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Modern works for classical guitar Spanish, Latin American, American composers. Play!

William Dietz–A Second Look

Nice collection of bassoon-based works. Play!

Camera Lucida

Solo piano pieces from Classical era onward, varied stylistically, play!

Duos–Music for Clarinet

Sarunas Jankauskas performs these varied works by other composers, with a variety of instrumental duos, or voice, including one of his own compositions. Play!

Barcarolle & Fantasies

A mix of Romantic and modern solo guitar pieces (10-string). Nice!

Guitar Works by Grawemeyer Award Composers

Contemporary solo guitar works overing many rhythms, by Takemitsu, Dean, Tower and others. Play!

Grand Duo

Three pieces for clarinet and piano, 1 classical, 1 Romantic, 1 modern. Lovely!

Forest of Dreams

Guitarist Callum Henshaw performs a nice mix of classical, Romantic and modern works. Play!

Global Tapestry

Lovely, varying genre works for clarinet and piano, as title suggests, from different geographical areas ( India, France, Latin American, etc.) Play!

Journey on a Comet’s Tail

Contemporary pieces for reed quintet–lyrical, witty, or strong. Play!

Meditations and Tributes

Solo clarinet pieces in an interesting mix of sound textures, modern. Play!


Contemporary pieces for bassoon and piano, some with oboe or clarinet accompaniment. Gracious!


Modern and contemporary pieces for classical guitar, by Sor, Mompou, Michaels, Gerhard and Turina, all beautiful!

Johannes Moller–From Her Source to the Sea

Contemporary solo guitar works, mostly quiet and subdued. Play!

Dimitri Kotronakis–Toryanse

Contemporary classical guitar–very nice!


Trio Virado (flute, viola + guitar) perform Latin American works that stand out because of the balanced parts for each instrument–the guitar is not background. Play most!