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Continuidad y Deformacion–Contemporary Works from Latin America

Nice collection of percussive, drumming and plucking abstract pieces. Not typical.

Japanese Echoes

Comparing/contrasting Debussy’s works with Japanese composers. Debussy loved Japanese music and these composers are seeing if they can find his musical muses with these clarinet and harp pieces. Play!

I Was Like Wow–Contemporary Music for Oboe

A mix of pieces for bassoon ranging from lyrical to abstract/avant. Play!

Felix Draeseke–Chamber Music

Neo-Romantic works for horn and winds by a forgotten composer. Play!

Ferdinand Bruckmann–Chamber Music

Modern pieces for violin, cello and/or piano, some imitating elements of other composers. Play most!

Duo Imaginaire–Quinar

Abstract contemporary works for clarinet and harp. Zabel’s pieces for microtonal harp. Play!

Uli Johannes Kieckbusch–Evening Moods

Piano  improvisations of folk tunes. Highly lyrical, gracious. Play!