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Alexis Aranda–Conciertos

A mix of concertos, quiet and lyrical or strong, for flute, guitar, piano and/or orchestra. Play!


Nice mix of contemporary works for string trio, also modern and baroque together. Play!

Shadow Blues

Flute trio “Trio D’Argent” performs these works for Asian flutes with urban sounds, works by varied composers and by a member of the trio–lyrical to environmental sounds.

Arboles de Vidrio–Musica Contemporanea para Piano

Interesting, mostly lyrical, contemporary Mexican solo piano pieces. Nice!

Hard Core

Abstract works for strings, percussion, flute and/or piano by Boulez, Carter and Ishii. Play most!


Violin with electronics, echoes,  generally abstract with some atonality. Play most!


Solo cello/electronic pieces by young Mexican composers–classical/avant–some quite lovely. Play most!

Monologos–Contemporary Mexican Concert Music for Solo Violoncello

Lovely collection of pieces for solo violoncello. Play most!


Very modern, abstract flute-based pieces, variable in lyricism

Horizontes Mexicanos

Contemporary works for flute trio, staccato and wandering, play most!

Furia y Silencio

Contemporary pieces for flute and ensemble, both electronic and acoustic, by young Mexican composers. Play!

Invocaciones II & III–Musica Mexicana para Flauta y Piano Siglo XX & XXI

Nice collection of works for flute (solo and with piano) by Mexican composers. CD2 has more abstract pieces. Play most!


New music for flute and electronics by young Mexican composers, eerie, echoey…Play most!

negrofuegocruzado–bass clarinet

Avant-garde works for bass clarinet and accompanied by other instruments or electronics, by young Mexican composers. Play m0st!

Endekalaidos–Contemporary Mexican Percussion

The Tambuco Percussion Ensemble performs young, Mexican composers’ works. Play!

Salvador Torres–Obras de Estreno Mundial

Very abstract, forceful works for larger ensemble by the Mexican composer, Salvador Torres.

Herbert Vazquez–Pruebas de Vida

Fairly abstract works for guitar and other strings or ensemble. Some very intense, yet not distractingly so. Play most!

Mexico Entre Dos Siglos

A selection of Mexican piano works, mostly modern, by  a wide group of composers, including Ponce, Moncayo, Castro and others. Variable, play!

Saxtlan–Saxophone Quartet

Interesting Mexican pieces for sax quartet–contemporary. Play!

21st Century Lyrical Clarinet Concertos

Pieces from 3 composers (Toussaint, Alonso-Crespo & Fitts) that reflect differences in regions and the clarinet’s lyrical and dramatic uses since its development. Play most!

Mexican Electroacoustic Saxophone

Mostly avant-garde pieces, but smooth given the instrument. Play or sample most.