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Olafur Arnalds–a sunrise session

4 tracks from the album “some kind of piece”. Quiet, for piano,strings, voice.

Diunna Greenleaf & Blue Mercy

2006 release of originals, covers all in strong vocals and nice mix of instrumental styles. Play!

Diunna Greenleaf & Blue Mercy Band

Strong vocals, excellent band and nice mix of traditionals and covers of classics.

Andree-Ann Deschenes–Villa-Lobos/Castro

Solo piano pieces by Villa–Lobos, Castro and one fun piece for piano and percussion by Vitier. Nice!

Louisiana Soul Revival feat. Doug Duffey

Modern Soul.

Henry Kaiser–Playola

“A collection of curiosities for airplay–1977-2002”. Guitarist Kaiser and his many collaborators here perform something for everyone–rock, avant rock, jazz, avant jazz, blues, folky, with humor. Play!

Kapali Long–The Different EP

Excellent folk/blues by multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Long, a Native Hawaiian. Lyrics have depth. Play!

The Suspects–Buzzin’ All Night Long

Central Vermont-based band covering classics from the Chicago blues of the 60’s & 70’s. Play!

Andrew Shapiro–The High Line and Other Places

Evocative, lyrical pieces for violin and piano, contemporary. Play!

Kaja Draksler & Matiss Cudars–Miniatures from Our Living Room

Abstract, mostly lyrical , lightly played pieces for guitar, piano, percussion, play most! Trks 4,6, 8 are particularly nice!

David Homan–The Book of Esther

Contemporary small ensemble music for modern ballet–strings, piano, clarinet, guitar. Some quite gracious.

Timothy A. Helisek–Cognisance

Lyrial, minimalist, well-known piano music by Glass, Adams, Part, Cage and one by the pianist.

Tatonic–Late Night Inertia

Described by the composer as downbeat, ambient, electronica with hip-hop beats (in intro), these are remarkably gracious, lyrical works with elegant piano and/or strings. Album is being released world-wide in December. WRUV has first airplay…Play!

The 442s

Crossover string quartet of classical/folk with fiddle elements. Some trk with voice. Interesting, playful, musical compositions–probably more suitable for folk programming in certain songs.

Kim Halliday–Birdsong in Mix + WRUV track

English composer Kim Halliday here remixes his previous album Birdsong in Mist with interesting electronics and strings, oboe, sax. Ethereal, meandering. Plus a specially remixed track of “Silver” for WRUV, thanking us for playing his music. Play!

Break of Reality–Ten

Self-released disk of crossover classical/rock string pieces. Not bad, but doesn’t stand out. Try trks 3, 4, & 10.

Ménage — EP (Self-Released)

Group of three siblings (hence, the name) with roots in Toronto and small-town Portugal. Corporate-sounding pop-punk, catchy if you’re into it. Better than similar chart-topping outfits of yore, but definitely borrowing rhythms, hooks, and sweeping vocals of said outfits. #1 won ‘Best Rock Song Of The Year’ at the 2014 Int’l Portuguese Music Awards, but give #2 […]

The Music of Michael Kurth–String Quartets

Interesting string quartets, variable, contemporary, surprising.

Kim Halliday–Birdsong in Mix

Interesting mix of pieces for piano, instruments and birdsong in a variety of styles–ambient, “rock” psychedelia, etc. Play!

Water Rocks–Music of David Horman

Pleasant works for chamber and duos, mostly elegant. Try 1,2, 4,6, 8.