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Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society-Ride Under Trees

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society’s track Ride Under Trees has been remixed. The disc contains the original edit plus four remixes. The music and remixes are rooted in Ambient but there are variations including Ambient Dub and Atmospheric Ambient. All of the tracks have a floating, dreamy feel to them which makes for either a good […]

Nina Miranda – Freedom of Movement (Six Degrees)

Daughter of a Brazilian dad & British mom, and having lived in both countries, this vocalist was well-prepared to create this masterful musical fusion of two worlds. Traditional Bahia rhythms meld seamlessly with arrangements inspired by classic & modern British & US artists. Lots of variety. Explore!

Compass: Mexican Institute of Sound-Fire It Up

Fire It Up is a track from Compass: Mexican Institute of Sound. The disc has three versions and mixes Latin influences, Reggae and EDM together for a fresh, club friendly sound. Tracks: All Good

The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society-St Tropez Remixes

The track St. Tropez from The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society has been remixed. The album contains the original edit plus five remixes. The music is rooted in Ambient and has variations that include Ambient Dance and Ambient Dub. There are also some mellower, lazy tracks. Overall a good chill out album. RIYD: Tycho, The Orb […]

Niyaz – The Best of Niyaz (Six Degrees)

The band’s favorite tracks, mixing ancient Sufi poetry & folk songs from diverse religious & ethnic groups in their native Iran, original compositions by vocalist Azam Ali & multi-instrumentalist Loga Ramin Torkian. A.R. Rahman featured on track #5. Many good ones here.

Vieux Farka Touré – Samba (Six Degrees)

New songs from a remarkable Malian guitarist (& son of superstar Ali Farka Touré), recorded in a NY studio with a live audience. Lots of guests & two tracks with Idan Raichel on keyboards. Title means “second born,” an auspicious position in Malian families. Exciting guitar & compositions!

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society-Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society’s self-titled album has a beautifully, mellow Ambient vibe to it. The music is inspired by Delia Derbyshire who was an electronic music pioneer in the 60’s and is the co-creator of the Dr. Who intro. Serene and fluid, the tracks drift at a casual pace but still hold your attention. A […]

Piers Faccini – I Dreamed and Island (Six Degrees)

Really interesting; sort of folk or indie-rock, but with Middle Eastern elements throughout. By a British songwriter living in Southern France, the songs celebrate cultural diversity & express dismay at the ravages of religious and national extremism. Nice!

Zomba Prison Project – I Will Not Stop Singing (Six Degrees)

Another fine collection of heartfelt tunes from male & female inmates of the dilapidated 19th century maximum security prison in Malawi – now ranked the poorest nation on Earth. Proceeds go to the legal defense of inmates. The project has been attracting international attention to the situation in the prison.

Bossacucanova – The Best of Bossacucanova (Six Degrees)

This Grammy nominated band has been providing a new take on bossa nova since their first 1999 CD, tastefully infusing the classic sounds with dance grooves, electronica, & notable guest appearances. Here are some of their most popular tracks.

The Silver Lake Chorus-The Silver Lake Chorus Remixes

The Silver Lake Chorus’ self-titled debut album has been remixed. The Silver Lake Chorus (TSLC) performs choral arrangements and originally covered Indie Rock tracks. The group was noticed and several Indie Rock artists provided original works for them to sing. Here you still have the haunting choral singing but with elements of Ambient, and mostly […]

Gaudi-In Between Times Remixes

Gaudi’s In Between Times has been remixed ion this album. The music is a mix of World Electronica, Dub and Reggae. The tracks are smooth and breezy. Tracks: All Good

Zmei3 – Rough Romanian Soul (Six Degrees)

A Kickstarter project recorded in Transylvania by Romanian emigrants, singing soulful, heartfelt ballads about the harshness of post-communist Romania. The vocals are gorgeous, sometimes reminiscent of the Fado style, other times Edith Piaf. Fine work on the vibes also stands out. Recorded live. Every track a delight!

Ceu – Tropix (Six Degrees)

From São Paulo, Brazilian superstar Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças moves in a new direction yet again. Not Tropicália as title might suggest, though there are elements of that, but something she calls “Pixelado.” The music has been fragmented, then reconstructed with each element retaining its own crispness; its own identity, like a pixel. It […]


The latest from Brazilian singer Ceu is titled Tropix. The music is a breezy, smooth blend of Lounge, Indie Dance, Brazilian music and Dub. There’s a nice mix of electronic aspects with traditional instruments as well as a good variety of tempos. A good album for the warmer days of summer. Tracks: 1,3,6,8

Silva – Jupiter (Six-Degrees)

Shoe-gaze Brazilian pop from a very talented Southeast Brazilian singer-songwriter. Fairly mellow, smooth, pensive…

Karsh Kale-Up

Up is an album from artist Karsh Kale. The music blends Indie Rock with Electronica and Indian influences. The genres are well blended creating an exotic, futuristic sound. Tracks: 3,4,6, FCC: 8

Midival Punditz-Baanwarey

Baanwarey by Midival Punditz has been remixed. The remix album contains seven versions of the track with the genres being mostly Dance and Ambient. There’s a good variety to choose from. Tracks: 1,3,6

Ceu – Live (Six Degrees)

Celebrating her 10th anniversary as a performer, Ceu performed this live concert in her hometown, San Paulo, Brazil. Tracks provide a retrospective on her 1st three CDs (plus a new cover). Lots of Brazilian pop & crowd pleasers, with some nice guitar & percussion.

Vieux Farka Toure & Julia Easterlin – Touristes (Six Degrees)

Cross-cultural collaboration between the “Jimi Hendrix of Mali” (Vieux) and a talented early-career American vocalist who ventures into soul, blues, jazz, & pop on various tracks (Julia). Lots of variety here. Smokey vocals & smokin’ guitar make for a really nice mix.

Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal – Musique de Nuit (Six Degrees)

They’re back with new takes on their masterful blending of kora and cello. The first 5 tracks were recorded late at night on a rooftop in Mali (there is some ambient noise), and the rest in the studio, but they all have the feel of a very successful late night jam session. Introspective & poetic!

NIYAZ – The Fourth Light (Six Degrees)

The latest from lead singer Azam Ali & multi-instrumentalist husband Loga Torkian draws inspiration from female Sufi mystic & poet Rabia Al Basri, & features exotic instrumentation plus electronic beats. Plaintive vocal style, sort of like an Arabic Paula Cole or Sade.

Midival Punditz-Light

The latest from New Dehli based duo Midival Punditz is titled Light. Known as the Chemical Brothers of India The music is a mix of mellower Big Beat and Electro Rock with a distinct Indian influence threaded into the tracks. Tracks: 3,5,7


Kemeken Remixes is a four track disc from artist Meklit. The original track is rooted in Afro Rock with hints of Jazz and Funk. The remixes are different dub versions but still retain a funky vibe. Tracks: All Good

Zomba Prison Project – I Have No Everything Here (Six Degrees)

Here is music by both male & female inmates at a dilapidated 19th century maximum security prison in Malawi, on the border of Mozambique. Mostly short, personal, emotional songs. Proceeds go to legal defense, & three women have already been released thanks to this project. Spin it for a worthy cause! Many gems. You can […]