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Last Song

20th & 21st century Icelandic works, with some other Europeans as well, for violin and piano. Lovely!

Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson–Moonbow

Abstract, slow works for strings and winds–interesting!

Fermi’s Paradox

A lovely collection of works from 1600 on for lute and viola da gamba, including Allman’s Little Martha! Play!

Anna Thorvalsdottir–Rhizoma

Rumbling, dark, slow works, very abstract, for winds,percussion and string ensemble.

Gyda Valtysdottir–Epicyle II

Singer, cellist, composer, collaborator, these are ambient works, some voice and electronics.

Pall Ragnar Palsson–Atonement

Ambient, yet intense works, interesting with voice.

Stara–The Music of Halldor Smarason

Very abstract, ambient and dark string quartets, sometimes quite strong. Also one guitar piece.

The Etudes Project–Vol. 1 Iceberg

Varying interesting mix of piano studies and mostly contemporary/modern, intense to lyrical. Play!

The Guitar

A mix of Baroque and modern works/transcriptions. Play most!

The Kernis Project: Debussy

Jasper String Quartet performs 1 piece by Kernis, abstract, nice, a bit intense in parts, and 1 by Debussy–impressionistic/abstract.


Cellist Saeunn Thorstensdottir plays these very abstract solo pieces by Icelandic composers. Plucking, squeaking and other sounds. Halgrimsson’s lyrical. Play!

Citizen–Solo Piano

Bruce Levingston performs pieces from different musical eras, all exploring humanity and emotions. Play!


Female chorale group Lorelei Ensemble performs works from Renaissance to contemporary, ethereal.

Anna Thorvaldsdottir–Aequa

With sounds, droning, dark, quiet, meandering pieces. Play!

George Antheil–Specter

Early works of a modernist/avant-garde composer, unexpectedly lyrical. Play!

Terry Riley–Dark Queen Mantra

String works by Riley and Scodanibbio. Riley’s sweet with guitar, Scodanibbio’s Baroque-like with some atonality. Play!

Boyd Meets Girl

Old to new, transcriptions for cello + guitar of some lovely pieces, most Latin/Hispanic in rhythms. Play!


Interesting, contemporary, percussion pieces performed by Los Angeles Percussion Quartet. Play!


Contemporary string quartets, by Mazzoli, Lang, Greenstein and others. Play!

Melia Watras–26

Violast Watras has released this CD of modern works, many by her, abstract and contemporary.

Parthenia–Harpsichord Works

Baroque works by Byrd, Bull and Gibbons performed by Alina Rotaru.

Bruno Bavota–Out of the Blue

Echoes of Philip Glass, highly lyrical, textured pieces for piano with occasional accompaniment of guitar, electronics, cello, violin. Play!

Philip Glass–Dreaming Awake

Known from his haunting soundtracks, don’t call this minimalism…


Renaissance “folk” tunes, instrumental and with voice–lute, komutz, colascione and percussion.  “John Barleycorn” popularized by Traffic included. Play! Suitable for folk programming.

Laura Metcalf–First Day

Stylistically varying pieces for cello with piano: “classical”, Latin, jazz, Impressionistic…Play!