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The latest from the duo patten is Psi. Patten was once a solo effort of artist “D” but has teamed up with artist “A” for this album. The music is a blend of experimental and IDM along with elements of Dubstep and UK Garage. The music has dark streak running through it and reminds me […]

Bibio-The Serious

The Serious is the most recent work from Bibio. Bibio has again moved into a different direction this time into a funky Disco Dance vibe. The tracks are smooth and fun and showcase his multilayered talent. Tracks: All Good

Aphex Twin-Cheetah

The latest from Aphex Twin is titled Cheetah. The music was inspired and made on the annoyingly complicated Cheetah MS800. When the Cheetah was introduced no one bought it and even today with retro synths back in style it’s been deemed worthless. That hasn’t stopped Richard D. James from taking a crack at it. The […]

Plaid-The Digging Remedy

The latest work from the group Plaid is an album titled The Digging Remedy. The music has an IDM vibe similar to Clark with the slightest hint of Downtempo mixed in. The album has a mellow vibe and is easy to listen to but it’s a little bland. It’s good for background music. RIYD: Clark, […]

Mark Pritchard-Under The Sun

Under the Sun is the latest from artist Mark Pritchard. Pritchard is a master of making music has conquered many genres under many different monikers. This album is no different. The music combines IDM, Drone Ambient, Folk and Jazz with each track having its own vibe. That said, the album feels complete and smooth even […]

Darkstar – Foam Island

Very strange experimental, electronic-based music, with found sounds and clips of people talking about fairly mundane things. Kind of a British “Humans of New York” theme, the liner artwork reminds me of that in addition to the dialogue throughout the album. Described by the artist as “themes of ambition and hope against the odds in […]

Oneohtrix Point Never-Garden of Delete

Garden of Delete is the latest from Oneohtrix Point Never. The album is very Experimental with elements of Rock, IDM, Ambient and Vapor Wave. The artist spent time touring with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden and you can hear the Industrial influence in the tracks. There’s also an Aphex Twin vibe hear as well. The […]


EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is an album by Rustie. The album has a raw edge to it with thumping bass, scrappy sequencing, and 8-Bit vocals. A bit of a tough listen but there are some solid tracks here. Tracks: 4,6,11

Darkstar-Foam Island

Foam Island is the third album from Darkstar. The music is a mix of Atmospheric Bass Music, Electro R&B and has a touch of Electro Pop. The resulting sound is one that is up beat and smooth but also has a little bit of a gritty, urban edge. RIYD: Junior Boys, Actress Tracks: 3,7,8,11,12

AFX-Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008

Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 is the latest from Aphex twin but under the moniker of AFX. The music is similar to his other works, frenetic, computer-y sounding music but there are a few smoother more minimal tracks as well. I’m not a big fan of the herky-jerky, spastic sound of Aphex Twin but I can […]

Nozinja-Nozinja’s Lodge

Nozinja’s Lodge is Nozinja’s debut album on the Warp Label. Nozinja has been called the architect of the Shangaan electro sound taking traditional South African tribal music and adding a 21st century twist to it. There are some Dub elements mix in and the music has a frenetic, upbeat vibe that will get you grooving […]

Hudson Mohawke-Lantern

Hudson Mohawke’s most recent work is titled Lantern. The music is a mix of Electro Hop, Neo-Soul, and Electro Jazz. There’s quite a bit of variety on this album so there’s something for everyone. Tracks: 2,6,7,12

Squarepusher-Damogen Furies

The latest from Squarepusher is an album titled Damogen Furies. The artist has expanded his sonic repertoire, ditching his signature Electro-Jazz sound for a glitch Drum&Bass sound instead. You can still hear Squarepusher’s Jazz influenced essence, though, in the tracks but the glitch gets to be a little too much at times. Squarepusher is always […]

Clark-Flame Rave EP

Flame Rave is the latest from artist Clark. The artist continues his exploration of IDM on this four track EP and also adds an element of Minimal Techno this time. The album has a perfect balance. The first two tracks are chaotic and frenetic while the last two are slower and more contemplative. This album […]

Future Brown- Future Brown

Self-titled debut from Future Brown is a mix of Hip Hop, UK Grime, Reggaeton and Dancehall.  The tracks are gritty and have a strong urban flair. Tracks: 1,3     FCC: 4,7,8,9,10,11

Aphex Twin-Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt. 2

Aphex Twin has returned just off the heels of his Grammy nominated album Syro with an album titled Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt. 2. Is this title a metaphor or some other innuendo about Electronica? Nope, this album was actually made by computers playing instruments that were built by the artist. The overall vibe is […]


The latest release from artist Clark is a self-titled album. This is the first new material from Clark since 2012’S Iradelphic and has a pretty solid IDM sound but is still very listener friendly. This album is perfect for the dance floor but is also great for your headphones. Tracks: All Good

Hudson Mohawke-Chimes

Chimes is a four track EP from Hudson Mohawke. The music is a mix of Bass Music and Electro Hop with a hint of Experimentation. The tracks have a strong Synth aspect as well and get you thumpin’. Tracks: All Good

Flying Lotus-You’re Dead

You’re Dead is the latest work from Flying Lotus. The album was originally supposed to be a straight up Jazz album that was to be better than that “Starbucks jazz shit”. The album though has taken on a much more experimental vibe that is “an experimental journey into the afterlife”. Several guest artists appear including […]

Aphex Twin-Syro

Aphex Twin is back after thirteen years with an album titled Syro. The music is classic Aphex Twin with a mix Dance Ambient and Industrial Techno with an Experimental edge. The sound is a little dated (his heyday was in the nineties) but the music is still well produced and has a good mix of […]

Eno/Hyde-High Life

High Life is the second collaborative effort from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. The album has been described as “an experiment that draws inspiration from the repetitive minimalism of composers like Steve Reich and Philip Glass and the polyrhythmic music of Fela Kuti and funk as well as continuing the landmark careers that Eno and […]

Brian Eno/Karl Hyde-Someday World

Someday World is a collaboration between two heavyweights of electronic music, Brian Eno and Karl Hyde of Underworld. The music sounds like both artists styles were put in a blender and mixed up with Eno’s 80’s Funk Pop mixed with Hyde’s smooth, vocals. There are a couple “harder” tracks with some guitars and heavier beats […]

Plaid-Reachy Prints

Plaid’s tenth and latest album is titled Reachy Prints. The music has an Ambient vibe to it along with elements of Downtempo and Synth Dance. The group’s label, Warp, has described the album as “a journey into a subterranean world” which you can hear in the music. The music has a dark edge to it […]

Squarepusher and Z-Machines-Music For Robots

A collaboration between Squarepusher and Z-Machines (which is a band made of robots) is an album titled Music For Robots. Squarepusher teamed up with Japanese roboticists who created a music performing system. There are several different robots with extraordinary music-making capabilities, from a 78 fingered guitarist to a drummer with 22 arms. Squarepusher composed an […]


ESTOILE NAIANT is the first full length album from artist patten. The music has a strong experimental quality to it with diverse beats, elements of Psychedelic Pop, Found-Sound and trippy synths. While these tracks have wandered off the beaten bath and into the wilderness of electronica they are oddly easy to listen to and are […]