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Granfather Speaks Vol3- Ken Quiet Hawk

In Grandfather Speaks Vol 3, Ken Quiet Hawk gives us” Native American Wisdom”      The spoken word is on top of flute playing by Jan Micheal Looking Wolf and Richard Soaring Owl.  A timeless and contemporary style of storytelling.

Stories From The Social Fire-The Storytellers

These are delightful intertribal stories.  Track 7 is a Cherokee story.  Track 4, The Bowhead Whale from the Artic Peoples.  Enjoy an Abenaki Racoon (Azaban) story.  These traditional stories are told in a non-traditional way! Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising are the Storytellers” keeping the tradition alive”. http://www.nativestorytellers.com    

Ancient Wisdom Our Most Asked For Stories-The Storytellers

Stories told in a non-traditional style by Deborah New Moon Rising and Ken Quiet Hawk.  Together they are “The Storytellers” and can be found at http://www.nativestorytellers.com.  Tracks 1 gives the listener a little History of stories. Track 2 also tells a story about stories told by “stone”.  From Ancient Wisdom you will hear different cultures’ […]