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David Searching Owl- Leap Of Faith

This Cd is Flute Paying with David Searching Owl.  With some accompaniment : Nature sound, rattle, drum to give the listener an opportunity to feel the medicine.  The  “Owl and The Son Of Eagle Bear” has some great animal voices.  Play all/instumental/Native American Flute. From Spirit Wind Records.

Ryan Little Eagle Dreamwalker- The Long Journey Home

This Lakota/Apache Young man flute player is finding a path that directs his energy for the good of it all.  Track 5 with guitar added, A Mama’s Love, will surely spin you in a sweet swirl.  Like poetry the playlist of this new CD for WRUV FM Burlington, The Long Journey Home, has your heart […]

Dream Of A Sacred Song-Robert Mullinax

This new music to WRUV FM Burlington will please the listeners asking for Native American Flute Music.  Birds (Tracks1,2) are in the background with water sounding full of life and songs across the rock and stones in the background. With 17 tracks to enjoy sure to move you to celebrate Nature.  spiritwindrecords.com

Tehauwaiata-Indigie Femme

A duo Tash Terry from the Navajo Nation (Dine) and Elena Higgins, Maori from New Zealand together with percussion this CD Maori Songs of New Zealand.  Native tongue with some English translation during the song for a very sweet understanding/reminder of Native Culture in the songs that need to be sung and shared so beautifully. […]

Unity-Spirit Of Thunderheart

A women’s drum/sing group from the Hudson River area.  They share a respect for each others heritage including Mohawk, Blackfoot,Cree, and Cherokee.  The songs reflect the use of their Native language.  Play all/any tracks for a reflection of traditional values and Native unity.

Wind Dance Under The Moon-David Rose

David Rose playing flute on this CD from Spirit Wind Records. If you like the soothing sounds of flute play all 12 tracks.  David is living in Pennsylvania and plays at festivals and special events.  

Red Kroz Bluez- Spirit Wing

Based in Pennsylvania this group plays folk/rock/blues.  This CD is produced with Spirit Wind Records and is electric.  A popular dance band this CD takes you on that journey that may feel like “memory lane”.  Track 3 or 6 (includes flute ) if you want a slow dance.  yes, thats a ” cover  song”.  Nice […]

Bemia (Walk In Beauty)-Wabanag and Nagwetch

Track 9 is the title of the CD, Bemia that means Walk In Beauty in Mik’maq sung by Nagwetch Little Sun, listen close to hear the crackle of sacred fire. Tracks 1,2,3, with the full band and traditional language driven its rock!  Continuing in track 4 with the add of traditional flute. song called Elnuagi. […]

Women of Heart- Women Of Heart

Women Of Heart name of Artists and CD from Spirit Wind Records. Mixed Blood Native American drum group working educational programs and schools in Sautee Nauochee History Museum.  Voice drums and music that stirs heart and spirit.  Song lyrics reflect contemporary times with women group singing guitar track 6.  Its a storm track 11, Winds […]

Tuwa- Big City Indians

Tuwa the name of the CD is called a musical tribute to Mother Earth by the band, Big City Indians.  The CD won a Nammy in 2013.(Native American Music Award Best Group) Based in Vienna.  Lead singer is Wolfsheart and is heard like spoken word track 2, prayer to Mother Earth and thruout the CD. […]

Strong Horse- Rushingwind & Mucklow

The latest CD from the Duo Rushingwind and Mucklow, with Flute and Guitar the Cd starts out with a flute intro, Cahuilla Fires.  Track 2, The Last Warrior brings  melodic guitar playing and Tecumseh Track 3, gives us a big sound with drumset, guitar work and percussion.  Where Father Sun Rises, track 7 all guitar. […]

Bridge- Rushingwind & Mucklow

Body will move with Track 1, Thunder Dance  and in Track 2 Eagle Spirit has a gentle chant.  Feeling Tranquil with Medicine Sun, Track 6 and soothing piano.  Tears for a Warrior Fallen Track 8 has lots of emotion and unusual sounds.  Its New Age and can create that “solace ”  including some change up like […]

Ancient Elements-Rushingwind and Mucklow

The voice chant, flute,piano and all other ancient elements combine in Ceremony of Morning Track 1.  Track 2 continues Into The Canyon with same gentle rolling voice of flute and guitar.  On Track 6 you will hear Nature and beautiful Flute playing.  Track 11 Sienna Rain is rain and  Nature  and Flute and Track 12 […]

Grandmother Earth Grandfather Sky- Indigie Femme

Indigie Femme are Tash Terry, Navajo Nation and Elena Higgins from Aotearoa with Maori and Samoan heritage.  Based in Santa Fe this CD produced with support from First Nations Composer Initiatives (FNCI) Tracks 3, 5, 8, 9 with beautiful native language.