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Traditional Songs From Warm Springs- Ellen Squiemphem, Susan Moses, Bernice Mitchell, Adeline Miller

Located in Oregon and sung by the women of the Warm Springs Reservation these songs are representative of the traditional songs song by the people for 100’s of years and presented here so they may be remembered by the future generations. Originally released in 1998 by Canyon Records.  Part of our “Historical Collection” at WRUV […]

Once In A Red Moon- Joanne Shenandoah

This amazing singer-songwriter gifts us with songs about her Nation (Oneida) and in the tradition of story-telling each song is a re-embering of Traditional values.  From  Canyon Records this CD was originally released in 1994.  Full of feelings and folk-style singing with many verses in Oneida language.  Play All.

Native Pride-Thunder Hawk Singers

The Thunder Hawk Singers are Donald Blackfox, Mark “SoaringEagle” Ramponi, Laura Brightstar Vannah and Philip “Two Trees” Crosby.  Traditional Songs include the Mi’Kmag Honor Song, Gathering Song.  Play Northern Cheyenne Round Dance !