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Getaway Van- S/T

Getaway Van– S/T Release date: 2019Feb23 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Intro mainlines mud, grungy vox. Comin’ Back fires on all cylinders, stoner haze. Follow Me romps through the desert, bluesy riffs. Ugh pulls it back into self-loathing gen x mush. Blacktop Mistress hits you hard, dagger licks dripping with swagger. So Long takes one to […]

TROLL- Legend Master

TROLL– Legend Master Release date: 2019Apr12 Label: Shadow Kingdom Rating: 5/5 I’m delighted to see a new slab from TROLL! The Flight of the Dragonship plots a course of smokey, trippy riffage. Legend Master Book I:Proverbs of Hell cuts to the core, dire dystopic noise. Legend Master Book II: Three Evil Words slows to a […]

Blood of the Sun- Blood’s Thicker Than Water

Blood of the Sun– Blood’s Thicker Than Water Release date: 2018Oct19 Label: Listenable Rating: 4.5/5 Keep The Lemmys Comin’ kicks out the thundering riffs with desert swagger. My Time scorches the slick pavement in a cocksure manner. Livin’ For The Night, blunt in mouth, girl on your arm, tearin’ up the town. Air Rises As […]

Sundrifter- Visitations

Sundrifter- Visitations Release date: 2018Oct19 Label: Small Stone Rating: 3/5 Sundrifter hail from Boston, Mass. Sons of Belial spaces out with thunderous drums. Death March plods angrily. Til You Come Down, with dirty, cosmic bass licks. Feels repetitive. Sky Peoples Son builds intensity with burnout riffage. Fire In The Sky and I Want To Leave […]

Stoned Jesus- Pilgrims

Stoned Jesus– Pilgrims Release date: 2018Sep07 Label: Napalm Records Rating: 4/5 Excited builds slowly with a touch of sludge, gets the head going. Thessalia romps through the valley of riffage. How else to describe it? Sight, Sound, Touch and Feel,  roll one to this slow burner. Where Hands Resist Him, the ears embrace, pounding drums. Water Me percolates, thundering beats to chiming bass.  Apathy […]

La Chinga-Beyond The Sky

La Chinga– Beyond The Sky Release date: 2018Sep07 Label: Small Stone Rating: 3.5/5 La Chinga return with their second full length release. Nothin’ That I Can’t Do opens with a swagger straight from the age of polyester, porn mustache and all. Mama Boogie moves further uptempo, with a dose of  swampy blues. Black River grooves out, building upon the 70s […]

Hitman- The Offering: Side 1

Hitman– The Offering: Side 1 EP Release date: 2018Sept14 Label: Self-released Rating: 4/5 Curtain Call hits fast with dirty riffs. Under The Weight crushes, throbbing drums with a hell of a swagger. Nero tears it up, thick massive licks, romans ablaze. Enchanted Wizard/Hail The Outro charges forth, taking no prisoners as it lays waste to the landscape with […]

Green Desert Water- Solar Plexus

Green Desert Water– Solar Plexus Release date: 2018Apr27 Label: Small Stone Rating: 3.5/5 Green Desert Water hail from Spain with their potent blend of blues-tinged desert rock. Open Your Wings uplifts with mellow desert sounds. The Deepest Sea moves with a fast, dirty swagger with strong vocals. Mother Moon echoes Deep Purple with cock-sure drums and filthy licks […]

Howling Giant- Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 EP

Howling Giant– Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 EP Release date: 2017Aug25 Label: self Rating: 4.5/5 Follow-up to Part 1 from nearly a year ago. Henry Tate drones slightly, giving way to a thick, psychedelic essence. The Pioneer has sabbath-esque hooks, pleasing the ears. Visions of lush, mellow guitars, set to a gentle breeze. The Forest Speaks softly with […]

The Obsessed- Sacred

The Obsessed– Sacred Release date: 2017Apr07 Label: Relapse Rating: 4/5 Formed by Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus),  The Obsessed return with their first record since 1994’s The Church Within. Punk Crusher and Haywire serve up punk-ish doom rock. Stranger Things is a  melodic romp through the desert. Razor Wire sounds a lot like a certain […]

Lo-Pan- In Tensions

Lo-Pan- In Tensions Release date: 2017Jan13 Label: Aqualamb Rating: 4.5/5 Lo-Pan return from Columbus, Ohio with this excellent EP.”Go West” is quick and dirty with light sludge licks. “Long Live the King” evokes early-QOTSA with infectious hooks. “Pathfinder” soars over the rest with soft melodies giving way to a sonic attack. I admit, it’s not […]

Howling Giant- Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1 EP

Howling Giant– Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1 EP Release date: 2016Aug12 Label: self Rating: 3/5 Prepare for lift-off Mothership descends with punishing guitar and surefire vocals. Exodus-Earth makes reference to H.G Wells’ The War of the Worlds. Dirtmouth whistles and pops, giving way to frantic drumming and chaotic vocals. Clouds of Smoke part to […]

La Chinga- Freewheelin’

La Chinga– Freewheelin’ Small Stone Release date: 20160325 Rating: First of all, love the artwork (from artist Jason Cruz) as it fits the musical style very well and is highly reminiscent of the stoner hard rock bands of the 1990s-early 2000s. “Gone Gypsy” gets you into the groove with dirty licks. “White Witchy Black Magic” […]

Mammoth Mammoth – Volume IV: Hammered Again

Mammoth Mammoth– Volume IV: Hammered Again Release date: 2015Mar27 Label: Napalm Records Rating: 4/5 Australian stoners Mammoth Mammoth return with 10 dabs of hard rock insanity. “Life’s A Bitch” and “Lookin’ Down The Barrel” demonstrate two different sides (punk and hair metal) with the latter taking on a strong Guns N Roses feel.“Electric Sunshine” plays […]

Luna Sol – Blood Moon

Luna Sol- Blood Moon Rise Release date: 2015o420 Label: Slushfund Recordings Rating: 4.5/5 Luna Sol hail from Denver and are comprised of David Angstrom (Hermano, Supafuzz), Shannon Fahnestock (Swindlers), Shanda Kolberg (Swanks) and Pat Gill (Feds). “Bridges” starts off with a spacey opening riff, breaking into desert sludge. “December” follows the lead with the perfect balance […]

Jess and the Ancient Ones- Castenada EP

Jess and the Ancient Ones– Castenada 10″ Release date: 2014Nov14 Label: Svart Records Rating: 3.5/5 RIYL: Orchid, Coven, Uncle Acid FCC: None Try: 2 Jess and the Ancient Ones hail from Finland and play upbeat, bluesy rock. The title track is full of soulful wailing mated to catchy, tasty hooks. I would love to see […]

Siena Root- Pioneers

Siena Root– Pioneers Release date: 2014Nov18 Label: Cleopatra Rating: 4/5 RIYL: Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, Blue Oyster Cult FCC: None Try: All Siena Root hail from Stockholm, playing laid back stoner rock with a heavy Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly influence. The former of which shows in the smoky hooks of “Between The Lines”. “7 […]


Fu Manchu– Gigantoid Release date: 2014April29 Label: At The Dojo Rating: 3.75/5 Gigantoid is the newest release from Southern California stoner rock gods Fu Manchu. Been a hell of a long wait in my opinion. “Dimension Shifter” channels Hawkwind with a layer of raw energy with interplay reminiscent of  Iommi and Butler. It makes sense […]

Red Over Red

Bathroom Rehab Corporation– Red Over Red Release date: 2013Jan22 Label: The Telegraph Recording Company Rating: 4/5 Originally released back in January (but did not receive until recently), Red Over Red is the debut album from CT duo Adam Wutjewicz (bass & vox) and Meghan Killimade (drums). Their sound is described as being similar to Kyuss, […]