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Tamikrest – Kidal (Glitterbeat)

Tuareg rock ‘n roll, with beautifully intertwining bass & rhythm guitars, lilting beats, & plaintive vocals about the pains and joys of the Tuareg people. Recorded in Bamako & named after the band’s Sahara Desert home in southwest Mali. Nice Tuareg music! More here: http://www.tamikrest.net/

Imarhan – Imarhan (City Slang)

The Tuareg people of Northern Mali and Southern Algeria have become legendary for their brand of desert blues, but these guys are building on the legend with a little less “round the campfire” rustic and a little more polish. The music features quite thoughtful arrangements, tight instrumentation, & gorgeous production. If you like Tinariwen, Tamakrest, […]

Kiran Ahluwalia – Sanata: Stillness (Kiran)

This Juno award-winning Canadian singer-composer (born in India, now living in NYC) beautifully fuses classical Indian, Pakistani qawwali, & Sahara desert Tuareg blues to create her very own exotic style. Also features her own Indian folk & ghazal style vocals. Also features her jazz guitarist husband, Pakistani-American Rez Abbasi, and Nitin Mitta on tabla. What […]

Mamani Keita – Kanou (World Village)

An exceptionally good vocalist from Bamako, Mali, who won music awards even as a child and then at age 17 was invited by Salif Keita to go to France & sing in his band (which she did). This is her 4th CD (1st solo), incorporating lots of claps & electric guitar in the desert Tuareg […]

Etran Finatawa – The Sahara Sessions (World Music Network)

This band from Niger set up recording equipment in a tent in the desert and then over days made music in the tradition of their own nomadic Tuareg & Wodaabe tribes. Includes improvisations, talented guest performers who happened to stop by, lots of traditional instruments, & a message of peace.