Vol.2 (World Music Network)

Another collection of gems for connoisseurs of obscure & unreleased Latin tropical dance music from the 1960s, plus five contemporary tracks by artists who revere the music of the past. Nothing hokey here; just great finds from the dusty record bins of Latin America, & some of the new music inspired by those legendary sounds […]

ANTH: ARABIC – The Rough Guide To The Music Of Palestine (World Music Network)

Nicely representative selection of Palestinian folk, pop, & rock covering many moods. Features artists from Israel, Palestinian territories, & ex-pats from elsewhere. Well worth a listen.

ANTH: AFRICA – The Rough Guide To African Blues (3rd edition) (World Music Network)

Here is a wonderful sampler of African blues artists from across the continent, from Mali & environs in Saharan West Africa, of course, but also from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Reunion, Sudan, & Zambia. Plus a fine bonus CD from desert Tuareg guitarist Alhousseini Anivolla. Lots of wonderful tunes!

ANTH: Arabic – The Rough Guide to Arabic Jazz (World Music Network)

Even after years of collecting this genre I could not have put together such a fine collection of Arabic-jazz fusion. Here are top tracks from highly regarded Arabic legends*, plus a bonus CD (“Chemsi”) featuring Hijaz, a band led by Tunisian oud player Moufadhel Adhoum & pianist Niko Deman. A real gem! *Ibrahim Maalouf, Renaud […]

ANTH: India – The Rough Guide To Indian Classical Music (World Music Network)

An assortment of contemplative, spiritual compositions by modern legends of the Indian classical genre. With truly careful listening, each work is capable of inducing a transcendent experience; which, after all, is the musical intention. Indian Classical Music CD Booklet here

ANTH: Cambodia – The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Cambodia (World Music Network)

In the early 1970s the Khmer Rouge systematically destroyed the pop musical culture of Cambodia (and many of the musicians). But survivors and exiles preserved many gems & a new generation has produced the next chapter in the story of psychedelic Khmer-pop, rock and 1960s surf music in Cambodia. Here is a fascinating collection of […]

ANTH: Latin – The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove (World Music Network)

A collection of rare and largely unknown mambo, rumba, salsa, cumbia, & descarga tracks from Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, & even the USA. Some vintage, some new. Choose your own favorites from a wide assortment!

ANTH: Arabic – The Rough Guide to Arabic Café (World Music Network)

Nice little collection of authentic Arabic café music; the sort you’d hear drifting out of sidewalk eateries & record stores in North Africa or as far northeast as Lebanon (but nothing further east). Authentic, evocative, & easy on the ears. Arabic Café booklet with details about the artists

ANTH: Latin – The Rough Guide To Latin Dance (World Music Network)

Choice examples of a much broader range of styles than one might suppose, including salsa, Afro-Latin, Afro-Colombian takes on soukous, highlife, & Afrobeat, big band cumbia, samba, Creole carnival, & more. A really nice collection!

Trance Percussion Masters of South Sudan – Wayo (World Music Network)

From Africa’s youngest nation, here is music performed by a village rather than a band; a community celebration of the ancient poly-rhythmic chants and other local musical expressions, with melodies played on a giant wooden xylophone  called a kpaningbo. If you’re really into ethnomusicology (or trance), then this CD is for you.

ANTH: Voodoo – The Rough Guide To Voodoo (World Music Network)

Toss your preconceptions. This is the sacred music of the West African diaspora who were brought as slaves to places like Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, & even New Orleans. With much variety, the music continues to live on and evolve. This collection features gorgeous choral vocals, evocative rhythms, and diverse interpretations by legends ranging from Baden […]

ANTH: Africa – The Rough Guide To African Music For Children (World Music Network)

Lucky kids! Here are sweet, fun, melodious tracks from a wide assortment of well-known African artists, chosen for their special appeal to children. Themes are also child-oriented; e.g., giving back to the community (11), helping each other (6), & obeying your parents (3). The African music is wonderful too! CD Booklet with track descriptions and […]

Etran Finatawa – The Sahara Sessions (World Music Network)

This band from Niger set up recording equipment in a tent in the desert and then over days made music in the tradition of their own nomadic Tuareg & Wodaabe tribes. Includes improvisations, talented guest performers who happened to stop by, lots of traditional instruments, & a message of peace.

Jyotsna Srikanth – Call Of Bangalore (World Music Network)

From Bangalore in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, here is classical Carnatic music featuring masterful violin and fascinating mridangam (double-sided drum) & khanjira (clay pot) percussion.  Rich & evocative music. Srikanth live at Momo’s Kemia Bar (London, UK)

ANTH: Brazil – Psychedelic Brazil (World Music Network)

A brilliant sampling of the psychedelic sub-genre that has been wildly popular in Brazil since it first emerged in the 1960s. Features a diverse assortment of old rarities & newer interpretations by iconic musicians. Much to discover – sample widely! Full CD booklet here.