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Diego Conti–Music for Violin & Percussion

Minimalist, abstract works for violin and/or percussion. Play!

Sylvano Bussotti–Works for Flute & Percussion

Works for flute or/and percussion, lyrical to broken silences. Play!

Harp Music by the Harpsichordists of the 17th Century

Gracious music performed by harp, originally composed for harpsichord. Classical era. Play!

Goffredo Petrassi–Monologhi

Works for solo guitar, or piano, or harp and others, lyrical but also abstract and abrupt.

Raffaele Bellafronte–Guitar Works 2021

All contemporary guitar pieces, some w/ mandolin and percussion. Play!

Maurizio Guernieri–Chamber Works

Somewhat intense, modern works for strings.

Edoardo Bruni– Hyperkronos

Really interesting contemporary chamber pieces, unusual instrumental combinations for some. Play!

Giacomo Gottifredo Ferrari–Music for Harp & Piano

Although composed in the Classical era, these works have a Baroque sound due to the old forms of the instruments, relative to current instruments.. Gracious & elegant.

Diego Conti– Music for Violin & Piano

Contemporary works, either quiet or strong, all abstract.

Cello Extension

Decidedly abstract works for solo cello–lots of stops, plucks, groans, with some lyricism as well.

Flute XXI

Excellent collection of Italian composers’ modern works for a variety of flutes. Play!

Anzaghi, Arnoldi, Garbarino, Spinosa, Vacchi–New Music for Violin

Somewhat intense, contemporary violin works, others playful.

Edoardo Bruni–Ars Modi

Interesting pieces one trio for clarinet, cello and piano, and other very gracious, minimalist works for harp. Play!

Luciano Simoni–Chamber Music

Gracious, modern works for strings, piano or cimbalom. Nice!

Music for Solo Clarinet

Fun, abstract and rhythmic solo clarinet works for bass, demi, B flat and E flat bass clarinets, mostly modern. Play!

Musica per Arpa

Gracious, elegant, solo harp pieces mostly from the 1940’s by Italian composers. Play!

Trasfigurazioni–Flute & Harp

Abstract, contemporary works for flute & harp by Italian composers. Play!

Giacinto Scelsi–Piano Works

Scelsi has composed some avant pieces for other instruments. These works are surprisingly gracious and abstract. Play!

Diego Conti–String Quartets

A mix of quartets and movements–some quite busy and intense, others flowing and gracious. Play most!

Alfredo Casella & Luigi Perrachio–Harp Music

Gracious, modern works for harp, varying in tempi and lightness. Play most!

Raffaele Bellafronte–Guitar Works

Contemporary works for guitar, solo or with flute, bassoon, strings or marimba! Play!

Harp Music

Italian harp pieces from the turn of the 20th century, with some Baroque elements. Play!

Marco Podda–Le Corde dell’Aria

The composer is an otolaryngologist by profession–these are mostly simple, very gracious works for cello, harp, flute and/or voice. Play!

Raffaele Calace–Works for Mandolin & Guitar

Composed from late 1800’s to early 1930’s, these are gracious, playful & “bouncy” tunes for mandolin & guitar. Play most!

Contemporary Works for Clarinet

Very abstract works with some atonality, not easy listening. Try trks 4-6, 9+ 10.