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Keeper Of Secrets-Steven Rushingwind

In this solo album from Steven Rushingwind we are appreciating his flute playing as it travels with wind and stirs the heart-felt emotions.  Play all tracks on this album for the beauty and gentle notes of the native flute from Steven dedicated to his family of Cahuilla Peoples.

Nordic Passage- Steven Rushingwind and Age Reite

Beautiful instrumental with Steven Rushingwind and friend Age Reite.  Steven interviewed on Moccasin Tracks worked on this for a few years with Age.  His flute playing is beautiful with piano ( track one) and other instruments: drums, sax on Happy Moccasins tracks and vocables are heard.  enjoy and play all!  (stevenrushingwindmusic.com)  Steven is a multi- […]

Red Beaten Path-Steven Rushingwind

A new release with Steven Rushingwind playing traditional flute and composing all the songs with Harlan Steinberger.  Harlan is responsible for background and accent instrumentals like the drumming in Hummingbird Flight, track 2.  Red Beaten Path has some added vocables (track3) and gives a beat to move with. Track 4 ends with a very quiet […]