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Ondatropica – Baile Bucanero (Soundway)

New tracks recorded in Bogota, Colombia with 35 contributing musicians led by Will (Quantic) Holland & Mario Galeano. Elevates traditional Colombian music to the point of doing righteous homage to centuries of African, English, & Spanish cultural heritage. Exceptional!

ANTH: Soundway – Ten Cities (Soundway)

The title refers to the cities from which the featured electronic music producers were recruited for this intense six-month cross-cultural project. Recording took place in 5 African cities, setting the stage for creating this blend of pumping African rhythms with deep house, Kenyan rap, techno, and other styles that lend themselves to nightclub dancing and […]

Batida – Dois (Soundway)

The Lisbon-based Angolan radio host & producer Pedro Coquenão is back with another synergy of traditional Angolan dance tunes & modern electronic music. Some tracks are more tribal, which works really well. Top notch guests on nearly all tracks. FCC violations on #s 2 and 4…

Meridian Brothers – Salvadora Robot (Soundway Records)

Surreal psychedelic abstractions of Latin American & Caribbean tropical rhythms playfully reinvented by this Bogota Colombian band led by Elbis Alvarrez (also in Frente Cumbiero & Ondatropica). Ten tracks twist ten styles, from salsa & merengue to reggaeton. Pretty far out-there!

ANTH: Thailand – The Sounds of Siam Volume 2 (Soundway)

 Molam & Luk Thung music from northeast Thailand, 1970-1982. Exotic country tunes from Isan (N.E. Thailand), frequently with earnest vocals about romance, Buddhism, country life, & other such topics; a distinct genre that was modernized as many folks migrated to Bangkok and then home again, and the music began to incorporate electrified instruments & diverse […]

Muyei Power – Sierra Leone in 1970s USA (Soundway)

Rare tracks recorded during the winter of 1975-76 while this long defunct Sierra Leonean band was touring & performing at US colleges. Tracks feature traditional music rearranged in the then-popular soulful urban African style. Great up-tempo ‘70s African fusion!

Debruit and Alsarah-Aljawal

Collaboration between French producer Debruit and Sudanese-born singer Alsarah is an album titled Aljawal. The album tells the story of Aljawal (The Traveler) and the people and encounters this traveler experiences in the many cities and towns this nomad travels to. The music blends the beautiful vocals of Alsarah with Sudanese inspired music laced with […]

Batida – Kambas Remixturam (Soundway)

Angolan/Portuguese DJ & producer Pedro Coquenão (Batida) won praise for his 2012 debut mixing samples from ’70s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music. Now he is offering a FREE compilation of versions of those songs reworked by Circuito, DJ Ride, Makafula, NaZaretH, OctaPush, & others. Highly energetic & danceable. Link to access this free […]