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Modern/contemporary works for viola & piano by Chilean composers, varying rhythmically. Play!


Spanish and Latin American, mostly modern transcriptions for viola and piano, by well-known composers.


All contemporary works for viola with the violist singing/ talking or other vocal sounds, some almost sound Baroque. Interesting!

Rose Petals-Canadian Music for Viola

New Canadian pieces for viola and piano duo, lyrical to stark, almost atonal. Play most!

Works for Solo Viola

By Scandinavian composers, sombre, contemporary viola pieces. Excellent!

Alto Mystic

Solo viola works, fairly abstract, sometimes quite intense, by Spanish composers. Play!

Trios for Two

Two performers, three instruments (viola, piano/percussion), highly varied collection ranging from loud, to quiet and eerie. Play most!

Music for Two Violas

Compositions written from late 1800’s on but sounding modern, and from different cultural backgrounds. Play most!

Russian Giants–Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Weinberg, Stravinsky

Great works for viola and piano, especially Weinberg’s! Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ¬†well-known.

Kristina Reiko Cooper–Around the World with Love

Love songs from around the world performed by viola, piano, some percussion. Some better than others, that are a bit pop.

Piece de Concours-Romantic Works by French Composer 1896-1938

Subtitle says it all! Play!

Czech Portraits–Czech Viola Music

Works from the early 20th century  for viola and piano (or transcribed) by Janacek and others. Emotive!

Suites for Viola–Reger, Busch, Weinreich

Solo Viola suites, Romantic yet modern. Busch’s particularly beautiful. Play!


Violist Melia Watras performs beautiful, contemporary works for solo viola or with piano, voice, harp and/or percussion. Play most!

An American Menagerie–Music for Viola and Piano

A collection of works, most of them inspired by animals: witty, sweet, play!


Works by composers during the WWII, Jongen, Ullman, Hindemith, Hua and Klein. Varying, intense, modern. Title refers to the year Hindemith composed the piece that struck the musician profoundly.

Convergences–Brahms and Clearfield

Two very different composers’ works for viola and piano–Romantic vs. abstract–Play!

Spanish Sonatas for Viola & Piano

A mix of Romantic to modern pieces by del Campo, Fleta Polo, Gerhard and Cervello. Play most!

Hidden Treasure–Viola Masterpieces

A collection of gracious works for viola and piano by varied composers: Enescu, Vieuxtemps, Mendelssohn, Bowen and more. Play most!

Odyssey–New Music for Viola by American Women Composers

Interesting modern works for viola solo or with piano. Includes pieces by Larsen, Bond, Matthews, Tann & Wei. Play!

British Rhapsody–Music for Viola & Piano

Mostly gracious pieces, including some by Delius and Bowen. Play most!