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Hailing from Cardiff, Wales, Joanna Gruesome make a pretty racket, bouncing between manic shout-a-longs and tuneful pop.  Taking inspiration from the Riot Grrrl and K-Records scenes as well as post hardcore like Converge and the art rock of The Velvet Underground. Thrilling noise-pop with dissonant fuzzy jangle, loud discordant feedback, super-fast hardcore punk drumbeats. PLAY: […]

Weekend – “Jinx”

On their second full-length album Weekend increase their precision, clean up a bit, but retain the shattering waves of distorted guitar, dark new wave bass lines, stammering breakdowns, eerie build-ups and echoed vocals. Guitar is the main attraction on each track, Weekend is able to build intriguing textures by wrenching out some impressive guitar noises. […]