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Carlos Salzedo–Iridescence

Romantic but modern works for solo harp, play!

20th Century Classical Guitar Duo

Raffaele Putzolu & Victor Valisena perform these gracious , modern works by Piazzolla, Bettinelli and Castelnuovo -Tedesco.

Simone Piraino–Verso la luce

Highly lyrical, mostly slow pieces for strings and piano. Play!

Toru Takemitsu–Complete Works & Transcriptions for Guitar

CD1 has Takemitsu’s originals, and they are beautiful. CD2 has transcriptions of rock and show tunes amongst others, which I found not as interesting as his own pieces.


Compositions by Montalbetti reflecting Ravel’s works–abstract, impressionistic solo piano–flowing.

Emiliano Turazzi–Quelli che Vivono

Very abstract, with very slow starting, mostly quiet droning works for strings, electronics or recorder.

Gian Francesco Malipiero–Complete Piano Music Vol. 1

Works from 1907 to 1964, remarkably modern and abstract. Play!

Diana Soh–Still, yet and again

For 6 instruments, plucking, drones, stops, lots of rhythmic changes, play most!

On the Wings of the Wind

The John Hackett/Marco Lo Muscio Duo (organ, flute) perform a variety of works from Baroque to contemporary/rock transcriptions. Some pieces with electric guitar or saxophone.

Confini–Works for Saxophone Quartet

A mix of modern/contemporary/avant pieces. Nice mix!


Transcriptions for sax and an original performed by Alberto Napolitano, works from the Baroque to contemporary. Play!

Fausto Romitelli–Solare

Very abstract pieces for guitar mixing plucking, tapping and other percussive sounds. One raucous piece for electric guitar aptly titled “Trash TV Trance” and other pieces including recorder/Paetzold flute. Play most!


Abstract, lovely works for marimba, including works by the performer, all composed from 1990’s on. Play!

Zeno Baldi–Bonsai

Somewhat atonal, abstract and electronic works for varied instruments and effects. Interesting! Play!

Giacinto Scelsi–Collection Vol.8

Scelsi’s  frequently abstract works predate avant-garde, so surprisingly on this disc, there are some highly lyrical pieces for violin, cello and piano. Play!

Salvatore Sciarrino–Complete Works for Violin and Viola

Very abstract, modern to new, primarily strident works, accessible.

Carosello di Fantasie

Decidedly abstract works for sax, but accessible, Scelsi’s quiet.

Bravade! Works by Bellina & Van Eyck

A mix of avant-garde and Baroque pieces for recorder–nice!

Dieci Minuti all’Alba

Contemporary works for guitar, play most!

Samuel Barber–Souvenirs & Recollections

Surprising piano pieces that bridge classical, jazz and other modern elements. Play most!

Michele dall”Ongaro–Checkpoint

Works for small ensemble or orchestra, highly variable rhythmically within each piece, somewhat intense. Sample.

Samuel Barber–Souvenirs & Recollections

Rarely performed piano pieces composed early or late in life–surprising bridging of classical, jazz and modern influences. Play!

Concert for Harmonica and Orchestra

Harmonica is classical music is unusual. This disc has 3 original works and some transcriptions. Play!

El Cimarron Ensemble Duo

Interesting mix of pieces for guitar and percussion, modern and abstract. Play!

Ennio Morricone–Lemma

Avant-garde, minimalist pieces, some co-improvised with his son, Andrea. For piano, bassoon, clarinet, violin and combinations.